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Found 5 results

  1. Sonos tells me I can connect a NAS to my Sonos Connect device. The NAS must support the SMB(v1) /CIFS file sharing protocol. Any idea which NAS has this protocol?? Thanks.
  2. Looks like Roon V 1.3 may support Sonos endpoints. Great news for those of us that are invested in Sonos for secondary whole house systems. I've been using Roon on my primary system for over a year and love it so being able to also use it with SONOS is fabulous. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-and-sonos-connect/2164/10
  3. Hi, I'm a reasonably capable Sonos user and sufficiently technical overall, and wanted to be sure I'm thinking the right away about the capabilities of gear I want to buy to extend my Sonos setup. Basically, I want to try something like a pair of Apple Airport Expresses, to tunnel music from one 'master' Sonos zone, and create a slave' zone. The 'slave' zone will just mirror the first, and won't operate independently in any way. I've noticed that a Sonos Connect outputs audio on the optical/SPDIF port at the same time it's outputting on the RCA analog output (somewhat obvious, but I verified just to be sure). I think this should let me use a pair of Apple Airport Expresses configured as pure 'audio bridges' - i.e. just tunneling the audio input from one Express, over regular home-network IP, to the other bridge, where it re-emerges via line-out as regular audio out. Can those devices operate that way? I'm fairly sure they can be enabled to just 'tunnel' audio this way - but wonder if I'm missing something. The only real downside to this setup (vs. buying another Sonos Connect) is I'll control volume at the 'slave' zone via the amplifier - which is fine. (same with turning it on or off). The basic idea is that I'd like to avoid or delay paying the $400/$500 for each outdoor area I want to enable, for each Connect or Connect:Amp that Sonos would prefer I buy. I have some existing old amplifiers that are unused and will drive my speakers just fine. And, I'm fine if all the outdoor areas are considered one zone: I don't have a need to play music separately in the 'slave' zone(s), and if I drive speakers with a discrete amp, I can turn those amps on or off to enable or disable them. Anything I'm missing? Can Airport Expresses, or some other analog-audio-to-ethernet bridge pair, meet the need? I presume there's no conflicts using them this way on the same network -- I'll never control them in 'AirPlay' mode, I believe. Airport Expresses seem best for this since they're pretty well-tested and debugged at this point. D-Link has something similar, but looks dodgy and may be UK-only. thoughts?
  4. My cheap iphone dock in my kitchen died today I have been saving for a new main audio system based around Peachtree pre and amp and a good pair of speakers. I also want to play music in other rooms (hence the cheap dock). Since my dock just died, I need to replace that immediately before I purchase the more expensive equipment I've been reading forums left and right, but am still confused to how this technology works. If I buy a Sonos system, will I be able to integrate that into a Peachtree system later? Will I be able to control all music from the Sonos and Peachtree at the same time? That's what I'd really like to be able to do. Is that what you'd recommend? Should I spend the money on the Sonos now in anticipation of the Peachtree based system because they'll work so well together? Or should I buy a cheap dock and just keep saving? Is Sonos the right product for my needs or is there some other system that could interact with my computer and Peachtree? I appreciate your help.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been reading a lot of your posts. I'm considering redoing my hifi setup and would love a bit of advice. The general project is this: - I mainly listen to music on Spotify, some mp3's, a few LPs - I'd like to have a very simple setup that the whole family can use - I'd like to be able to control it wirelessly - I'd like to have a hifi setup in the living-room, and have some music in the bathroom What I own: a pair of Jamo Cornet 40 speakers (that I enjoy), an old Technics SU-300 2x30W amp (that I would not regret too much), a Spotify premium account, a macbook air and iPad. I also have a turntable and vinyls but use them rarely. What I'm considering: - Full Sonos setup with Connect:Amp and existing speakers in the living room + Play:3 in the bathroom. It sounds simple, the main drawback I see is lack of versatility for other sources, and also I really like the desktop Spotify app (apps, radio etc) and the Sonos Spotify doesn't seem as good - Airplay solution based around an Airport Express in the Living, and possibly an Airplay speaker in the bathroom. My main concern here is that I'm afraid of dropouts in sound. I've been testing a bit the system and have experienced dropouts, which are a deal beaker to me - More traditionnal solution with ceiling speakers in the bathroom, but it might be too much of a hassle. What are your recommandations for a full setup? What should I use, Sonos or Airplay? Thanks a lot. Vincentim.