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Found 55 results

  1. Donzauker


    Hi all. I usually use Tidal app on my iPhone 5s connected via Dragonfly red to earphones or to an amplifier. Despite some other players (like VOX or Deezer) Tidal has no sound equaliser. Does anyone know if exist a proper sound equaliser (app) to use in combine with Tidal? Same thing for the app on the iMac. Is there a proper software to make that same? Thank you for the hints.
  2. Hi I am using Picore player on my Rpi 3, Logitec Media Server with Tidal Plug in on my Synology NAS Everything plays great except in my Tidal Favourites Albums there is exactly only 1 - 500 No more Albums after 500. I have check all the settings in LMS and can't find any obvious settings for this... Any thoughts please. i am using Squeezebox app on the I pad and I phone and also Ipeng and it is the same on both. I have made another SD card with NEW Picore image and tried that but alas the same...Rebooted the NAS drive ...still the same.. Any thoughts please.
  3. Hello, I would just like a very high quality streamer capable of allowing me to listen to Tidal at the very best quality I can. I am not interested in listening to music on local file libraries so I won't need a NAS for example. My choices are either the mR, or the sMS-200 - I guess both run the same open platform OS's so, which one is better for the single task I have at hand? I did simply consider the AURALiC Mini (or even the full blown Aries 2nd hand), which I'm sure will be easier (because it's all built in) - but for me it's ultimate sound quality that's far more important.
  4. This is my Tidal Playlist : http://tidal.com/playlist/925fdce1-22ef-400c-8972-2f881c04d18a The tracks is from albums i think have good soundquality and good music It is very easy to make playlists in Tidal, and playlists from audiophile is a very easy way to discover new musicFine if other members to will make their own playlist and publish them here Tore
  5. I am having great trouble getting certain Tidal 'favourites' deleted from my Aurender Conductor database ..... it's not all albums but some I just cannot shift and they remain no matter how many times I clear and reload my database I seem to think that this has been raised previously in a thread but I can't find it and I can't recall if it had a solution to this problem ..... can anyone help? Many thanks
  6. So Tidal has 24/96 MQA tracks now, but I'm having trouble finding much that I like from their limited catalog. Can anybody suggest some punchy happy pop/techno/electronic type tracks that they know are on there in MQA that I could listen to? Tidal's search function always has, and continues to, suck terribly. Cheers
  7. All, I decided to take the plunge and try Tidal for 12 days, downloaded on my MacBook Air. I have a Melco N1 music server connected to a Berkeley Alpha USB/Berkeley DAC II. I have been playing files via an iPad using ConnectHD app. This player allows Tidal to be used and in fact, I have been listening to music all day through this set up (Melco-DAC II). My question is what is the advantage of a separate stand alone network music player in comparison to the above set up. Thanks Tom.
  8. I am putting together a system for listening to Deezer or Tidal streaming flac and possibly MQA. My budget is $2,000 and am considering a Bluesound Node 2, Rega Brio amp and SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers. That's $500 over my budget so really can't spend more than that. My listening space will be mostly a seating area that occupies about a third of a 27' x 20' room that is a combination kitchen-dining-living room. There's no carpet and a plastic laminate floor with a lot of glass plus some, not a lot, of stuffed furniture and drapery so am trying to stay away from overly bright equipment. There's a tenant underneath so am not looking for high volume or strong base so am not planning on a sub woofer. My wife and I listen to all kinds of music. I am kind of rolling the dice here since I live on Maui and can't audition equipment before I buy...and I am a noobie at this so...I would really appreciate any advice that I can get. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have an old Sonos ZP80 (Connect it is now called I think) and also a uRendu+roon+MacMini setup. Im not sure why, but I have always found the Sonos so much more logical to use and accessible given its HW based, always on and 'just works'.. I am frustrated a little with the need for a Mac/PC to be on, cabling ok. Rendu on, PSUs on. App opened etc and then likely I will stream Tidal or Spotify (which I cannot with Roon). I'm now thinking that my 'high-end' chain isn't good enough, so bought a new PSU for the DAC, PSU for the Rendu, optical GbE cabling. Now looking at ROCK and potentially another machine (the Mac Mini is my office machine not dedicated for Hi-Fi. A bit of me is thinking this is madness given all the plumbing. I am wondering about whether the Bluesound/ Auralic etc and other platforms offer a simple streaming experience when I really own almost no music and like immediacy of access? My DAC is a Brooklyn and I did want to stream MQA and Hi-Res. I would love your opinions & experiences of different platforms for playing music. Best wishes Simon
