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Found 57 results

  1. Brinkman Ship

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    One of my neighbors is a 22 year old female college student. She is a music lover (mostly top 40 pop) and she also plays piano and violin,. She and her boyfriend share a family plan subscription to Apple Music. She LOVES it. She also has been on Spotify I asked her how Apple Music compared to Tidal. Answer: "Tidal? Never heard of it..." I mentioned Jay-Z as part owner..still no familiarity. So a little perspective. I think Tidal in the end is a VERY small player in streaming.
  2. Hi My setup to get Tidal Mqa is a Raspberry Pi 2 with LibreElec Kodi and Tidal 2 plugin. The plugin is set to 24bits. The Raspberry is connected to Onkyo A/V receiver with 192 kHz/24 internal DAC through hdmi cable. When I play Mqa tracks the info codec shows a bitrate of more than 1000kbps. Every song has a different bitrate. So I think that Kodi are receiving and decoding correctly the Mqa tracks. My doubt is if the Onkyo receiver are getting the full Mqa sound through hdmi cable. Exist any limitation with Mqa in the Raspberry through hdmi? The Onkyo A/V shows that receives PCM 48 khz
  3. Hi all, On the TIDAL app, I am now seeing multiple albums for the same album release. Search for Brad Mehldau or David Byrne for example. I presume one of them is an MQA version (which I recall would not show on iOS at all). I am away now and cannot check on my computer, only have an iPhone and iPad. How can I tell on an iPad - on the TIDAL app or otherwise - which are MQA? Thx.
  4. Odd Magnus Bjerkvik

    Tidal in trouble?

    https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/did-tidal-falsify-streams-to-bulk-up-kanye-west-and-beyonce-numbers/ http://routenote.com/blog/tidal-faked-stream-numbers-for-kanye-west-and-beyonce-says-investigation/ https://www.whathifi.com/news/has-tidal-been-deliberately-cooking-books I have the whole report. Quite extensive work has been done..
  5. miguelito

    A word on Roon: Amazing.

