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Found 1 result

  1. I am currently recording my vinyl collection into high resolution Flac files currently using Adobe Audition but looking to buy Vinyl Studio if it can do all I need it to, which on first appearance looks like it can. However, I am looking for advice. My current setup is Technics SL 1210 MKII, Pioneer DJM-500 mixer, Mac Book Pro running windows 7. With this setup, I have discovered 2 major problems which means that the Vinyl I have recorded so far, will have to be discarded and I'll need to start over. The problems are: 1) Quite a lot of the recordings I have made are suffering scratchy type noises. At first I thought that it was because of a worn stylus, but when I listened to the audio from the source (IE headphones plugged into the mixer, the audio was flawless). So the these flaws were as a result of the analogue to digital conversion happening within the sound card of the Mac. I think this is what is called 'Clipping' but I am not sure. 2) I am finding that there are a lot of timing errors in the recorded audio. IE when you play back the audio, there can sometimes be a lot of micro jumps, almost like slight skipping as though small fractions of the audio were not recorded properly and thus are not in the resultant audio. I have tested on different devices and this happens consistently so I know its a problem with the recording itself rather than the playback. Now for both of these issues, I think that the problem is caused by the limited capability of the sound card in the Mac and I am guessing that I may be able to resolve both of these issues by using an offboard USB device (IE like an external soundcard). There are 3 products that I am thinking of purchasing: a) Propellaheads Balance USB Audio interface b) Tascam US-366 c) Apogee Duet I would like your expert opinion as to whether you think one of these type of devices will help in resolving the issues I have documented. Looking forward to hearing your views, thanks.