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Found 5 results

  1. If you haven't visited our Learning Center in awhile, we've recently added several guides and articles. Here is what's new A Guide to Roon Music Player Forget everything you know about music players. Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it. A Guide to Streaming Music Services With a still-growing array of streaming services, it can be tough to decide which one to pick. Here are the key questions you should ponder before you decide. MQA, What is it and Why Should I Care? Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is the newest format to hit the market. MQA is an audio codec intended for high fidelity, digital audio, internet streaming and file download. MQA can be played on any audio device, whether that’s inside your home, your car, from your phone or anywhere else you might be – perfectly fitting into the way you listen to your music today. An Introduction to Computer Audio New to computer audio or having trouble deciding if a computer audio system is right for you? Fear not, we have put together this introduction to computer audio so that you can understand the basics of what goes into a computer-based audio system. An Introduction to Buying a Turntable Vinyl is back and better than ever. If you're thinking about getting back into the hobby or considering purchasing your first turntable, this guide will run you through the basics of what to look for in a turntable setup. Resonance Control - Controlling Unwanted Vibrations in an Audio Systems When listening to music, speakers are the main source of vibration traveling through the ground and back to your equipment, also termed floor-borne vibration. It’s the job any component isolation product (footers, shelves, stands) to protect the supported component from external ground and air vibration interference. Vibration is a variable which must be mastered through proper design and discreet material choices to achieve resonance control for your audio system.
  2. Hey all, Just thought we'd share the cool news... the bLINK has won the Knock Out Award from Digital Audio Review. Here's a bit of a summary from John's review: "Not all Bluetooth receivers are born equal. The Wyred 4 Sound’s Bluetooth signal is reclocked before output to the DAC. It sounds markedly better than the Bluetooth stream spilling from AURALiC’s Aries Mini. More fluid in the midrange and less metallicised in the treble. It’s what we might call Next Level Bluetooth." "What we have in the US$499 bLINK is Remedy-grade S/PDIF reclocking (for audiophile geeks) and that same reclocking circuitry applied to Bluetooth with quite outstanding results." We're stoked! In case anyone doesn't know, the bLINK is our award-winning Remedy reclocker with added Bluetooth streaming capability. This means that you can connect any device via coax (think Sonos Connect, CD/DVD player, etc) and also stream music to it from phone, tablet, computer or any Bluetooth device. It's pretty cool and the Bluetooth really adds a huge convenience factor. At last year's AXPONA we demonstrated it and ended up having a bunch of room visitors whip out their phones and have fun streaming their music instantly through our system. Perhaps a few of you could see using this device for when friends/SO (or even you) want to easily stream music to your hifi! (Tidal anyone?) Coinciding with the award, we're selling the bLINK with a free Kimber digital cable while supplies last. You can buy it directly from our website and just type in 'FREE CABLE' in the comments box at check out. Read the full review here. Thanks as always for your support. Happy Friday! Tony, Wyred 4 Sound
  3. Whenever I record audio from Youtube or Spotify, The recording normally sounds thin and without body. I look at the frequency spectrum in Har-Bal, and there is a pronounced dip in the frequency at around 460hz and nearby frequencies. I record using Audacity at 24/176.4, I have not tried to record at 16/44.1 yet, but I don't think it would make any difference, it happens no matter what website I go to. I have used Sound Forge as well, the same dip. Of course, I can correct for that dip in Har-Bal, but I am not going to know what the original frequency spectrum is, so I have to do the best I can. I normally download classical or jazz music either at DSD or high-res PCM on Youtube. The songs themselves sound fantastic when I finish recording, very little noise, but again, they sound relatively hollow and thin. Do other people experience the same thing? Is there any way to correct for that, stop it from happening? Maybe it is the built-in sound card?! Thanks to all, I am new to downloading from websites, but not to being an audiophile.
  4. I’m a newbie to digital audio, so I need some advice here about where to start with streaming dsd files. I have a pc with the software (Korg Audiogate, Roon etc), compatible with high-res files, but how do I stream them into my ‘analog’ system? my pc doesn't have a high-res audio card so obviously i need to transfer the 'dsd' file content and complete the conversion to analog - are there any 'single box' products that will do this? i've read a lot about dacs, media servers etc, and the range of products is out there is enormous but I’m on a limited budget so I want to get started with a minimal outlay for new hardware. Should I stream via Ethernet cable/USB cable or wireless? Is there a limit to USB cable distance (pc is 4-5 metres from audio equipment)? Does playback quality suffer with wireless streaming? I want to use the pc software as the 'front-end', so i can manage content/playlists etc.. any suggestions appreciated.
  5. I thought I might tap the experience and knowledge resources here at the CA Forum. I'm just completed building a third section to my home audio system (Garage). However, the garage is detached and about 125' from the home WiFi. I'm currently using a dual-band Apple Time Capsule 805.11ac with good music streaming results. What's the best approach (architecture/device) to extend the WiFi signal to the garage?