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Found 65 results

  1. Brinkman Ship

    Putting Tidal in Perspective

    One of my neighbors is a 22 year old female college student. She is a music lover (mostly top 40 pop) and she also plays piano and violin,. She and her boyfriend share a family plan subscription to Apple Music. She LOVES it. She also has been on Spotify I asked her how Apple Music compared to Tidal. Answer: "Tidal? Never heard of it..." I mentioned Jay-Z as part owner..still no familiarity. So a little perspective. I think Tidal in the end is a VERY small player in streaming.
  2. I just ran this news through Google Translate and it does indeed say what I thought it says: the Qobuz hi-res streaming and download service is preparing to launch in the USA next year! https://www.rtbf.be/culture/pop-up/detail_qobuz-prepare-son-arrivee-aux-etats-unis?id=9772232 Many have signed up from outside the current service area via VPN (then streaming without VPN once set up), but this will make it official.
  3. Hello I have a OPPO 105 and would like to stream music from it. I current have all my music on my Mac and using iTunes. Is this possible? I would like to avoid hooking a external drive to the OPPO if at all possible. BTW. Looking to do this since my squeeze box touch just died. TIA.
  4. Le Concombre Masqué

    Solution for a handicapped person

    Isabelle is plagued by multiple sclerosis ; i.e. I witnessed her failing to type her credit card’s PIN, though she knows it by heart, because of combined vision and motility coordination issues. I guess the solution should involve streaming + vocal command ; on this forum I mainly discussed the charms of rebooting a Mac on Windows (minimum) Server in order to get the best from HQP : I’m not the most savvy when it comes to convenience and hope you will help me help Isabelle building a system. She owns obsolete Android tablet and Windows PC but could afford an iPad or new PC or Mac. She lives alone in an apartment and can’t obviously fight the neighbors ; thus the front part might be decent but in a consistent price range with the fact that speakers and amp won’t have to be able to reproduce forte at 92 dB nor choruses at 94. She lives in France so I’m thinking of Qobuz for the streaming part (she should be able to go from Gould playing Goldberg to Massive Attack or Miles Davis) but maybe there’s a more integrated solution Thank you
  5. Cambridge Audio is celebrating 50 years heh, a young 'un! We the consumer benefit with a direct competitor to the Lumin streamer as well as a regular DAC with preamp output designed to drive a power amp directly. Prices are flirting about at USD4000. Delivery time...? close, suppose since the range was announced in March 2018. The remote interface isn't mentioned, most likely holding up release dates, my guess. Cambridge Audio Edge NQ home page XLR and RCA analog out Power inlet is on the wrong side (oh well) Very nice OLED display I like the case design, the volume knob sub assembly is very cool Photos courtesy of PhileWeb Specifications Network capability Chromecast to 96/24 Streaming PCM 192, DSD128 Airplay Spotify Connect Bluetooth Aptx Internet Radio no Tidal (not a deal breaker IMHO) Roon Ready - No on the Ethernet but Roon works on any USB device. Cambridge have an app for their other series, so this model should include as a minimum. D/A CONVERTER THD <0.0008%, 20Hz - 20kHz, 24-bit, 1Vrms output THD ANALOG SOURCES <0.0008%, 20Hz – 20kHz, 1Vrms output FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.1dB S/N RATIO (REF 1V OUTPUT) >103 dB CROSSTALK @ 1KHZ < -100dB MAX PREAMP OUTPUT 6Vrms single ended or 6Vrms + 6Vrms balanced USB AUDIO INPUT USB Audio Class 2.0 supporting up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM, or up to DSD256 USB DRIVE INPUT 1 x USB 2.0 current limited to 1A, FAT32 / NTFS / HFS / HFS+ BLUETOOTH 4.1 (Smart/BLE enabled) A2DP/AVRCP supporting SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX HD TOSLINK INPUT 16/24-bit 32-96kHz COAX S/PDIF INPUT 16/24-bit 32-192kHz WI-FI IEEE 802.11 b/g or n (2.4GHz), Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2 ETHERNET IEEE 802.3, 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T MAX POWER CONSUMPTION 100W STANDBY POWER CONSUMPTION <0.5W DIMENSIONS 120 x 460 x 405 mm (4.7 x 18.1 x 15.9”) H D W IN THE BOX Edge NQ Pre-amplifier and Network Player; 1.5M Power Lead; Edge Remote Control; 3 x AAA Batteries; Bluetooth Antenna; Wi-Fi Dongle; Edge Link Cable; Edge NQ User Manual WEIGHT 10.2kg (22.4lbs)
  6. Hi all, On the TIDAL app, I am now seeing multiple albums for the same album release. Search for Brad Mehldau or David Byrne for example. I presume one of them is an MQA version (which I recall would not show on iOS at all). I am away now and cannot check on my computer, only have an iPhone and iPad. How can I tell on an iPad - on the TIDAL app or otherwise - which are MQA? Thx.
  7. Aimed at the conscious listener, music lover and HiFi Enthusiast Listen to music cost-effectively with the HRA Streaming music-flat rate 7-day free trial subscription Offer: HRA-Streaming 12 months subscription for only 179,99 GBP Option: HRA-Streaming + Downloads* 12 months subscription for 229,99 GBP Hear every note, subtle details, nuance and impressive dynamics HRA Streaming exceeds the CD quality by seven times and 29 times higher than that of MP3 We guarantee 100% fully tested, native and true 24bit Studio Masters Access to over 30,000 handpicked and selected albums in 24-bit quality ads* Access to over 30,000 handpicked and selected albums in 24-bit quality We provide curated, editorially maintained playlists As a HRA Streaming subscriber you can save up to 30% on HiRes Downloads*
