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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, Could you help me?? I have a MacBook Pro 2011mid without any problems to use my wadia 321 via usb. But now it has a motherboard problem, and I bought a brand new 2015 MacBook Pro 15" 2,2GHz i7. Its doesn't recognise wadia usb . Sometimes it appears, sometimes disappears from audio/midi setup. sometimes its working couple hours and after just blinking audio/midi in the setup or disappear. I tried on the same time machine copied system, on the clean installed yosemite and now on the clean installed Sierra - same anywhere. I am reading many sites is a serious problem with the OS X. The console full of issues : ussually started with this on Yosemite: -VDCAssistant[194]: VDCAssistant: Found a camera (0x1410000026731002) , but was not able to start it up (0x0—(os/kern) successful) The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 1 of Hub at 0x14000000) or on Sierra: -AudioHardware.cpp:671:AudioObjectGetPropertyData: AudioObjectGetPropertyData: no object with given ID -icdd #ICDebug - 460:{ICDDMessageCenter.m} (+Add Wadia USB Audio - 0x1/0x2/0x20 - 0x14100000 - ICDeviceDescriptionUndefined) - coreaudiod HALS_Device.cpp:110:Activate: HALS_Device::Activate: activating device 4416: AppleUSBAudioEngine:Wadia Digital:Wadia USB Audio:SN-WADIA-02.1.0:1 -coreaudiod HALS_DefaultDeviceManager.cpp:463:DumpDeviceInfo: Transport: 'usb '-ICDebug - 51:{ICWiredBrowser.m} (USB terminate) So do anyone has a solution? thx (and sorry for my English...)
  2. Hi folks, I'm currently shopping around for a new mid-priced DAC (up to $3,000) that will hopefully last me the next 5 years. i just saw the Wadia di122 (Wadia di122 digital audio decoder) at a local store (selling for around $1,500) yesterday, and will be listening to it this weekend. I've looked around online, but haven't been able to find a full review. Has anyone here checked it out before? I'm not that familiar with the brand and their products. It looks interesting because it can handle up to DSD128, DXD384, and PCM 32/384, which seems to cover everything one could need for the next few years. I'm currently using a Chord Hugo in my main system, which I'm going to now use as my mobile headphone DAC/Amp. I've been reading a lot about the PS Audio Directstream here, but it's a tad above my budget. Thanks in advance for any advice! Art
  3. hi all, I am new to this and am totally incompetent with all things technical (just love the sound that comes out) and need some help. I have decided to start the computer audio journey and would love to connect a Wndows 7 PC running JRiver to the DAC buried in my trusty (not so old but apparently superseded by events) Wadia 381i. I hoped it was a simple as connecting the usb (asynchronous, like I know what that really means!) cable from the back of the PC into the wadia and selecting usb input on the menu. but the wadia seems to receive no signal . I suspect I need a special USB audio driver on the PC but wadi as website reveals nothing. can anyone tell me there is a simple trick I am missing... or a complicated one. grateful for any pointers. James
  4. Hi I'm looking for a good transport for iPhone/iPad that doesn't have a internal DAC, any recommendation on Wadia 171i and Cambridge iD100? Are they both work great? I know Wadia is discontinued, is it still working with todays iOS 7? (I don't need to charge the battery and control the volume via the transport, just deliver data bypass i devices internal DAC is fine) Seeking for advices on Coaxial cable (from transport to DAC), and digital to audio cable as well, any recommendation? Thank you very much!
  5. Wadia Dock or Mac Mini

    What would provided the highest quality music playback? Wadia 170i dock + iPod Touch to Bryston DAC via digital coax or Mac Mini with Snow Leopard + iTunes/Bit Perfect to Bryston DAC using HiFace 1 USB/SPDIF converter + digital coax cable. Not that it has anything to do with the SQ, but in both cases, control of the devices would be via an iPad with apple remote. I am only interested in using the one that offers better sound, so I'm not interested in all the other things the Mini is capable of unless it improves the SQ. The mini is an intel based dual core, 8 Gig of Ram, 320 Gig HDD. My Touch is a 32 Gig version 4. Most of my music is ripped CD's but I do have some Hi Rez (92 to 192 kHz) music as well. Thanks
  6. Recently took delivery of a Wadia 121 and early listening sessions are quite positive. Simple setup, no drivers, instantly recognized by my Mac Mini. The configuration is Audirvana > Mac Mini (USB) > Wadia 121 (Balanced XLR outputs) > Classe DR10 amp > Focal 1007BE speakers. Liking the digital volume control. The remote is well made and substantial feeling. I've been listening to the 2011 Reference Recordings HRx sampler (176.4kHz/24). Nice indeed. The Wadia supports up to to 192/24 on all inputs natively on a Mac. Previous DAC's in my system have been the HRT Musicstreamer II, Moon Audio 100, Moon Audio 300D, Rega DAC. This one may be a keeper. So far only downside is the bottom case says "Designed in USA, Assembled in China" I try to buy American products and had read on a trusted site that the unit was manufactured in the US. Here's a review from Audiostream: Wadia Digital 121Decoding Computer | AudioStream