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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, I hope this topic is in the good section... I would like to control an external volume attenuator via my MPD clients volume control function. This analog attenuator is placed after the DAC and is controlled by 4-bit input lines (for 16 positions). I need : - to manage volume value in MPD (to hold the current value and to change it with MPD client command) - to keep digital flow sent to USB DAC at max level (0dB) - to outside the volume value from MPD to 4 discrete output lines of RaspPI3 How can I do that ? Jacques
  2. Audirvana Plus + Teac UD-301

    Hello folks, this is my first post around here. I am new to computer audio. Recently I put together this desktop system: - Macbook Pro Retina (Late 2013) >> Audirvana Plus 2 >> AudioQuest Pearl USB cable >> DAC TEAC UD-301 >> XLR cables >> Active Speakers JBL LSR305. I am pretty happy with it, since I used to listen to music in cheap earbuds, and now, with less than 600 bucks, my experience have changed so much! I have a few questions for the community: 1) I am using my DAC to control the volume, but in the transport area on Audirvana I can't see the volume knob representation. Is this normal with the TEAC? 2) I use macOS Sierra 10.12.1 in my MBP, and when I try to enable Direct Mode plus Integer Mode, there is an error when trying to playback music. Just Integer Mode enabled is fine, no problem. Is this normal? 3) Will I have an audible improvement by upsampling Tidal 16/44.1Khz music to 176.4Khz using the Teac feature? Or should I do it within the Audirvana Plus software? Or not at all? 4) Lastly, what setting tweaks do you recommend on A+ for my hardware configuration? Thank you for all the useful info I got from this community already! Diego
  3. I've downloaded a dozen or so High Def albums from HD Tracks and I notice that I have to turn the volume up on my Cambridge PreAmp almost to the max to get the sound at the same level as standard files 44/16 at -20db. Any thoughts as to what might cause this?
  4. Hello members. I am a new and glad to be here. Hopefully someone can help me out I have gathered up some entry level gear which suits me well, as I travel a fair bit. Currently I run am running Foobar2000 to an ARCAM rPAC DAC, to a pair of Grado SR60’s. My source consists of a Lenovo Thinkpad, Core i3 processor with, 4GB ram. All M4a’s are on an external HDD, connected via USB. For entry level the dynamics of the setup are great (have to love the SR60’s). However I find the integrated headphone amp in the DAC lacks the ability to drive the SR60’s to high volume - the amp seems to run out of steam. The volume does get loud but is far from the “blistering” level that I have been told it should reach, (not that I would listen to blistering volume). So far I have: 1. Checked all of the volume settings (I know of) with no result. 2. Turned off the power management on all USB Hubs, no effect. 3. Attempted to bypass Windows KMixer by loading an ASIO driver into Foobar, hoping this will remove any volume restriction in Windows 7, (which I read has volume output issues). Foobar2000, output now set to ASIO, has mapped the left and right channels (as I can hear them) but the rPAC DAC is still showing a standard MS generic USB audio driver. This would lead me to believe that the music is still being streamed through KMixer. And the volume issue remains. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have an SPL meter in my listening room and an Apps on my iOS devices. Periodically when listening I check the SPL to see how loud it really is. I am curious to see if anyone else does this as well, or maybe I am just neurotic.