  10. So I signed up for a one month subscription to test out streaming FLAC and explore TIDAL's music catalog. With my primary system (see below), the FLAC file playback does make a sonic difference. However, not all music is available in FLAC. I keep the Logitech Media Server web player tab open in my browser to check now and then. With my experience, I am unimpressed with TIDAL's music editors and curation. Clearly, the employees at TIDAL and I have different tastes in music. This became evident with Playlists categories and Genres. So be it. After exploring the music catalog, I find enough of the artists and albums I like to keep the subscription. For those using intermediate music streamers, that approach to finding and managing music can be a bit less-than workable, particularly if you're on an smartphone. Over time, I'm sure apps will become more refined and usable. In the meantime, here's a tip/trick for using TIDAL on your music streamer of choice. In addition to your open playback controller app, open the TIDAL standalone app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bigger screen is better. Use the TIDAL interface for exploring/searching*, saving artists, albums, tracts, and building playlists. You can then switch back to whatever playback controller you have implemented. * In TIDAL, try different variations of album or tract titles. For example, leaving off the last letter will return variations of the search. Also, when the search results appear, click on the "Show All Results" at the bottom of the box. Another current benefit of the TIDAL app Search, in contrast to some controllers, is that the results are sorted: 1) full artist albums, then 2) Singles and EPS, then 3) inclusions in other multi-artist works. _________________________ Please add to this thread any more "tips & tricks" you come across that might be helpful.
  11. MiddletownDreams

    Use Audio Enhancers with Losses Music??

    I understand using audio enhancers like dfx and srs with mp3's, but should they be used with losses formats? (Flac or CD's). I recently signed up for tidalhifi.com loss-less streaming and sometimes my DFX enhancer seems to do more harm than good. I appreciate any input, experience or feedback on when (if ever) it makes sense to use audio enhancers (and which ones). Thank you..
  12. I bought my first high end products - a NAD receiver, turntable and wonderful speakers from a company whose name I do not recall -- in 1980. I have owned good stuff ever since. I bought the good stuff to enjoy even more the passion of my life -- music. I bought my first computer, an Osborne 1, about the same time. Back then, computers were for spreadsheets and wordprocessing. The Osborne and its PC successors have been used a lot for that. I installed one of the first Novell networks in 1987 in my small CPA office betting the farm that the increased efficiency would justify the cost. My bet paid off big time. Finally, I built a music computer in the early nineties using the highest rated sound card at the time (and again its name has been forgotten). I ripped my CD collection to wav files and used iTunes to play them. (Unfortunately, a crash disconnected the files from the metadata in iTunes and the files were pretty much lost. But that's another story.) The point of the foregoing is to establish that I know a little bit about both high end audio and computers. I got a divorce a few years ago and pretty much lost all of my equipment. I am only now getting back on my proverbial feet. I am installing a TV system in my house that I will hopefully also be able to listen to music on. I want to be able to play ripped CDs from an NAS as well as stream music. I am currently using Spotify which is OK. I hope to try out Apple Music and Tidal in the near future. Based on what I have read, I see Tidal as my future streaming service. My new system will be centered around a Marantz AV8801 processor/preamp. My question is what additional hardware I need to play files and stream music. I have spent a fair amount of time on the Internet and particularly on this site to answer this question. But I must say that I am overwhelmed by all of the technologies discussed in this forum. I know that one way to go would be to buy a Mac Mini and a DAC and plug the analog outputs of the DAC into the Marantz unit. It also appears that I could plug the Mac Mini directly into the Marantz and use its internal DAC. Finally, the AV8801's documentation says that I can stream using the unit by using a router that supports audio streaming. But I have no idea what that means. My reading seems to say that while a computer and a DAC will work fine, an "appliance" might sound a lot better and would cost about the same. I wouldn't be using the Mac for anything other that serving as a music server. My budget for this project is $100k. Just kidding. Actually, if I could start off kind of inexpensively and then build more quality and capability into the system over the next year or two, that would be great. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year! Tim
  13. I have the Tidal app running on my macbook pro retina but can't figure out how to send it to my Oppo BDP 105. I have JRiver and use it to wirelessly send my music file to the Oppo so I am set up for wireless connection to my Oppo. Just don't know how to get mac to send to Oppo without JRiver. Sorry for the dumb question. This computer audio revolution sure is making me feel like an old man!
