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Found 1 result

  1. System Requirements for HD Playback

    Sound wise I've got my system pretty much how I want it, I think it'll suit me perfectly when I bring my Rogers speakers over. I used to run XP (with ASIO4all) but it crashed quite often and occasionally had drop-outs when playing HD music. Recently I did a fresh re-install with Vista running in WASPI exclusive mode. I gave it a re-format and only installed essential programs and as a result it crashes slightly less but it does suffer drop-outs more, sometimes in silence and sometimes with a buzzing noise. Nowhere have I ever seen system requirements for playing 24/96 music, this Toshiba is only 1.6 Ghz dual core with 2.5 GB of RAM but I always thought it would be sufficient for just playing music. Sometimes it seems to get quite hot, but I'm not sure this is my problem. Since changing to Vista I haven't been able to select more than 250ms of buffer and I suspect this might be the reason. I like this laptop and am on the verge of buying 2 more MB of RAM hoping that this will allow me to buffer for 500ms (as I had in XP)... am I barking up the right tree here or should I just get a faster laptop? What speed processor do I need to play 24/96 music easily? I've plugged my everyday laptop (much faster) into my audio system and it is more stable but really sounds inferior... (I'm assuming it's all the other programs and accessories running in the background). I'm reluctant to change the laptop as It sounds beautiful as it is, I just want more stability. Is there any software that sounds as good but is less demanding?