  8. I use my audio system mainly to listen to Tidal FLAC 1,441 kbps streams. My setup: A pair ofMartin Logan Aeon-i speakers, powered by a Krell KSA amplifier/Krell KSL-2 Preamp Combo. The Tidal stream from my router has a wired connection to a Sonore microRendu, which turn is connected to the USB input of a PS Audio NuWave DSD. The DSD is connected to the Krell preamp with a pair of balanced XLR cables. This system provides great undistorted audio with spacious staging of 2 channel classical music as it might sound in a Symphony Hall or Opera house with a seat in the center section. The reason for this post is to share the discovery that you do NOT need a PC with Logitech Media Server running or an account with Logitech’s Mysqueezebox. These items add unneccessary complexities to the task of streaming Tidal to your audio system. Instead simply install the LUMIN app on your iPad. It will serve as an elegant and intuitive “controller”, telling Tidal what albums/tracks you want to listen to. You can easily save your favorites in a playlist format. I hope this will help other audiophiles to enjoy their Tidal and microRendu Combo to the fullest👍 Claus
  9. I am using microRendu (version 2.6) and Squeezelite/Logitech Media Server (version 7.9.1) to stream TIDAL (HiFi) to my Peachtree DAC with iPeng on my iPad as my easy-to-use album/track selector. I do not have any local content - all I want is TIDAL. This setup has worked flawlessly for the past several months; but yesterday, a major problem was caused by mySqueezebox. For some reason, my Username/Password combination is causing the LMS to abort, and I get the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred while validating your squeezebox account... ". The LMS Diagnostic screen shows OK for Port 3483 (slimproto), Port 9000 (HTTP) and Port 9090 (CLI), before attempting to use my user name/password to press the "Apply" and "OK" buttons on the LMS screen. After I hit OK, the app aborts. Here is what I have tried several times during the past hours... all to no avail. 1. reinstall LMS. 2. rebooting my Windows 10 (64bit) PC, running LMS. 3. "restoring" my PC to a previous restore point befor the problem occurred. 4. using my web browser to sign in to mysqueezebox.com - no problem 5. Installing LMS on a Windows XP Pro laptop - same result. 6. tried umpteen various suggestions involving Windows registration settings and other (for me) incomprehensive computer nerd fixes. Since I am just an end user with only rudimentary PC skills - I am now completely at my wits end as to how to get this problem identified and fixed. I wish I could just eliminate the need for LMS to contact mysqueezebox in order to stream TIDAL in HiFi mode, using my microRendu and Squeezelite. If anyone on this forum can help me, I would be most grateful. Update: While waiting for a solution, I have “re-activated” my old Logitech Touch, which has no problem signing in to mysqueezebox.com and showing as a Player. But it sounds like s*** compared to my microRendu 😡 From your computer or mobile device open Kazoo and select the Room with the "OH" in the name and you should now see Tidal in Kazoo. On first use you will need to enter your Tidal Account information I did install Kazoo, but I do not see “the Room with the “OH in the name” or any Room - so I don’t see Tidal in Kazoo 😳. All I can listen to are a couple of Linn Podcasts... It turned into a dead end. Unless you have a Linn Product installed, you can not add TIDAL in the ”Konfig” app. Just when I was about to give up, I discovered that the LUMIN app will control TIDAL and pass the HiFi streams to microRendu perfectly. I am back in Audio Nirvana 👍 Screw Logitech’s mysonicorbiter
  10. Former Interscope chairman and Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are too similar: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-43515185 I wonder if he'd view "sound quality" as a valid differentiator.
  11. Hello, members of Computer Audiophile Forum! I’m the founder of International Classical Music Database, a non-profit organization exists to promote, educate, and archive classical music (don’t panic, the discussed topic is not limited to classical music). We are looking for some pilot users for a new online service. If you’re a music collector or audiophile with a Mac computer, I believe our new solution “Tonal” could bring you a better music experience: With Tonal, your complete digital collection is organized in one place and is ready to be streamed anytime, anywhere. That may sound unfancy, but there’re three foundational innovations which clearly differentiate the Tonal experience from the competition: A managed cloud-based music locker service with audio quality verification built-in. An innovative metadata solution which focuses on standard, quality, and community collaboration. A well-crafted playback engine which ensures highly predictable audiophile performance. Download initial version: http://binaries.ton.al/app/Tonal-20180315.zip Anyone interested please read the introduction article: https://medium.com/tonal-app/introducing-tonal-74c748f200b9 And three separate articles explaining its internals: Audio Pre-Processing Music Metadata Playback Engine This thread will be monitored. Feel free to ask me any question. Screenshots attached:
  12. Musicophile

