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Found 3 results

  1. Great stocking stuffer! Retails for $120+shipping, asking only $70 including shipping and PayPal fee! Gently burned-in with a choice selection of Davis, Coltrane, Debussy, Reich, and Osborne (Ozzy). Flawless pedigree, only connected to Sonore MicroRendu, Uptone Regens, W4S Recoveries, or Schiit Multibits. Only powered by linear power, of course. Never switching partners. More info: Curious Cables - Usb Cables Paypal only please, no trades. CONUS. Includes box. If you want info on me, see my feedback under the same name at head-fi dot org.
  2. Greetings Audiophiles! Having not been able to find what I want through my own research online, I have come seeking recommendations from those in the know. This is the first forum I came across. I'm guessing you are mostly US-based judging by the default timezone it wanted to use? In which case, greetings from the UK :-) Many years ago, while I was studying at University I used to have a PC that had a Soundblaster card with a breakout box. It was particularly useful for inputting midi and a mic and monitoring with headphones. Now, in the coming months I will be doing a new PC build and although my useage has changed somewhat, I am looking for something similar which no longer seems to exist. I now have a small YouTube gaming channel which I co-host. I would like a panel/external box which can handle: 2 sets of headphones (3.5mm) with independent volume controls USB mic in with level indicator MIDI-in or another USB I will also need a suitable soundcard. Last time I was building a PC there were crazy amounts of options for soundcards. I did quite like the look of the SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty, but with it being over a decade old will no doubt be incompatible (don't think it works over PCIe). Essentially I am totally out of date when it comes to PC audio. Initially I will be wanting to record from one USB mic (Blue Yeti), while utilising two sets of headphones. But at some point I will want to probably use a couple of (musical) keyboards (Yamaha PSR7000 and microKORG) to do some sequencing work. I don't want to be faffing around the back of the PC all the time. I don't need top of the range. Equally, I don't want to be using the garbage that is generally on-board MB audio. I am also a gamer. Your suggestions would be most welcome. All the best, TRC
  3. I am using a PPA built musicserver and Stello D700 dac Connected with usb. When connecting dac to motherboard usb ports everything Works fine. When connecting to PPA V4 usb board I am not able to make it work. Picture showing Device Manager With dac Connected to PPA V4 usb board. Music server is built with Asus B85M-G Intel 1150 motherboard. It is running a newly installed Win10 pro 64 os. Dac has Xmos based usb input, and Thesycon driver for this is installed i newest win 10 Version from April Music Version 1.61.0. Renesas Controller / driver for PPA usb card installed. Also tryed With native Win 10 renesas driver for PPA usb card with the same result. When connecting other things, like usb memory pen, to PPA usb card, this Works fine. Dac is Connected directly to musicserver with a standard 1,5m usb cabel. Help solving this problem would be most appreciated