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Found 1 result

  1. I received Feb 2018's copy of the absolute sound - Turning to the reader's letters section, I noticed, as expected some comments re: MQA and saw the published letters. Both, in general, are negative towards MQA. However they are extremely curious. First one, I like the most, raises a point which I missed completely: MQA in addition to everything wrong with it we have discussed, also carries one more wrong: It is part of the strategy the labels would love to move to - a future with nothing but streaming. Think about it! It is positively dystopian! They want to condemn us to a future where we pay for life for access to the product! No more ownership of a release! They want to do away with that pesky first sale principle! Thanks to that writer for pointing it out - he called out TAS for helping them. HOWEVER - the writer added a somewhat inconsistent comment re: buying files. Guess what they chose to reply to - obviously to the strange comment at the end. No comment on the very smart point raised. Second letter came from a gentleman self-deprecatingly referring himself as old and extolling the romance of vinyl - I don't disagree , I am as much of a vinyl enthusiast as I am a digital enthusiast. BUT the fact that this is what they chose to publish is telling. I would bet a significant amount of money that they have received letters from experts like the ones in this group. People that solidly demolish the MQA abomination and they are prepared not only to fight it in principle but also are knowledgeable enough to fight at at the technical minutia level. I know that you fine ladies and/or gentlemen have written to TAS, Sterophile, etc. I know that they don't have a response to reason and to resolute pro-consumer positions. (and I salute you, pro-consumer warriors for that) But is obvious that TAS is trying to shape the discussion. One of their arguments is that THIS IS PROGRESS - reject MQA and you are rejecting the future. Bullcrap. I made the point on a comment on a history at "The Audiophile Blog" - and the reply did not address the point. TAS is not addressing it. We know what Sterophile is doing. I do think they are naive thinking that they can shape the conversation on their letters section. Either they forget the power of the internet or they dismiss us as crazy cranks - hope they remember that when MQA fails - once the companies stop receiving those MQA licenses - advertising will suffer. The want to make MQA the future - but a "1984" future. Let's reject that. I will shout because it needs to be shouted - REJECTING MQA IS NOT REJECTING THE FUTURE - IS THE LOGICAL STANCE OF ANYONE ON THE CONSUMER'S SIDE. thnx! v