    Spotify going public

    https://gizmodo.com/spotify-is-officially-going-public-ceo-says-they-will-1823416676 "Spotify now claims to have 159 million monthly active users with 71 million paid subscribers, which is impressive growth"


    On the Audiostream site Mr. Lavorgna states: (QUOTE)As I've been saying for years, MQA's value proposition is in streaming, not downloads. If we look at how people listen to music today, this makes sense since streaming is the predominant form of music consumption and every indication suggests this trend will continue. Well, except for vinyl ;-) Your MQA objection is rooted in the notion that non-MQA hi-rez content will be unavailable at some point in time. While this is certainly within the realm of possibilities, if you fit into the 'audiophile' demographic, I'd suggest you have nothing to worry about ;-) Read more at https://www.audiostream.com/content/mqa-drm#2VEV4LKUKH3f1M4S.99(UNQUOTE) Well, I wonder if some of the fear and loathing regarding MQA on ComputerAudiophile is misplaced? If MQA's "value proposition" is for streaming, do we have to worry about DRM, crappy sound, and other technical bugaboos? When I stream music, it is NOT for critical listening. I am exercising, cooking, washing the car, whatever...... Like the TV commercial: "I don't listen to music critically often, but when I do, I listen to vinyl"
  14. I have three locations where I want music available and where the “ultimate” Audio quality is not all that important. In addition the ability to voice control music is of great interest. Voice assistant to other things such as alarms, weather, etc is also important. To that end I have removed the three amazon echo devices and put Apple HomePods in the same places: Office, Master Bedroom, and family room. Note that I am getting more and more concerned about what Amazon and Google do with information gathered by my using their devices. (I am also worried about Kindle but that is another discussion). I got the “space gray” ones as they seem to fade into the environment better. The family room space is at corner of a 20x13 room that is open to the eating area and the kitchen. The bedroom is a much smaller space. And the office is a MESS so I did not take a picture of that!! Setup is “just like” the AirPods. Operation is pretty normal If you are used to Siri and Apple devices. There are folks that have written a lot about the setup and operation. Check out the coverage over at http://imore.com I have the three devices in place and I have 14 days of the normal Apple bring them back for any reason warranty. So this will be a lot of testing and listening over a very short time frame. First Notes: The space that the family room HomePod has to “feed” is just too big for the current location. While the voice assistant can hear me just fine from the kitchen it is too far away for a “good” listening experience. I am going to have to find a different location for testing at least. In the bedroom and the office there are no issues of that sort. I have been able to do some basic listening of a few tracks and conduct some initial testing of Siri. The Amazon Echo seems to have some advantages in the voice assistant things it can do over Siri. That will not be a primary part of what I am talking about but it is important to the overall experience. The overall initial impressions are very favorable (comfortable). I will be setting up Roon to talk to them shortly... 1774A41B-64A4-42CE-9325-2099DC7C302B.MOV
  15. Business Insider reports that Apple Music now has 36 Million subscribers. It could pass Spotify in the US market later this year. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-music-is-about-to-overtake-spotify-in-the-us-2018-2
  16. Hi All, I have for some time now been considering designing a DAC that is capable of only one sample rate playback - so as to optimize the circuitry for this particular sample rate. Yet, to make this feasible in practice I will have to use my computer to perform the sample rate conversion from any and all of the sources that I would like to play. And this may include tidal, CD, youtube, the National Danish Radio, etc ... I have previously asked Miska (the HQPlayer developer) if it would be possible to stream music from these sources using HQPlayer as the "sound data handler" towards the USB-to-DAC converter, and his reply was affirmative - this is doable. I wonder, though: - how simple/easy it is to set up a "streaming system" on the computer, i.e. is it also simple/easy to add new music sources (e.g. tidal)? I much prefer it to be simple so that I can enjoy the music instead of having to focus on the technical aspects. - what