  14. Can anyone tell me if it s possible to somehow upsample the streams from TIDAL or Spotify? I purchased Audrivana which has a powerful upsampling filter, bypassing Core audio. Just wondering if there was some way to feed it the stream from a streaming service like Tidal or Spotify
  15. miguelito

    A word on Roon: Amazing.

    A word of congrats to Roon and committing to work done right. I want to celebrate here that they truly listen to their customers and produce truly amazing software - head and shoulders above all else in my opinion. The particular reason for such praise is their new MQA implementation: They fought tooth and nail to get something that would live up to the Roon standards and finally they did. You might or might not like MQA - I am not advocating it at all. What I am pointing out is Roon's commitment to doing it in line with their design and not destroying user experience. Quite amazing to see such a robust product. Some power users might prefer JRiver for some use cases - in a few better than Roon's. That's very good software as well.
  16. Is there a way for me to switch Audirvana on and off while listening to Tidal? I'm running Audirvana's free trial right now and I'd like to know what I'm actually gaining by using it. If I can switch it out, I'd be able to do an A/B comparison before springing for the $75.
  17. Hi was thinking to use on a Rpi 3 / HIFIBerry Digi + pro (with a nice Linear power supply) feeding into my (posh) USB/SPDIF converter and on to my (posh) DAC I want to play music from my NAS drive (synology) and TIDAL High Res Streaming... Which controller would anyone suggest? I am not a Techie! at all! and I would like to use the apple iPad and an iphone to use remotely.. Any suggestions please??
  18. I on the verge of buying myself a SOTM sMS-200 Ultra, with the intention to stream Tidal only. I have a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC which fully unfolds MQA wthat I will hook up to the sMS-200. But is it true that I can only access MQA streamed music from Tidal via either the Tidal App itself, Roon or Audirvana? The Tidal App won't serve as a method to stream to the sMS-200. Roon I know successfully streams MQA via Tidal to the sMS-200 - but I don't really want to invest in Roon 'just' to gain access to MQA! Audirvana runs from an Apple and I don't have Apple computers in the home. Is there any FREE software that allows access to MQA tagged files from Tidal which I can send on to the sMS-200, which will then subsequently be detected by the Meridian Explorer 2 for full unfolding? Thanks.