    A word of congrats to Roon and committing to work done right. I want to celebrate here that they truly listen to their customers and produce truly amazing software - head and shoulders above all else in my opinion. The particular reason for such praise is their new MQA implementation: They fought tooth and nail to get something that would live up to the Roon standards and finally they did. You might or might not like MQA - I am not advocating it at all. What I am pointing out is Roon's commitment to doing it in line with their design and not destroying user experience. Quite amazing to see such a robust product. Some power users might prefer JRiver for some use cases - in a few better than Roon's. That's very good software as well.
  6. I use my audio system mainly to listen to Tidal FLAC 1,441 kbps streams. My setup: A pair ofMartin Logan Aeon-i speakers, powered by a Krell KSA amplifier/Krell KSL-2 Preamp Combo. The Tidal stream from my router has a wired connection to a Sonore microRendu, which turn is connected to the USB input of a PS Audio NuWave DSD. The DSD is connected to the Krell preamp with a pair of balanced XLR cables. This system provides great undistorted audio with spacious staging of 2 channel classical music as it might sound in a Symphony Hall or Opera house with a seat in the center section. The reason for this post is to share the discovery that you do NOT need a PC with Logitech Media Server running or an account with Logitech’s Mysqueezebox. These items add unneccessary complexities to the task of streaming Tidal to your audio system. Instead simply install the LUMIN app on your iPad. It will serve as an elegant and intuitive “controller”, telling Tidal what albums/tracks you want to listen to. You can easily save your favorites in a playlist format. I hope this will help other audiophiles to enjoy their Tidal and microRendu Combo to the fullest👍 Claus
  7. I am using microRendu (version 2.6) and Squeezelite/Logitech Media Server (version 7.9.1) to stream TIDAL (HiFi) to my Peachtree DAC with iPeng on my iPad as my easy-to-use album/track selector. I do not have any local content - all I want is TIDAL. This setup has worked flawlessly for the past several months; but yesterday, a major problem was caused by mySqueezebox. For some reason, my Username/Password combination is causing the LMS to abort, and I get the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred while validating your squeezebox account... ". The LMS Diagnostic screen shows OK for Port 3483 (slimproto), Port 9000 (HTTP) and Port 9090 (CLI), before attempting to use my user name/password to press the "Apply" and "OK" buttons on the LMS screen. After I hit OK, the app aborts. Here is what I have tried several times during the past hours... all to no avail. 1. reinstall LMS. 2. rebooting my Windows 10 (64bit) PC, running LMS. 3. "restoring" my PC to a previous restore point befor the problem occurred. 4. using my web browser to sign in to mysqueezebox.com - no problem 5. Installing LMS on a Windows XP Pro laptop - same result. 6. tried umpteen various suggestions involving Windows registration settings and other (for me) incomprehensive computer nerd fixes. Since I am just an end user with only rudimentary PC skills - I am now completely at my wits end as to how to get this problem identified and fixed. I wish I could just eliminate the need for LMS to contact mysqueezebox in order to stream TIDAL in HiFi mode, using my microRendu and Squeezelite. If anyone on this forum can help me, I would be most grateful. Update: While waiting for a solution, I have “re-activated” my old Logitech Touch, which has no problem signing in to mysqueezebox.com and showing as a Player. But it sounds like s*** compared to my microRendu 😡 From your computer or mobile device open Kazoo and select the Room with the "OH" in the name and you should now see Tidal in Kazoo. On first use you will need to enter your Tidal Account information I did install Kazoo, but I do not see “the Room with the “OH in the name” or any Room - so I don’t see Tidal in Kazoo 😳. All I can listen to are a couple of Linn Podcasts... It turned into a dead end. Unless you have a Linn Product installed, you can not add TIDAL in the ”Konfig” app. Just when I was about to give up, I discovered that the LUMIN app will control TIDAL and pass the HiFi streams to microRendu perfectly. I am back in Audio Nirvana 👍 Screw Logitech’s mysonicorbiter
  8. Edit: I think my original post was too long so will try simpler shorter question Hi all, I am wondering if streaming Tidal through Chromecast Audio will pass through an unaltered signal to a DAC through TOSLINK. Chromecast specs state support for hi res streams at 24bit/96khz and Tidal page states MQA streaming at 24bit/96khz so on the surface this seems like an adequate way to get tidal Hifi to my stereo, or am I missing something?
  9. I am having great trouble getting certain Tidal 'favourites' deleted from my Aurender Conductor database ..... it's not all albums but some I just cannot shift and they remain no matter how many times I clear and reload my database I seem to think that this has been raised previously in a thread but I can't find it and I can't recall if it had a solution to this problem ..... can anyone help? Many thanks
  10. Hello, I would just like a very high quality streamer capable of allowing me to listen to Tidal at the very best quality I can. I am not interested in listening to music on local file libraries so I won't need a NAS for example. My choices are either the mR, or the sMS-200 - I guess both run the same open platform OS's so, which one is better for the single task I have at hand? I did simply consider the AURALiC Mini (or even the full blown Aries 2nd hand), which I'm sure will be easier (because it's all built in) - but for me it's ultimate sound quality that's far more important.
  11. Donzauker


