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Found 3 results

  1. Good morning all, As I am a new member of this forum, also kind of newbie in audio systems and listening itself, I hope you would be able to help me with some questions I have regarding my new stereo system in house. After searching through half the internet I bought Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers with Onkyo A-9010 amplifier. Among with this i bought QED Reference Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable and Prolink RCA Futura FTC 103 cable to connect amplifier with PC. Indeed, I plan to use audio system only with PC or PS4/TV, that is why I am trying to get the best sound quality from the source i have. I am not an audiophile, these are my first steps here and please advise me what else can I to do improve my quality. Previously I had casual 2.1 and now the difference in quality is really HUGE. I can no longer listen to any mp3, as on my previous audio it did not make a difference if i used mp3 or flac. 1. Is this DAC (Wolfson) in my Onkyo enough or should i buy a sound card to my PC? 2. For now I have my speaker connected directly with "nude" cable. Should I buy fork or banana plugs? Will it improve the sound? 3. I use foobar2000 with ASIO (hope i have configured it properly with instructions from the internet). Can I somehow check if I get Bit perfect quality in some of my FLAC files or it supposed to be done only by ear? Maybe you have any other ideas to play tracks with best quality possible? 4. I do also lack of bass a bit. Mostly I listen to Rock, Jazz and soundtrack from movies, but during a day it is a lot of hip hop pealing out of my speakers - that is where i lack bass the most, as i hoped it would get much deeper (even on loudness option). However my room is rather small for now, about 10m3 but it may get bigger with time. Any chance for improving? Forgive me for such "amaterous" questions, but I am really new in this, already excited about the sound I am getting and I hope you would help a bit. My goal is to work out with my audio, listen in various configurations to know this world better. Will be much grateful for any tip you can get me. Thanks!
  2. 2.1 Sound System Help

    I am going to invest in a 2.1 sound system that I will plug into my desktop. I have decided on the JBL LSR305s as the monitors but I have a choice of 2 subwoofers to choose from: Wharfedale Diamond SW150 (http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/product.php?pid=65) Roth Audio OLI KH30 8 inch Active Sub Woofer (http://www.rothaudio.co.uk/docs2/products/OLi_KH30.shtml) The Wharfedale sub has a 10 inch driver compared to the Roth Audio 8 inch. It also has a slightly lower frequency response of 35Hz to 40Hz. The Roth Audio has 200W of power compared to 150W of the Wharfedale. The Roth Audio sub is also smaller so therefore more practical as I will have to move it and it will be in a small room. Could anyone help me decide which one to go for? They are an identical price. Thanks
  3. Hello, I've just recently acquired a Rega Brio-R, a pair of Transparent Audio The Wave speaker cables, and a pair of Wharefdale Diamond 10.2 speakers. I'm using a Fiio D3 as a temporary DAC with some old Monster RCA interconnects & a Dynex Digital Optical Audio Cable hooked up to my late 2009 27" iMac to play a large library of lossless & HiRes tunes. What's a good DAC & RCA interconnects to partner up with the Rega & the Wharfedales? I'm passing on the Rega Dac, because I don't like the USB option only doing 16 / 48 (the max is 96 on the iMac thru SPDIF) and I have a growing number of albums @ 24 / 192 I want to play. I plan on using a Transparent Audio USB or an Audioquest Carbon cable. These are the DACs so far I've seen (not heard) that interest me : Schiit Bifrost & Gungnir (if I can scrounge up some extra scratch) ifi iDac & iUSB Emotiva XDA-2 & ProDAC (not out yet, in late Feb / early March) Music Fidelity V-DAC II HRT Music Streamer HD Any suggestions, input, opinions, recommendations on the listed DACs or not would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!