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Found 7 results

  1. I have spent most of this year playing with my system trying to simplify and get it "right" (for me). I have been testing Amps, DACS, servers, power supplies, USB cleanup, cables, WHEW. Almost all of the changes I have made are at least different, sometimes good, sometimes yawn, and just a couple of ooooh NICE. 👍. One of the larger improvements has been the Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated amp. I have been fortunate to be able to test several DACS over the last year. The two Brooklyns, the CODEX, the Mojo, and a Meridian NADAC. The overall system design has been simplified with the Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 setup in the office/computer room as the Roon server. Nothing fancy on the network right now it just goes to my 24 port switch. In the music system I have simplified using the Sonore ultrarendu but I have it powered by an UpTone Audio JS-2. The UR is connected to the DAC and the network with short Transparent HP USB/Ethernet cables. (will see what UpTone does with Ethernet cleanup later. Note I have an ISOregen but it is not in the system right now, again more later! Yesterday my Yggdrasil DAC arrived and I pulled the loaner CODEX from the system and installed it. (sorry Schiit I did use a Transparent HP power cord). Of course I had to listen for a bit. And YEP it was different from the CODEX, it was "interesting". When my son got home from work today he listened for about 2 hours. (Yes it is not warmed up yet, let alone broken in). After about an hour we both declared that this DAC is better in my system than any DAC we have tried this year. One album just sounded wrong on on the Brooklyn DAC+, and not great on the CODEX is the new release from Joe Ford "Colours in Sound" (Tidal has it). After listening to the album my son declared that the Yggdrasil made the album sound RIGHT! Now this is just a short report and is not conclusive but : Schiit Happened to me and I am happy about it. RJF
  2. Dears, I’m going to connect, through XLR, Yggdrasil DAC with the integrated Burmester 082. I just read the two equipments have a different XLR configuration, with pin 2-pos and 3-neg for the Yggy and the opposite for the Burmester. My doubts are: - is this going to damage the electronics? Or is it just an issue of phase/polarity inversion? - is the “phase inverter” button on the Yggy enough to connect them with same polarity - do I need a modified cable or an inverter plug to fix it and avoid any problem? Sorry for the basic questions but I’m not an expert here thanks a lot ciao andrea
  3. Dears, have you ever experienced problems in connecting Roon ROCK (mine is on a NUC7i7) with Yggdrasil through USB? I can't really set up Yggy in Roon as audio device: in the device list it doesn't appear at all or, quite weird, it appears for a second and then disappeared again. I tested different usb cables but nothing works. I've Yggdrasil with Gen 3 USB; I've also tested an Intona between Rock and Yggy and no improvements When I connected another DAC through USB (ifi iDAC2) all went really well. Thanks for any support
  4. I'm selling my Schiit Yggdrasil DAC as part of an overdue audio equipment downsizing effort. I'm the first owner and the unit was bought directly from Schiit in Nov 2015 (not B-stock). It is in near-mint condition. No visible blemishes, scratches or dents, except for one small scratch at the bottom face. Since acquisition this DAC has been very under-utilized by me for various reasons. It has less than 200 hours of accumulated listening time, though it underwent a burn-in period of about 4 weeks immediately after purchase. Among my DACs, the Yggdrasil still delivers the most engaging and natural sounding vocals (especially female). I consider this a key strength of Yggy over my two other DACs costing more. Unit will be shipped in original Schiit double box packing. Original contents including power cord and manual are included. Shipping to continental USA Paypal address only. Local pickup from San Francisco Bay Area welcome. Will ship out of Cupertino, California. Shipping weight is 25.4 lbs. Asking $1799 (firm). I will cover Paypal fee. Buyer to pay for shipping. PM me with questions or offers.
  5. You probably already know about: https://www.facebook.com/stereophilemag/posts/10155024621014198 Now I would like to ask a question in the hopes of clarifying/improving my knowledge of DACs - to me, from what I know, I do believe that JA is confusing input bit depth with actual resolution of the DAC, which is 20 bits as per the ultra high precision, non audio parts used by our friends at Schiit, and at most 19 bits on most delta-sigma DACs. Is this a true statement ? Thanks! v
  6. I'd like to report a couple of driver related issues with my Yggdrasil, discovered just today. Admittedly these issues are not new, but there has apparently been little or no progress for a few months: 1. Schiit ASIO driver does not support Windows 10 (or Windows Server 2016). This driver can apparently install against Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, all the way back to Windows XP, but if you are running Windows 10 (any edition) or WS2016 you are going to be SOL. 2. USB 2.0 Audio Class driver in pre-releases of upcoming Windows 10 RS2 ("Creators Edition") fails to work with Yggdrasil. The DAC shows up as a "yellow bang" device in Device Manager, with error code 10 "device cannot start" and the error log indicates a "migration" failure. This error was reported some months ago over at head-fi, closer to when Microsoft initially introduced the USB 2.0 Audio Class driver (usbaudio2.sys) into their RS2 builds. I tested with a very recent RS2 build (just days old) today with my Yggy and got the same result. Mike M., if you are reading this, I'd like to know whether Schiit has provided Microsoft with a Yggdrasil sample for them to work on this yellow bang issue. Microsoft's USB 2.0 Audio Class driver has progressed to the point of properly supporting playback with several USB DACs I have, and the Yggy (being my only Schiit) stands out with this functional failure. Microsoft is only days from locking down Win10 RS2 for general availability release, so it may be too late, but I would hate to see the Yggy sustain this compatibility hit with Microsoft's latest OS. Sure, the Schiit supplied Win10 driver works fine with RS2, but many other DACs will soon have a driver choice (inbox vs. manufacturer supplied) with Win10 RS2.
  7. jacques_racine

    Schiit Yggdrasil

    Hello guys, I hope this will become the new thread for all things Yggy. I hope this thread will be glitch-free. Pun intended. I hope we see the familiar faces, and some others, not so much. Mike (Baldur) paid us a visit once in a while. I hope we will see you more often now that your neck has been upgraded. I will start with a first question: any of you tried tweaking your Yggy? Schiit mod