    Hi all. I usually use Tidal app on my iPhone 5s connected via Dragonfly red to earphones or to an amplifier. Despite some other players (like VOX or Deezer) Tidal has no sound equaliser. Does anyone know if exist a proper sound equaliser (app) to use in combine with Tidal? Same thing for the app on the iMac. Is there a proper software to make that same? Thank you for the hints.
  12. I need to listen to Tidal offline in areas that do not have high speed internet and streaming is not a viable option. When using the HiFi download option on Tidal to store music on an Android or IOS device, does anyone know what is the true quality of the downloaded music on my portable device? I have heard that the downloaded file is not truly lossless or anywhere even close. The reason I ask is that I am thinking of buying a high end Android DAP and high end DAC to replay downloaded music from Tidal in areas that streaming is not a viable option. Am I wasting money on technology to replay a poor quality downloaded music file from the Tidal Streaming Service. Finally, if Tidal download quality is not great, are there other streaming services that provide a better option for offline music?
  13. I'm looking for the very best streaming sound quality I can get with Tidal (plus Spotify or perhaps Qobuz as a bonus but not essential). No other services required - I only stream from the Internet for music so no need to be concerned over supporting local storage music libraries for example. I'm trying to keep this simple, sweet, putting sound quality ahead as the highest priority. I only need a streaming bridge - no need for a DAC (I will use a good quality external DAC) - but if it comes with a DAC anyway, that's fine. I'm just trying to spend my money where it counts, the streaming hardware in terms of investing in a good quality streaming transport (much like in the old days you would buy a hi-end CD transport for an external DAC). Research shows me so far that the SoTM sMS-200 Ultra and AURALiC Aries are contenders (around my budget, but I would spend less if I could achieve the same prowess when it comes to the sonics). Experience tells me that transports are important - for example, I was shocked how good an old Marantz NA-7004 performed as a transport to an old multibit DAC I have in my possession. This is when I first truly realised the importance of the first item in the chain! Can anyone come up with anything I have missed that's equally competent compared to the above two suggestions? Thank you! I don't want anything that will sound less able than the aforementioned.
  14. I on the verge of buying myself a SOTM sMS-200 Ultra, with the intention to stream Tidal only. I have a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC which fully unfolds MQA wthat I will hook up to the sMS-200. But is it true that I can only access MQA streamed music from Tidal via either the Tidal App itself, Roon or Audirvana? The Tidal App won't serve as a method to stream to the sMS-200. Roon I know successfully streams MQA via Tidal to the sMS-200 - but I don't really want to invest in Roon 'just' to gain access to MQA! Audirvana runs from an Apple and I don't have Apple computers in the home. Is there any FREE software that allows access to MQA tagged files from Tidal which I can send on to the sMS-200, which will then subsequently be detected by the Meridian Explorer 2 for full unfolding? Thanks.
  15. We are trying to configure Tidal on a MicroRendu using the Linn Kazoo application. We followed the documentation found on this forum to configure Tidal on the on the MicroRendu using the BubbleUPnp server. We can now see Tidal in the Linn Kazoo app (using an IPad), but when we try to add a track Kazoo reports that it cannot add the track to the DS. How can we resolve this issue? Below is the link we used to configure Tidal: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/27851-sonicorbiter-tidalqobuz-setup-with-openhome/
  16. This is my Tidal Playlist : http://tidal.com/playlist/925fdce1-22ef-400c-8972-2f881c04d18a The tracks is from albums i think have good soundquality and good music It is very easy to make playlists in Tidal, and playlists from audiophile is a very easy way to discover new musicFine if other members to will make their own playlist and publish them here Tore
  17. All, I decided to take the plunge and try Tidal for 12 days, downloaded on my MacBook Air. I have a Melco N1 music server connected to a Berkeley Alpha USB/Berkeley DAC II. I have been playing files via an iPad using ConnectHD app. This player allows Tidal to be used and in fact, I have been listening to music all day through this set up (Melco-DAC II). My question is what is the advantage of a separate stand alone network music player in comparison to the above set up. Thanks Tom.
  18. I am putting together a system for listening to Deezer or Tidal streaming flac and possibly MQA. My budget is $2,000 and am considering a Bluesound Node 2, Rega Brio amp and SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers. That's $500 over my budget so really can't spend more than that. My listening space will be mostly a seating area that occupies about a third of a 27' x 20' room that is a combination kitchen-dining-living room. There's no carpet and a plastic laminate floor with a lot of glass plus some, not a lot, of stuffed furniture and drapery so am trying to stay away from overly bright equipment. There's a tenant underneath so am not looking for high volume or strong base so am not planning on a sub woofer. My wife and I listen to all kinds of music. I am kind of rolling the dice here since I live on Maui and can't audition equipment before I buy...and I am a noobie at this so...I would really appreciate any advice that I can get. Thanks.
  19. Geoffrey Armstrong

    JRiver to HQPlayer UPNP support added (limited)

