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Found 4 results

  1. Hegel H160 Sub issue

    I bought a Golden Ear super sub X today. Hooked it up to the variable output on my Hegel. The problem I'm having is that depending on what I'm doing it messes with the levels of the sub instead of matching it to the volume I'm at. One example would be watching youtube videos. It cranks the sub volume all the way up and then it's too loud. Once I switch it to music it's basically 100% which is WAY too much for this thing. Would there be any loss in quality by switching it to the fixed output? Are there any drawbacks?
  2. I have an 80 Hz crossover enabled in my Sound Blaster Zx with speakers set to "Small" so measurement is done with the crossover applied. As you can see there are massive nulls and resonances in my room. The LFE channel also has a massive dip of -16 dB at 50Hz. I have a Wharfedale SPC-12 and I can only listen to my system at something like -12.0 dB before the subwoofer severely distorts. The PC is connected via analog to my receiver so there is no DSP in the receiver. Is it possible that the crossover is behaving unpredictably when receiving filtered audio from each channel which has massive cuts and boosts? Could the total boosts in each channel be clipping once they are crossed over? As far as I understand, unless Dirac does its own crossover before filtering there will always be problems. The speakers and sub have to be measured without crossover. Then based on the findings, Dirac should apply its own crossover and mix the LFE channel before applying any filtering. Applying a digital crossover at a later stage will always result in some kind of clipping or overdrive. Basically measurement should be done without crossover and filtering should be done after crossover. It can be done with advanced routing but that has problems of its own and defeats the simplicity of the Dirac playback device.
  3. Hey, I just got a new pre powered sub to go with my Dell Xps 8300 and its Speakers, but the sub only makes noise when testing it in the audio manager. So for a while ive had the Dell Ay410 speakers, which worked great. Then I decided I wanted to upgrade, starting with a sub, and working towards a powerful 7.1 system for my pc, so i bouth the Polk audio psw10, and hooked it up to my computer. My sound card is the Sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, which has jacks on the back for : l/r (My dell Ay410s) sl/sr C/sub (My Polk Audio PSW10) R/Rl So i plugged in both my devices and went to the configure option, bringing up My speaker set up, from which i selected 5.1, and pressed test, and it all worked fine, except the rear speakers which i dont have yet, so i went in and turned off the rear speakers, and pressed test again. My sub made no noise, but the Dells did. I then turned on the rear channels again, and the sub made sound when it was supposed to. So how do i make it work in games, and in itunes/spotify? My hardware: Dell ay410 Polk Audio PSw10 Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio (Not sure which exact one, but the outside looks identical to the ports on this one) Rca male to 3.5mm male (connecting sub to pc) No idea what motherboard im on So anyone got any helpful ideas?
  4. sub for Aktimate mini+

    I have aktimate mini+ monitors and am looking to add a sub. Im am looking to spend $400-500 but will stretch a fair bit (maybe up to a grand if the sub is phenomenal and you can convince me its worth going broke for lol) At the moment I am leaning towards a wharfedale diamond 9 SW-150 (400bucks). But am also considering the AS8 and krk 10s (500 odd each). Its a smallish room and I want it pretty much just for music. I listen to a huge variety of stuff classic rock (acdc, slade, black Sabbath) to alternative stuff (some other stuff: System of a down, queens of the stoneage, muse, florence and the machine etc etc) etc etc but I am guessing it will be most beneficial for my guilty pleasure (cough *dubstep*cough). any advice?