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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. I tried to find an answer to my question searching the forums but could not. I have fallen behind my hobby in the last 4.5 years and computer audio has moved on considerably. The last time I shopped around and felt like up to date, there was no Roon and no Microrendu, no HQPlayer. It was mostly about Jriver, Jplay and AO. And definitely linear power supplies. I’m willing to upgrade what I have in hand and I’m very confused. I will very much appreciate if you can help. Please do not recommend me to do years of reading. Help if you can. Digital side of my setup: 1. Dual boot Single PC CAPS V3 Zuma (Intel i7-3770T / Intel DH77EB Micro ATX / SOtM tX-USBexp / SOTM Sata filter / Streacom F5 / 128gb SSD only for OS) 2. Powered by 3 rail Paul Hynes linear power supply (Motherboard, SOTM, SSD) 3. Dual boot: a. Jriver19 on WinServer2012R2 AO1.26 Core – strictly audio b. Jriver20 on Win10 – audio, video, family, ease of use… 4. Meitner MA-1 DAC 5. Synology NAS – where all audio(/video) files are Now the hard part, I would like to upgrade my hardware to venture into more resource intensive software like Dirac and/or HQPlayer. My idea is to upgrade the CPU, motherboard and memory cards and stick with the rest (case, ssd, sotm gear and the power supply). I really need video capability, that’s why I have the dual boot currently. Does this make sense? I already have a brand new CPU in hand, i7-7700T. Can you recommend me a motherboard? Preferably microATX to stick with the former CAPS v3 design? Or am I being foolish? This route will ignore the MicroRendu trend, right? Spending all that money for new mobo, memory etc I could very well get myself a MicroRendu. Am I sacrificing too much for that friendly video capable win10 boot for family? Is there a way to have best of both worlds? Your guidance will be most appreciated.
  2. G'day - First some background then the newbie questions: I'm looking to move away from my trusty Squeezebox to better handle DSD files on my main system. I'm looking at using JRiver to translate on the fly into a PCM USB DAC. Someday I might consider a DSD DAC or a two-processor DAC, but for now I'm happy with a Hegel HD25. I've used Squeezebox for years from a ReadyNAS, and so far I still plan on using other SBT's in my home office and workshop, but can foresee some frustration when future DSD files are not available there. Also I'm no videophile, although we are getting a Sony 4K 850B TV tomorrow, so it could be good if the CAPS server could do duty for some video streaming or storage unbeknownst to me, and very handy if the TV functions as a computer monitor for setup control plus play vacation photo slideshows. The music server and streaming video are my only sources, and I like the simplicity. I want to continue using a smartphone to run the main system, and have zero experience with JRiver, but it comes recommended and has smartphone apps. Due to space restriction, I'm leaning very heavily towards the Small Green v3 micro Zuma. I surfed this site for hours and hours yesterday but still have pesky newbie questions: - how large a mSATA drive is appropriate? There's 60GB, 250GB and upwards at a cost. I have a spare 256GB 2.5" SSD, but Andrew at Small Green tells me that it won't fit so I won't quibble. The music and photos are on the NAS. - how much RAM? 8GB? 16GB? - My main laptop computer on the home network is Windows 7; will I have any trouble controlling the CAPS Windoze 8.1? - If I ever wanted to re-install the OS, how is that done without an optical drive? A USB thumb drive and the bios is set to point there first? - Do you leave these CAPS on 24/7? How do you power up/down & reboot? Sometimes we have power outages here and I'm not keen on adding spendy and large battery power to the CAPS. - is there recommended wifi hardware? Via a USB dongle? It'll be a few weeks before I'm able to hard-wire in Ethernet. - I'm not convinced that a LPS is necessary, and it'd be great to do A/B, but if I get one I'm leaning towards Teddy Pardo 12/4 for size and apparent quality and will let the MB power the SOtM. If there's smaller options then I'm keen to know. I know that's a lot. I'm ready to order and looking forward to some gentle guidance to help reduce growing pains. Thanks so much - Ralph ascent-design.com/audio/
  3. WhistlingKite

    Computer To Match EMM Labs Pre2 ?

    Hello, I am helping a friend build out his system. He has an EMM Labs Pre2 Stereo Pre-Amp. Friend plays ( Blu-ray Audio, LPs, SACDs ). He says that the rest of the system is at least as high fidelity as the Pre2. Friend wants me to add a computer, of at least as high fidelity as the Pre2, so that he could download and/or stream internet music. Would a Mac mini suffice? I presume it would need approximately ( external HD = thunderbolt, internal HD = 256 Gb solid state, RAM >= 8 Gb ) ? Which (if any) of the C.A.P.S. v3 machines would be appropriate? Would friend need a computer better than a C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma? If so, I could build it, but where is the bottleneck in the Zuma? Are there any pitfalls I should avoid in selecting eSATA or NAS for the C.A.P.S. v3? Apparently he would copy from HRx to hard drive on a different computer, then transfer to C.A.P.S. v3 for audio playback. To me it seems more natural to connect both computers to the NAS. Thank you.
  4. I recently moved and have my system cobbled together in my new house, which lacks the dedicated room my last place had. Here is what I have: In my office, I have a Mac Mini, dual core I7, 8gb ram, 256GB SSD connected via Ethernet to a Drobo 5N with about 1 gb of music on it. I also listen to a lot of internet radio streamed to iTunes. This computer is my main work unit so nothing is optimized for music. I do have A+ on it. The Mac Mini is connected via 1.5 meter generic USB to a Berkeley USB. The Berkeley USB is connected to an Alpha Dac series one by a 20’ Canare DA206 110ohm digital cable and that cable crosses a doorway on the way to the living room (not ideal in length or routing). The balanced outputs of the Alpha Dac are connected to a Meyer Sound CP-10 and in turn to a pair of Meyer Sound HD-2 monitors. The RCA outputs go to a JL112 sub. The system sounds pretty good but not as good as I would like. The room has tons of volume and isn’t treated in any way but the EQ has helped on that front. Here are the changes I am looking at: --Buying a new rack to organize everything and help with vibration control. --I have a BPT 3.5 Signature Plus that I want to add in to clean up the AC. --Buying a new server, I have spent hours and hours reading here on this one and can’t figure out if I should get a new mini, a 2009 mini, a macbook pro, a Zuma, SOtM sMS-1000, or other server. I’d love to avoid the cable to the office. I’m coming to the conclusion that the differences are really minor but my system is VERY resolving so I should hear more than most if there are differences. I don’t really want to buy more than one to try so I’ll have to go on options. I am not married to the Apple system or Itunes but I’m no computer IT guy either. I posted here as this is the toughest issue. --Should I access the music wirelessly? Lastly, FWIW, I listen to jazz, rock and a lot of very dynamic live recordings; this system is built around the latter. I’ve had better systems for solo vocalists or simple ensembles but nothing that handles a live Grateful Dead recording like this one. Any and all opinions and suggestions would be great.