  19. Peachtree Audio nova150 + ELAC Discovery Music Server - JUST ADD SPEAKERS In an effort to provide a complete system solution, we have put together some of our most popular and highest value lines into complete system packages. Not only is the Peachtree Audio nova150 an excellent integrated amplifier that is capable of driving all types of speakers, but it also features a world-class DAC for all your digital sources, a phono stage for a turntable, a discrete headphone amp and a home theater bypass to integrate into a home theater system. We selected the ELAC Discovery Music Server ($1099) as the perfect match with the Peachtree nova150 ($1599) because together they form a serious digital music system, offering playback of local and streaming music, rich multi-dimensional metadata and multi-room audio, all with an interface that anyone can master in a few minutes. ELAC Discovery Music Server lets you discover the world of computer audio without the computer. Keeping in line with quality music, the lossless, high-fidelity music streaming service Tidal® has been tightly integrated into the Discovery’s software*. Content from your local collection and content from Tidal are presented in the same beautiful, easy-to-use interface. It’s really very simple The Discovery Music Server lets users open their personal music vault from another computer, Apple iPad** or Android tablet. Whether your choice is a full ELAC system, powered by an ELAC integrated amplifier and running an ELAC loudspeaker system, or a pair of ear buds, you can listen in one room or around the house with other Discovery-compatible products. A wave of music Discovery delivers music based on relationships between performers and composers, starting from the tracks you choose. TIDAL* delivers no-compromise music streaming, with millions of tracks in lossless, audiophile quality—a bigger music landscape than ever before. * Separate Tidal Subscription required Your music, as you like it Between users and across devices, you can select from downloads, ripped CDs and streaming services. Your collection is supported by a rich library of images and information—an archive of material that adds depth, knowledge and excitement to your listening. Audiophile reproduction The artists and engineers who recorded your music took great care creating it. It’s no secret that Discovery takes the same care playing it back. One component, infinite sound. Adding the Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server to an existing system is simple. Connect the Discovery to the internet and one of the outputs to the upcoming ELAC Integrated Amplifier or your existing system. Adding your personal music collection is a snap. Connect either a hard drive to the rear mounted USB port or point the Discovery to your NAS (Networked Attached Storage) device and the Discovery will take care of the rest, organizing and gathering feature rich meta-data for your entire music collection. Expanding your Discovery system to other rooms is easy. Whether you want the full functionality of an integrated amplifier or a simple wireless speaker in the kids’ room, the Discovery eco-system is ready to grow when you are. * iOS (64-bit Devices), Android, Windows (7, 8, and 10) and Apple OSX the best sub $1,000 loudspeakers we've ever heard and the nova150 will help them reach their full potential and sound their very best. When combined with the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 floorstanding speakers, this combination creates an incredible, high performance stereo system for under $2,450. The Peachtree Audio nova150 integrated amplifier + ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 speakers are truly a match made in musical heaven. Peachtree Audio nova150 - First of a New Generation The Integrated Amplifier… Reimagined The nova150 isa completely new generation of Peachtree integrated amplifiers that reimagines the original concept and takes it to an even higher level. I represents the culmination of everything Peachtree has learned as a leader in computer audio, plus a few new things they hadn't gotten to - until now. Highlights ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) compatibility New generation ICEPower amplification - 150 watts per channel Extensive internal grounding Designed by a world-class engineering team Asynchronous USB, Coax and (2) Optical inputs Asynchronous iOS input for direct digital input from Apple Lightning devices Phono (MM) input Home Theater Bypass Loop feature to add an external tube buffer, EQ or other processor into the signal path Discrete, custom-designed headphone amplifier Optional Wi-Fi module to be announced Available in Gloss Ebony Mocha and Piano Black High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara1-844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272)
  20. Total newbie here, so please excuse any ignorance in the post. I am using Tidal and Amarra SQ+ together on my late 2014 iMac Retina. Playback is great, but if I leave the system for a while with the music paused, I don't get any sound output. I can still see the gain meters moving in Amarra, however. The only solution I've been able to figure out is to quit Amarra while the music is playing, and open it back up. I don't recall having this issue when I was using a digital out, but just went to USB for a solution to a different issue. I know Amarra has a Tidal offering now, but I find it ridiculous to pay extra when SQ+ is supposed to help with streaming services in general. Thanks for any suggestions!
  21. This possibly ought to be in the music networking room, but that seems more hardware related and I wanted to get maximum exposure - I hope that's alright Mods? Internet radio stations based in the USA are about to be clobbered by a new Bill concerning royalties. It is an unjust situation which, it is reported, favors large corporations (Apple, Spotify, Tidal(?) and others) with a rate which is equal if not lower to previously, but could price almost all independent net radio stations out of existence. Given what we know about royalty payments to artists through such corporations, I doubt this will benefit musicians much... I know there is a lot of love for Radio Paradise among music lovers and audiogeeks like us, so if you can spare the time please visit the Change.org page here and sign a petition to get this re-examined. More information can be found on the Radio Paradise homepage, including a link to this open letter to David Byrne (who ought to know better IMO).
