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Found 2 results

  1. Good day, all. I've had a MW Transporter for a number of months now, but am just now really trying to get it "just right". One of my beefs with this thing is that if the server (a MBP) goes to sleep, it wants to continuously look for it (I want to it just turn completely off). Even if I turn it off and then put the server to sleep, it still looks for it. Then, once I turn it back on, I have to manually reconnect to our library. Is there a way around this? Thanks for your time, Mick
  2. Hi all, I've been running a Transporter as my front-end for a few years, and have pretty happily managed to avoid my usual upgrade-itis. Now I'm considering next steps. I could have the Transporter modified (probably ModWright), or I could leapfrog into something else. Problem is, I don't know what "something else" might be, as I've been blissfully ignorant of the digital landscape for the last couple years at least. I am vaguely aware for the Bryston BDP/BDA combo, and the Linn Klimax/Akurate/Majik line - but digital moves fast and I don't honestly know what else is out there. My... proclivities & biases: * I'm not excited about having a true server in my listening room. My server is currently in a separate part of the house, and that's how I like it. The server is on a gigabit backbone (for distributed video, audio, etc.), and I'm running ethernet to the listening room. No CAPS servers or asynchronous USB DACs for me. * I DO really like having a client - a front-end - in the listening room. It suits my personal bias towards keeping the clients and the server separate, doing separate jobs. I'm happy with the Transporter's performance over my network in terms of UI performance, and controlling it with my phone and/or tablet is fun. * I DO like having a front-end with excellent analog outs. Not having to throw a DAC in the mix strikes me as a win. However, I'm certainly open to it, if DACs today are vastly superior to the Transporter's. * While I do own quite a few 24/96 albums, I can't say I'm sold on the benefits of 24/192 - so if that's the only reason to upgrade, I'd probably pass. So. Any suggestions for the next (giant) step up from the Transporter? Has digital come so far that I should leapfrog the ModWright approach and shop for something shiny and new? A whole new front-end? Or "just" a DAC? Oh, and let's put the budget at, say, $3,000. Thanks all!