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Found 7 results

  1. Hi maybe most of view are mac users , I read a lot about mac is far better for music then pc by the way i have a pc and a laptop about pc , i tried on different machines with a built in realteak ausus motherboard and and other with soundblaster audio card on these machine same drivers i started to listenen music with headphone and with densen amply i used foobar2000 and aimp to play music and (i haven't tried windows 8.1 ) but again same hardware same ,audio settings, same audio card settings ,music under w10 sounds better then windows 7 i wanted to use the WSAPI on foobar last version and aimp 4 too (by the way i haven't understood the different between foobar (Wsapi event vs push) but it's not relevant seeings i used aimp too i tried asio too the audio -> flac but seems that w10 again sounds always better is wrong ? ps hope it's the right section thanks best regards
  2. notchedaudiogram

    Win 7 drivers for SOtM tX-USBexp PCIe-USB Card

    I'm new to this forum. If my question is rudimentary, I apologize in advance. I'm interested in using the SOtM tX-USBexp USB card in a Windows 7 rig but have read that there are driver problems. Computer Audiophile reviewed the tx-USBexp card in December 2012 and indicated that there was a problem with the drivers for Windows 7. The review noted: "The SOtM tX-USBexp has been problematic under certain conditions. When using the card with Windows 7 I had many issues including very distorted sound and stuttering during playback. This was unacceptable so I stopped using the card with Windows 7. I tracked the issue down to the drivers included with the card from SOtM. USB 3.0 was not included in any PCs when Windows 7 was released and Microsoft still hasn't included native support for USB 3.0 devices. Question: Anyone know if there are updated drivers for the SOtM TX-USBexp card that will work in a Windows 7 rig? If not, is there another USB card that is available for the purpose of sending data from the computer to an external DAC? Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi to all. I recently switched computers, in my big office/listening room/bedroom. I have now a powerhouse, a Dell Precision 690 server. I gained a lot of multitasking power by the switch, but the trade was a much noisier computer. What I'd like to try is install a stripped down Windows 7 OS in dual-boot (with my current W7 Ultimate config), just for the listening sessions. Just the OS, JRiver, my music hard drive, my two monitors, SpeedFan for fan control, a couple of USB ports. The main goal is obviously to minimize any interference. Any advice on how to achieve this? Can I install two W7 OS side-by-side? Is there a Win7 stripped-down version somewhere? The rest of my system is: AUDIO GD DIGITAL INTERFACE (to convert from USB to SPDif, and for re-clocking purposes) METRIC HALO ULN-2 NEUMANN KH 120 MONITORS (can someone with administrative powers edit the horrible mistake i made in the title please??)
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum, and unfortunately it's for asking for help. Since I wanted a basic audio system for my laptop (DAC + headphone + 2 active monitors), I decided to start with the DAC (Audioengine D1) and a pair of fullsize headphones (Shure SRH-840). I got delivered from Shorelinemusic (a music shop located in Durango, CO) to my place (I live in Italy) the Shures and the Audioengine D1. I've unpacked the D1, plugged the usb cable to it and to my laptop (a Toshiba Satellite), and the problem starts now: the D1 is not recognized by my Win 7 64-bit via USB 2.0. Nothing happens in Win, the only thing I've noticed is that the power led of the D1 turns on, and after 2 seconds I hear a click inside it. Shorelinemusic sold it as a closeout "open box return", but they assured me all the stuff sold as "open box return" is tested before reselling. Any suggestions? I won't be able to send it back, since closeout stuff is not covered by warranty (beside the extra cost for shipping...). I'll everyone who will able to help me. =) PS. I've already sent an email to Shorelinemusic and to Audioengine, but they have not replied yet.
  5. Hi all, I recently bought an AK120 and am currently trying to figure out how to use it as an external DAC for my PC running windows 7 64 bit (Mac Book Pro running bootcamp). i) I can't get windows to recognise it as an available external DAC, When I connect the USB cable, the options I see on the AK120 is either to charge the battery or connect USB, so I choose the latter and wait for it to connect. It connects ok and can view the file system as normal. However, when I go into the sound settings in windows, the AK120 is not registered as a USB device as expected. The screen on the AK120 just says 'USB connected'. ii) I tried to test the digital optical input port and again this didn't seem to work. I was testing it using my Sony TV which has digital optical output. I connected them together and then expected to hear the audio through the connected headphones, but I couldn't hear anything. The following are the use cases that I would like to work: a) To enable to me to convert my vinyl to hi res digial audio: * connect AK120 to USB port on computer, * connect analog phono output from mixer to line-in on computer (I am not sure if this correct, would I need to connect it to the line-in on the AK120 instead?) b) Use AK120 as a second sound card for my computer so that I can perform digital DJ mixing with my computer * connect AK120 to USB port on computer * connect headphone socket to amplifier * use the headphone socket on the computer as the monitor c) Use the AK120 as an external DAC for other digital devices * connect the AK120 to device (e.g. TV) via the digital optical socket via SPDIF cable This should be able to work with my PS3 and my SKY+ box, both of which have digital optical links. I have tried to contact IRiver about the issues I'm having but they are next to useless, I have had no response from them at all, which means I have to resort to public bulletin boards instead. Thanks for any advice you may have, regards, Y. PS, I have also tried getting the AK120 recognised in Mac OSX Snow Leopard, but this also does not work.
  6. I am currently listening to music at home using this set-up: My iTunes library ( Win 7 64bit ) of 758 CDs converted to Apple Lossless music files is in my home office, and it is routed/connected to an Apple TV 3 in the living room through an Ethernet cable. The Apple TV 3 is connected to a DAC Moon 100D through an optical cable The DAC is connected to an integrated amplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 815A which outputs the analogical sound to the speakers. I want to have best possible sound quality, but as far as I understand I have some limitations on this set-up: 1) Apple TV outputs everything at 16 bit/48 kHz (not bit perfect and not 'CD quality' 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz). So, even if I have higher quality music files being served from iTunes, it will be down sampled to 16 bit/48 kHz. 2) ITunes does NOT support 24bit recording and all Apple Lossless music files are automatically converted back to 16-Bit by iTunes So here are my questions: Can I play 24bit music files using iTunes directly from the PC to the DAC ( NOT using Apple TV) ? If yes, which formats? Any suggestions to improve my set-up output quality? ​ Thanks in advance.
  7. My system is finally up & running and it just sounds really good to my ears. Probably miles between this little system and yours, but if that's my worst problem, I'm fortunate. I had serious doubts a tiny Asus netBook with Foobar2000, plugged into the world's cheapest DAC, all driven by an old Denon receiver and a sub/sat speaker system with ZERO crossover point, could sound good, but it really does. My netbook boasts an Intel Atom processor incapable of running Windows 64 bit. I was just reading another thread here about AP-Linux, and someone over there mentioned Windows 7 64 bit sounds better than Windows 7 32 bit. Someone later said Windows 8 sounds better then 7. It ain't broke, & I ain't fixing it - YET. I plan to leave things the way they are for many months or longer. Still, a long-term game plan is a good thing, yes? I'd be much obliged to anyone kind enough to enlighten of significant differences - if any - in sq between win7 64, win7 32, and win8. Good evening to you all. Gary