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Found 6 results

  1. Clones Audio SHAAR USB Card

    I ran into the site of HongKong based Clones Audio (https://www.clonesaudio.com/). Their musicserver ('HOST') looks tidy & well built.... The USB-audio card (SHAAR) is also available seperately in four versions (long & short, standard and deluxe). Deluxe is said to contain better power regulation parts.. Anyone have any experience with these USB cards? Thx! Hans
  2. Upgrading my C.A.P.S. server

    I built a C.A.P.S. v4 inspired server a couple of years ago using the following component. I used a i7 cpu and mobo instead of the recommended xeon base system because i wanted to use it for video playback as well. - FC10 ALPHA Black Full Aluminium Fanless Chassis - ST-SC30 Internal USB3.0 Cable for Streacom Chass - GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 LGA1150 Micro ATX Motherboard - 4th Gen Core i7 4785T 2.2GHz 35W HD4600 8MB Quad - Standard 32GB (4x8GB) 1600MHz CL11 DDR3 Memory - ST-HT4 CPU Cooler Riser for FC9/10 - ST-ZF240 ZeroFlex 240W Passive PSU for Streacom - Cloverleaf C5 UK Mains Power Cord, 1.8m - ST-OB3 Slot-Load Blu-ray Rewriter - PCI Express 1X Slot Riser Card Adapter CableI i would like to upgrade it to improve SQ and i am wondering whether to start with i ought to upgrade the USB card (I am presently using the mobo's usb onboard output) and the PSU as well? Is that the upgrade path that you learned people would recommend? what replacement components would you use? I'd be grateful for our advice.
  3. For sale Jcat V1.1 USB card $200 As new condition. Shipping: EU: €30 US: $50 Comes with the original box. PayPal add 4.9%
  4. I am so happy to introduce the latest product of CLONES to you. CLONES audio founded on 12/12/12, is a Hong Kong based workshop whose one goal is creating affordable components bringing you closer to the soul of music. The SHAAR is an audiophile grade PCIe to USB audio gateway. Ultra low noise regulators for digital chips, clock, USB power. Power input noise filters. Extreme low noise master clock module with the precision 1ppm TCXO. -USB portUSB 3.0 controller -Support for super-speed, high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed -Over current protection -Ultra Low Noise Regulator -Ultra low phase noise clock with 1ppm TCXO Internal power input Input voltage : +5.0Vdc(+0.5V, -0.5V) Input current : 2A max 4 pin IDE power connector USB port output power Output voltage : +5.0V(+0.5V, -0.25V) Output Current : 600mA/each at 20 degree C Recommended output current 0.5A > OS support Linux (kernel with high speed USB 2.0 support) Windows 7 or higher Price: HKD1,399 (USD181/EUR162) + shipping CLONES audio SaveSave
  5. My Audiostreamer DIY Project

    I just finished my DIY audiostreamer. The base is an AsRock motherboard with onboard processor (Q1900-ITX), wide PicoPSU, 3 linear power supplies (PSU) for the mobo, the ssd and the PPA USB V2 Card (Paul Pang). I made linear PSU’s based on the sigma 11 DY project by AMB laboratories (USA). Currently, I have installed Daphile. More info and photo's on: https://audiostreamerdiyproject.wordpress.com/
  6. Hi Guys and Girls Here is the next Highend-AudioPC Shop promotion exclusive for CA members: We offer you the PPA V3 and V4 USB cards at a 10$ reduced price. Enter the Coupon Code OCXO4CA15 at the checkout to get the 10$ discount. TheV3 USB card uses a custom made OCXO module with the latest version digital output transformer. So far it is the top grade audio USB card from PPA Studio. The V4 card is based on the V3 card but is also suitable for smaller cases like Streacom FC7, FC8, etc. as the OCXO clock is separated from the USB card. PAUL PANG AUDIO V4 USB CARD PAUL PANG AUDIO V3 USB CARD ATTENTION: This promotion is valid from now until the 8th of November 12pm (CET) Best wishes and have fun, Claudia