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Found 2 results

  1. ultraRendu + RUR

    Hey all. I've got an ultraRendu on order (next batch / second half of August perhaps?) and a Wyred4Sound RUR. I'm wondering if any of you early ultraRendu adopters have an RUR kicking around that you've experimented with downstream from the ultra, or if adding its breed of femto re-clocking and power buffering is essentially "pointless" on the business end of an ultraRendu? (I'm sure @JohnSwenson likely has some theories/opinions on this -- I could swear I read him (or someone near a post of his) claiming that even the ISO REGEN doesn't offer much sonic improvement when put downstream of an ultraRendu -- I suppose that means the ultra is just that good! ). [Note, I fully plan to investigate this myself and report back, but I'm left wondering for a couple of weeks until my uR arrives...]
  2. Hi, I seem to have developed a new situation in my system whereby when I play DSD files I only get music for about 10 seconds and then it stops with JRMC showing "buffering" while slowly counting up to 100% again. This repeats, never letting the music really play for more than a few seconds. Background. I have a "CAPS" server running Windows 2012, JRMC and Audiophile Optimizer(AO). The caps server has a Paul Pang USB card powered by a +5v external supply. DAC is Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSD SE. JMRC uses the ASIO driver provided by W4S. I recently added a REGEN but the symptoms are there without it. Server runs in CORE mode. Settings in JRMC are as specified by the W4S PDF verified by calling them. I tried removing the REGEN and using a new USB cable but the symptoms are the same. I did have DSD playing fine for a long time and Red Book still plays perfectly and sounds wonderful. My hardware setup for the PC and DAC front end has really not changed. I have however recently upgraded JRMC to version 20 and AO to one of the last beta versions. My only guess is that one of the settings in AO has affected DSD playback. Since I was previously able to play DSD I assume that my CAPS server is up to the task. Before I start tearing down the system to it's frame I thought that I would ask for suggestions regarding a possible cause for the buffering. Thanks! Paul