it requires in terms of software (preferably only a software & USB-to-DAC solution) besides HQPlayer ... (Roon, JRiver, something else)? Again simplicity and an intuitive use is key. - How stable it is ... That is does such a setup often experience interrupts, drop-outs, or some other "issue" that interferes with music listening? Besides the single sample rate DAC another option is a DAC that is capable of sample rate switching - like what a normal DAC does ... I just happen to be intrigued by the single sample-rate DAC - and before deciding which path to take - would like to hear if someone here has experience with such a setup from the perspective of reasonable simplicity & stability in practical use ... Cheers & thanks for any insights Jesper
  17. I am putting together a system for listening to Deezer or Tidal streaming flac and possibly MQA. My budget is $2,000 and am considering a Bluesound Node 2, Rega Brio amp and SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers. That's $500 over my budget so really can't spend more than that. My listening space will be mostly a seating area that occupies about a third of a 27' x 20' room that is a combination kitchen-dining-living room. There's no carpet and a plastic laminate floor with a lot of glass plus some, not a lot, of stuffed furniture and drapery so am trying to stay away from overly bright equipment. There's a tenant underneath so am not looking for high volume or strong base so am not planning on a sub woofer. My wife and I listen to all kinds of music. I am kind of rolling the dice here since I live on Maui and can't audition equipment before I buy...and I am a noobie at this so...I would really appreciate any advice that I can get. Thanks.
  18. Neil Young’s online music archive is here, and it’s fucking incredible Every single song ever recorded by Young is available to stream for free in high-resolution quality http://www.neilyoungarchives.com It is a trial as free it seems, but interesting anyway.
  19. Which streaming service has the largest ECM Records catalog? I naively assumed Apple Music would have it but have been disappointed. They've got a few titles from the ECM label but not many. I read somewhere that Google Play has ECM but haven't found much evidence that it does. In fact, it's hard to figure out just what Google Play has. I've also read that Manfred Eicher of ECM isn't crazy about streaming so I guess that's a handicap. Being able to explore the extensive and wonderful ECM catalog would really sell me on a streaming service.
  20. Just signed up to Deezer Premium (320kbs) and it sounds better than Tidal Hifi, anyone tried Deezer Hifi?
  21. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if I'm getting what I can from my FLAC files - CD rips and HD - while listening at work. My setup: Synology server at home (wired connection-5 meg upload) -> work pc (wired connection-huge bandwidth) -> Audeze Sine headphones. I log into my Synology through FireFox and use Synology Audio Station. I've been considering getting a DragonFly Red usb DAC for my headphones. Am I missing anything else that would improve my listening experience here at my cube? I lock my headphones up at night and could do that with the DragonFly, too. Should I get the JRiver media player? I appreciate your thoughts on this. Aaron
  22. linn kazoo has stopped connecting to the Rpi3 Picore player, it sees the LMS and music folders, but no player so no sound... for no apparent reason, worked fine a few days ago.. Ipeng still sees the picore player on the pi... any thoughts?
  23. I went onto Tidal this evening and recordings listed as Master recordings were not loading that way. The Master indicator on the lower right of the file screen stayed on HiFi and the MQA blue light didn't come on upon my Mytek Brooklyn. I checked all my settings in the setup area of the program (which was working correctly 2 days ago) and they were correct. I also checked my other computer which has the app and MQA wasn't loading there either. I sent a note to Tidal about the problem. If you are having the same problem please do the same. Thanks.
  24. Mint Micro Rendu unit with latest v2.5 OS card. Package also includes: Wireworld Starlight 7 USB Cable. 1m iFi iPower 9v Low Noise PSU 2 month Roon trial coupon USB hard adapter Original packing $475 and I'll split shipping in the US. Check 'ismarket' on Audiogon for feedback. No paypal please. Thanks for looking. I pack carefully and ship quickly.
  25. Hmm, this looks serious. Some major changes at SoundCloud to try and stay afloat https://arstechnica.com/business/2017/07/soundcloud-cuts-nearly-half-of-its-staff-in-order-to-stay-afloat/