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Found 2 results

  1. Setting up new Carbon server

    I've just received my CAPS3 Carbon from Small Green Computer. Aside from the fact that I find Win8.1 incredibly frustrating, all is good. How should I optimize Windows for sound quality? I've heard of Fidelizer (Win7 only) and Audiophile Optimizer (Win server only) -- is there a utility for Win8? If not, I've had enough computer experience that I am reasonably comfortable changing system settings, but would need a checklist of what to deactivate. Also, what about antivirus software? Most of the time this computer will not connect to the internet, but sometimes it will. IIUC Windows Defender deals with spyware but not with viruses, so I probably should have an antivirus program. I've used Symantec (Norton) on my other machines with good results, but I imagine that a program like this does a lot of stuff in the background that might not be good for SQ. How do other folks handle this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, First time dealing with a real HiFi HTPC solution and banging my head against the wall on something that seems like it ought to be simple. Setup: Windows 8 HTPC with HDMI audio out from an NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU to a Yamaha RX-V675 receiver and a 5.1 speaker setup. Windows 8 detects the hardware and shows 8-channels out and all the correct encoding support. The problem is with Windows: if I configure the speakers as 5.1, the Windows audio stack says 'hey I got 5.1 channels alla time' even when playing stereo sources and so the receiver goes 'ok no up-mixing for you.' Works great for actual 5.1 audio but half of my listening is iTunes. It seems to me that there ought to be some way for Windows to just bistream everything over the HDMI out and let the receiver deal with it. I tried monkeying around with ffdshow and ReClock but neither seemed to have any effect on iTunes. I went into iTunes and told it to use WASAPI but still no difference - the shared WASAPI mode is still looking at the Windows speaker config and going 'derrr 5.1!' My stupid solution is that my RX-V675 supports Airplay and I can tell iTunes to connect to it over the network, where it is smart enough to send just the 2 channels and then the AVR upmixes accordingly. But I can't believe that ethernet is the answer when we have a perfectly good HDMI connection going. I've spent the last two days googling the heck out of this but the only surefire solution I've found is switching to another media player like XMBC that uses WASAPI Exclusive mode. I don't want to do that. Is there no way for WASAPI shared to figure this out? Thank you! Aq