    My solution for using JRiver as a front-end to HQPlayer described in this thread was described by me as "limited". Then it evolved into something which, I believe, is quite full featured. Now I have added a small enhancement to this DIY script to support feeding JRiver and onto HQPlayer from UPNP servers. Don't get too excited though, because once more I have to add the word "limited" to the title. This is because you are limited to sending just one track at a time. There is no possibility at this time for playback of entire albums or playlists. If you are wiling to play DJ though, it can open up the possibility of sending tracks from any source which can be served from an appropriate UPNP server. This can include Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, or any other sources the UPNP server in question supports. The limitation is caused by the fact that, once J River has handed the url to HQPlayer using my script, J River no longer knows about the URL, and there is no longer any syncing with the UPNP server. I may not have exhausted all the possibilities though. So partly I'm posting this as a cry for help to see if any of you might have some suggestions as to how we could get a UPNP server to send JRiver each subsequent track in an album or playlist, so that my script can then automatically pass the track's url to HQPlayer. I know this can be done with HQPlayer embedded, since that can be a upnp renderer. That solution is limited to linux only though (or a two box/dual boot, Linux and Windows set-up). So far I have tested my solution with mconnect running on IOS. This works fine, excepting the "single track at a time" limit. The disadvantage is that this doesn't support any higher than 16bit 44.1khz and Qobuz can go higher than that with a Sublime or Sublime + subscription. Then I tested using LMS (Logitech Media Server). LMS allows you to play to multiple players and sync them together. It also supports just about every source out there. It is necessary to install the "UPNP Bridge" plug-in and configure it correctly. For one track at a time only, I was able to get LMS in sync with HQPlayer by sending to both foobar2000 (with the UPNP component installed) and JRiver. I told LMS to keep foobar2000 and JRIver in sync. The track gets sent to both foobar2000 and JRIver at the same time, my script passes it from JRIver to HQPlayer and it plays with HQPlayer. Foobar2000 and LMS playback all kept in sync. JRiver itself, of course isn't actually playing anything. I send foobar2000's output to "Null output", so only HQPlayer is actually playing the track. The problem is that when it comes time for LMS to send the next track from the album or playlist, although it does get sent to foobar2000 and my script gets run, that second url is not delivered to JRiver or HQPlayer. Only foobar2000 gets and plays this second and any other subsequent tracks. I know that using 2 (3 including HQPlayer) players in this way is convoluted. I had hope for it though. If anyone here can find a way of getting it working for subsequent tracks, I'll be very eager to learn about your solution. I'll also be interested in any other solutions that could work with my script. Any other UPNP servers and also BubbleUPNP could be interesting. So I've attached my new version of the script below. Those of you who are already using my JRiver to HQPlayer solution for local files, will only need to replace the main powershell script. If you'll be using it for the first time you'll need the full package, also attached. So anyone who has any feedback/suggestions for this, please let me know. Or if you just want to play DJ with your UPNP server, have fun! https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z6f0l589uhk8ke/jrexp.ps1?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9a5bo9p5vcytrz/jr-hqp-album.zip?dl=0
  20. So Tidal has 24/96 MQA tracks now, but I'm having trouble finding much that I like from their limited catalog. Can anybody suggest some punchy happy pop/techno/electronic type tracks that they know are on there in MQA that I could listen to? Tidal's search function always has, and continues to, suck terribly. Cheers
  21. I have a number of Chesky Records albums favorited on TIDAL (Brazilian, jazz, and assorted others). A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I could no longer play any of them. I thought it might be a temporary glitch, but they haven't returned. The albums are still listed under my favorite albums, but no Play button is available. Many of you know Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem, the Chesky Records track popular for audiophile demo. It is no longer found if you search in TIDAL (it used to be available). However, all of the Chesky content is still available and playable on Spotify and Google Play Music, so it's not as though Chesky has pulled out of streaming services — it's only TIDAL. Anybody know what's happened?
  22. I am struggling with the exclusivity option for the audio device in the Tidal app. I like it when a music app can claim exclusivity of the audio device on my MAC. I use Tidal app on MAC with MacOS High Sierra and OPPO USB DAC. In the case of JRiver, the JRiver app claims exclusivity when playing something and if one stops the music, the exclusivity is given up and other apps can use the audio device / DAC (Youtube, Chrome, Spotify, etc.). In the case of the TIDAL App on MAC, the app gives up the exclusivity automatically when another app/browser uses the audio device when launching the app and the settings in Tidal is set back to not exclusive. I have to check this setting all the time, as this happens often. Moreover, if Tidal has exclusivity it only gives the exclusivity up with closing the app and not when stopping playing the music. That is annoying. Any help to have a "JRiver" like experience with Tidal in the field of exclusivity?
  23. i am tryng to test amarra with the object of install over it tidal app, and going to optimize with AO and fidelize , using windows 10 enterprise . is necesary to buy a licence to amarra for tidal to test it before purchase ?my intention is to set amarra app as shell and get the best sound possible from bothoptimizators. as a new be any comments should be very appreciated- wilfredo
  24. I went onto Tidal this evening and recordings listed as Master recordings were not loading that way. The Master indicator on the lower right of the file screen stayed on HiFi and the MQA blue light didn't come on upon my Mytek Brooklyn. I checked all my settings in the setup area of the program (which was working correctly 2 days ago) and they were correct. I also checked my other computer which has the app and MQA wasn't loading there either. I sent a note to Tidal about the problem. If you are having the same problem please do the same. Thanks.
  25. With my new AQ Dragonfly Red I finally have an MQA compatible DAC; so I signed up to the three month free trial for Tidal you get via Audirvana to get some actual MQA content. Are there any really well done MQA albums out there you´d recommend checking out? I don´t want to go into any discussions about vaporware or not here (note I´m personally skeptical about the user benefits of this technology), but rather have some examples I can use to make up my own mind.