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Found 1 result

  1. This might be a silly question, but I am not having much luck with Google searches. I have two laptop computers positioned on my desk, one a Dell Windows 7 machine on which I manage downloading and ripping (using JRiver and iTunes) and the other an early 2008 MacBook Pro on which I use Pure Music, Decibel, and Audirvana (depending on my mood and frustration tolerance). I run either out to powered speakers via a USB cable into an HRT Streamer Plus (original version), which is connected by RCA's to a passive Apogee preamp used as a hardware volume control for the powered speakers. Now, when I want to switch from the Mac to the Dell or vice versa, I just unplug the USB cable. Seems to me, though, that since I only use one of them at a time, it would be great if I could use a desktop-oriented DAC that simply has two USB inputs and an input selector. I'd just leave both units connected at all times via USB cables. Google thus far only has led me to the Burson Audio DA-160 as a DAC that includes two USB inputs However, at $900, that product is a bit beyond what I'd prefer to spend and there isn't a lot of information about it compares in other ways to other DAC's. (With so many otherwise appealing DACs now in the $500 range, I'd like to stay close to that price point, but I'd go up to a grand if I get better sound quality as a result.) Anyone seen or heard about devices that have two USB inputs or have experience with the Burson? Thanks for any info you can provide.