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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I would just like a very high quality streamer capable of allowing me to listen to Tidal at the very best quality I can. I am not interested in listening to music on local file libraries so I won't need a NAS for example. My choices are either the mR, or the sMS-200 - I guess both run the same open platform OS's so, which one is better for the single task I have at hand? I did simply consider the AURALiC Mini (or even the full blown Aries 2nd hand), which I'm sure will be easier (because it's all built in) - but for me it's ultimate sound quality that's far more important.
  2. Does "which" PC matter?

    My current PC is not talking to my amp. I have the correct USB driver and programming installed. I posted a question about it in the 'software' section, if you think you might have a suggestion. I am wondering: should I not get this computer to work, I am going to buy a computer with Windows 7. Do different computers work better than others for streaming music through a USB into an amp? Are there computers that have this activity specifically in mind? Thank in advance
  3. Hi All, Though I am a long time audiophile I am only just getting into digital audio and have a bit to learn. Wanted to get feedback on what is available for devices or software that can stream digital content and be controlled from my smartphone (iPhone). What I would like is local storage on the device (hard disk / flash drive) and an app on my smartphone that allows me to browse the content on the device and select and stream it to a dac. The device can be a computer (mac or PC) or a standalone device. Want support for all bit rates (at least up to 192K/24bit). Its OK if the dac is built in but prefer separate since dac quality is improving every year. Suggestions? Thanks!!!