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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Boring history starts here. Skip down to *** for the real question! For over a year now I have been enjoying great audio at home. I bought a pair of BC Acoustique Gange towers, pulled out the crossovers between the lows and mids, and substituted a mini-DSP active crossover. I'm currently powering 350Hz and below with a Linn LK-85 and everything above that goes through a Rotel RB-971. The low end is EQ corrected slightly according to readings I did with REW5. I created a sweet spot listening area with bass traps and anti-reflection panels. I like it! I play mostly flac files in Foobar via DirectKS ASIO to an Audio-GD NFB 2.32 DAC which then goes RCA direct to the mini-DSP. No preamp! So, recently I broke my crappy headphones by standing on the cable as I got out of my chair. Cool! I can buy some good cans ;-) I'm waiting on a pair of Shure SRH940s and after some research and thinking, I have ordered an NFB6 preamp/headphone amp from Audio-GD. I like the idea of connecting the preamp to the DAC in ACSS, and the reviews were (mostly) very good. Now I will have a proper preamp in the chain! *** I have been controlling volume with a potentiometer soldered to the board of the mini-DSP - post crossover. This is the last point in the chain before the amplifiers. For those of you unfamiliar with the mini-DSP, there is a voltage control port on the board expressly for this, I'm not running the audio signal through a pot :-) Now with the new preamp, I will have a volume control BEFORE the active crossover. So my question is this: Should I run the preamp at 0dB and continue to use the mini-DSP volume knob, or should I remove the volume pot and change volume on the preamp? I imagine there will be some people who think I should run everything full out and use analog pots. I'd like to hear all opinions. FYI, I like it loud! I almost never have the volume at less than 1 o'clock... Best, Peter