  22. Auralic Aries Mini Wireless Streamer ($549, includes 1 yr subscription to Tidal) FALL SPECIAL 20% off any cables with purchase (some restrictions apply) The wait is finally over. One of this years most anticipated products is here! The ARIES MINI is a wireless streaming node designed for connecting to your existing home audio system. It not only has shared all software and hardware functions coming from original ARIES, but also equipped with additional high quality analog output and optional hard drive slot for anyone whom don’t want to invest for a dedicate DSD DAC and NAS drive. The ARIES MINI can stream high-resolution music quickly and wirelessly in virtually any sampling rate, even for the latest Quad-Rate DSD and DXD. It is powered by Auralic's proprietary Tesla hardware platform that includes a Quad-Core ARM Coretex-A9 processor running at 1GHz, 512MB DDR3 onboard memory and 4GB internal storage. The Tesla platform has the ability to decode just about every available audio format, including AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DIFF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA. Streaming your music collection at this level of performance has never easier or more affordable. The ARIES MINI is available in white or black Looking for even better performance... ALSO AVAILABLE WITH OPTIONAL AUDIOPHILE POWER SUPPLY UPGRADES Auralic Purer Power Supply ($299)- based 10uV low noise external linear PSU (same power supply that is offered with Auralic Aries) SBooster BOTW P&P ECO Linear Power Supply ($450) and Ultra Accessory Power Filter ($100) upgrades These products qualify for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  23. I have a number of Chesky Records albums favorited on TIDAL (Brazilian, jazz, and assorted others). A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I could no longer play any of them. I thought it might be a temporary glitch, but they haven't returned. The albums are still listed under my favorite albums, but no Play button is available. Many of you know Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem, the Chesky Records track popular for audiophile demo. It is no longer found if you search in TIDAL (it used to be available). However, all of the Chesky content is still available and playable on Spotify and Google Play Music, so it's not as though Chesky has pulled out of streaming services — it's only TIDAL. Anybody know what's happened?
  24. I need to listen to Tidal offline in areas that do not have high speed internet and streaming is not a viable option. When using the HiFi download option on Tidal to store music on an Android or IOS device, does anyone know what is the true quality of the downloaded music on my portable device? I have heard that the downloaded file is not truly lossless or anywhere even close. The reason I ask is that I am thinking of buying a high end Android DAP and high end DAC to replay downloaded music from Tidal in areas that streaming is not a viable option. Am I wasting money on technology to replay a poor quality downloaded music file from the Tidal Streaming Service. Finally, if Tidal download quality is not great, are there other streaming services that provide a better option for offline music?
  25. Lumin D1 Network Music Player FALL SPECIAL ($150 off Sbooster BOTW Power Supply with purchase of D1) During the development of LUMIN A1, our focus was to create the absolute best source at any price. No expense was spared in its production. With the LUMIN D1, their aim was to try and retain all that award-winning musicality while compromising as little as possible in every other area. Reducing the size of the casing and removing the HDMI output help reduce costs without losing music quality, and using an auto-ranging power supply offered the biggest savings for the least compromise. LUMIN D1 - THE SAME MUSICAL DELIVERY, FOR LESS Compact case Single circuit board design Retains XLR balanced outputs External 100–240V AC auto-ranging power supply Native support for Tidal HiFi streaming service UNIVERSAL Effortlessly plays everything from DSD through high-res PCM to mainstream formats FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and Internet radio streams. SEAMLESS Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlists and robust music buffering provide a superior playback experience, free from distractions. NO COMPROMISE Even at this price point, the highest-grade matching components are selected, including true balanced audio outputs. INTUITIVE A superbly natural, attractive and uniquely designed iPad app makes music browsing and selection a pleasure for everyone. Get close to the performance of the Lumin T1 for a fraction of the price when you add the SBOOSTER BOTW Audiophile Power Supply The “Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision ECO” audio upgrade (BOTW P&P ECO) is the successor of SBooster's “Best of Two Worlds Solutions” audio upgrade (BOTWS). This new upgrade product combines power, precision and efficiency in a unique innovative manner. With the BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade the purification of the current starts immediately there where the polluted current enters the upgrade. A dual stage mains filter and an earth line choke clean the current from high frequency pollution before the current reaches the transformer. The transformer is a custom-made audio grade transformer with electrostatic shielding. This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) www.ciamara.com