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Found 3 results

  1. I have recently been working on my audio system to improve sound quality and to reduce the physical size needs of the system. I also wanted to have a Mac as the control computer. To that end I have an UpTone Audio JS-2 powering my Mytek DAC+ and a new 2014 Mac mini. I thought I would post a few pictures and some notes about my install. Thanks to @Superdad for the great products and support! The Mac mini is a 2014 model with 16GB of RAM and a Core I7 processor and 512GB of PCieSSD from Apple. If you have taken an older mini apart there are some subtle differences that are covered in the help from UpTone Audio. I took a bunch of pictures that should help others along with my own visual memory! To start with the 2104 model has a different base that you have to "pop" off instead of twist off: After you remove the bottom and take off the internal cover with the WiFi antenna the fragile antenna cable has to come off : Next you have to remove the fan. The little connector pops up from the board and there are three screws holding the fan down: Next you have to remove the IR and the PCIE connectors: (That PCIE thing looks scary so be careful): Now you have to remove the one screw holding the mother board and tray into the computer. You also need to disconnect the power supply connector from the motherboard. I forgot to get a picture of that but you can see it next to the PCIE connector above. Note that the first time you try to slide the mother board out it is HARD to move. You cannot take it off until the mother board is partly out of the Mac: Now it is time to get the power supply out. There is a single screw holding the power supply to the case. You can see it in the picture below. I did not get a picture of the little catch holding the connector to the case!! Follow the notes and the fixit docs. Also do not lose the rubber boot for the power supply AC connector you will need it if you ever reverse this process: NOTE: I forgot to put the washer and the screw back into the case to hold the frame down so maybe do that NOW!: Now it is time to get the new power supply interface board into the system. You need to hook up the power supply connector and the interface cable to the new fan controller: Check the tape on the bottom of the PS board and slip it carefully into the motherboard mounting frame: Following the interactions put the washer and the nut on the DC jack. I did not put the optional nut on the coax jack: WHEW we are getting close. Plug the power supply cable into the mother board and we are ready to CAREFULLY slide things back together: Since the Website will not let me upload any more files I will continue this with a second post...... -RJF
  2. *** SOLD *** I'm selling my Uptone Audio Regen Amber. It's in perfect physical and working condition. It comes with the original box, all accessories as well as the MeanWell power supply that came with the unit. Paid $175, yours for only $75. Price includes free shipping within the continental U.S. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
  3. Hi, I'll bet I'm not the only one on the site with both a mRendu and a REGEN. Of course I've thought about selling the REGEN but tinkerer that I am I just had to try cascading the mRendu into the REGEN. Here's the setup: Blue jeans Ethernet > urendu powered by HDPlex > short supple USB from Uptone > REGEN > Clarus Crimson USB into Lampi DAC. I thought using this chain over the top. But had to go out of town. When I returned my REGEN had failed. (Uptone quickly replaced it.) And my HDPlex 100 watt linear power supply died as well (new one on its way) so haven't got a chance to listen again. To me the system just sounded more powerful and robust. REGEN and lpsu on the way back. But meanwhile have a chance to purchase Curious Cable loom. Here's a couple of questions I'm pondering. I'd sure like some input. 1. Has anyone else tried this? The results? 2. Curious cables question. It seems that some people have not found using a Curious Cable REGEN link (or any other expensive USB cable as well, not trying to pick on the obvious great cables built by the Curious guys) to make much difference between the mRendu and their DAC. I'd be glad to see feedback. MRendus should be broken in by now so could I get some feedback on this? (Yes, I've read most posts already but they seem older with nothing up to date.) 3. I'm considering purchasing the Curious Cable Loom to connect the two? I'd sure be glad to hear feedback before I buy. I'm always ready to talk about audio. If you'd like to discuss experiences PM me and I'll send my phone number.