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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've written this music server which has a free version and two paid upgrade feature sets. Is this a good place to mention it? It's a networking server - a bit like GrooveBasin. I did casually add it to the HydrogenAudio Wiki over the Christmas break but was immediately banned and my edits deleted so I'm a bit reluctant to end up the same way here, but I can see that the CA forumship is rather more computer savvy and I don't get any feedback if no one tries it out, and to do that I have to first tell people it exists.. Fingers crossed! My website is here: Silk: CuteStudio Ltd. SeeDeClip4: a DeClipping Multiuser Digital Music Server over HTML5. I have sold a stand-alone declipper for years but I wasn't able to access the music very easily with that and the concept of batch conversion isn't as useful as just-in-time processing. Also because I ripped all my CDs into WAV format I found that iTunes ended up with an unintelligible list thousands of tracks link without any context. Plus my laptop has a very small disk. So the basic idea is that it's a server/client model with the server sat on a PC with all the music on, and the client is any modern web enabled device. This can be an iPad, tablet etc or another PC. The key benefit for me with this architecture was: 1) The noisy server PC can be banished to a spare room 2) Writing for the HTML/CSS/JS plane is simpler than battling with all the native APIs in the devices. So there you are, it's early days but the current version should be quite stable but I'd expect it will take a couple of months for all the wrinkles to be ironed out. The free base version allows you to set up a full multi-user networked audio server and has some nice playlist and DJ stack features so it should be a good centre to any DIY system too. And it's free, which is always handy. The paid for bits are mainly for the declipping bits which is of limited interest to many. I find it most convenient to prop an Android tablet up against my HiFi box to use it (on the wifi), at some point I'll put the effort in and get a Toslink sorted out - but I think I may need an iPad for that. In the future I'll create an ARM build too for the Raspberry PI, I've had an earlier version run on the Seagate 1TB wifi disk so it does fit! If you love/hate/don't understand any feature please let me know, all feedback is useful! It's written in C for the techy among us, not the latest python/rails/etc. because that's what I'm used to, and requires HTML5 audio on the browser (i.e a modern, non Microsoft client). In fact the real product is not the music server but rather the embedded website inside, but the server is great at shaking stuff down and it does what I need it to do for me so it should be useful for others too.
  2. Tablet recommendation

    I just ripped my 800 cd collection and want to setup my computer audio system. I plan on reusing my current setup (NAD cd player -> NAD C 320 amplifier -> speakers) as much as possible. My music is now stored on an external HD (in apple losseless if that matters, but I can convert it to something else if needed) and I can plug this in my home router to make it accessible through wifi. The router is an ASUS RT-N65U which has a "Media Server" integrated with options for DLNA media server, or ITunes Server. My plan is to control what is being played through a tablet, the HD with the music being either accessed through wifi (preferred) or through a cable. Initially I plan on using the tablet DAC and plugging the audio-out to my amplifier, but I want to have the option to upgrade to an external DAC in the future. My first question: do I need to have a cable running from the tablet to the Amp, are can this be done wirelessly without to much quality lose? Second question: what tablet to buy? It's main use would be as a media center + it should be white (my wife has veto power on the external design of the tablet...). To recap the constraints: - good integrated DAC - digital output to allow for external DAC in the future - white Thanks in advance. Marc
  3. Help me spend $1500

    Hi all! New to the site and happy to make my first post. From reading I get bits and pieces, but want to ask for advice directly. I'm looking for a new source to feed > Odyssey Candela Pre > Odyssey Mono Extremes > Martin Logan Ascent i's. Previously I was using Logitech Touch > Cambridge Audio DACMagic. However I sold my front end. I would really like to use a Tablet so I can surf, play games, load with magazines an take on business trips. If budget allows I'd like a Surface Pro 2 with JRMC > Schiit Bifrost. I think I could simply connect the Surface to a USB HUB which would be connected to an external HD and the DAC. Will this work? Is the Surface the best bet, because the ASUS T100 a lot cheaper. And is the Bifrost still viewed well? Because I keep hearing good things about the ifi products. Please advise. Thanks, Bob