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Found 12 results

  1. Microrendu won't see usb dac

    Hmmm. I run HQP with Roon on a Microrendu to a Lampi usb dac. Everything has been working fine. Tonight, however, when I tried to play music i could not get anything to play. I rebooted my MR. I rebooted my dac. I made sure the MR was set to HQP. I tried playing music just with Roon. Finally, I discovered in the MR ui under dac diagnostics that the MR is not seeing my dac. So, i made sure all the connection from MR to dac were solid, puled in and out. Still nothing. I even updated both HQP and MR. Any ideas? Very frustrating.
  2. Selling my MicroRendu 1.4. Free shipping worldwide. iFi 9V 2A power as new in the box. PayPal preferred. §650 (Buyers cover PayPal fee).
  3. Hello everyone. I am in research for a streamer or network audio player. Expectations: - it can read mp3, flac and DSD from NAS (network attached storage, in my case Synology DS212j) and USB memory stick - it should transport digital signal (via SPDIF or USB) to external DAC - reliable while operating - price of the player should be within 1500€ (linear power supply included) - I don't want solutions that need external display (e.g. computer monitor). It should be HiFi device that can be turned on via button Advantage: - dedicated mobile application, and not just web control interface - AirPlay - Internet radio - streaming services Current candidates: - Sonore microRendu - no dedicated application. 640 $ + linear power supply. - Sonore ultraRendu - no dedicated application. They say at several forums that this model is better than its predecessor. 875 $ + linear power supply - SOtM sMS-200 - no dedicated application, didn't hear it. 450 $ + linear power supply - SOtM sMS-200ultra - no dedicated application. They say at several forums that this model is better than its predecessor. 1200 $ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries Mini - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. 550€ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries LE - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. I heard there are several problems with the stability caused by network problems. 1000€ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. I heard several problems with the stability caused by network problems. I do not know the price. - Bluesound Node 2 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. No DSD support. 600€. - Electrocompaniet Rena S1 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. 600€. - Onkyo NS-6170 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. 350€. I heard only Sonore microRendu which had great sound for me. There are not candidates: - Raspberry Pi - there is no customized version of the HiFi I just buy, without having to do anything, put together, buy separately etc. that is sonically good enough for my system. Correct me if I'm wrong. - Aurender - great equipment but out of the price category. - dCS Network Bridge - great equipment, but out of the price category. Questions - do you have candidates to add to this list? - did you ever heard one of this candidates or can you compare it? It is own hearing experience that is most relevant to me, not reviews from 3rd sources. - if there is perfect or near-perfect process of comparing different streamers, what would it be? I noticed there are no such information available publicly. Many thanks!
  4. ultraRendu + RUR

    Hey all. I've got an ultraRendu on order (next batch / second half of August perhaps?) and a Wyred4Sound RUR. I'm wondering if any of you early ultraRendu adopters have an RUR kicking around that you've experimented with downstream from the ultra, or if adding its breed of femto re-clocking and power buffering is essentially "pointless" on the business end of an ultraRendu? (I'm sure @JohnSwenson likely has some theories/opinions on this -- I could swear I read him (or someone near a post of his) claiming that even the ISO REGEN doesn't offer much sonic improvement when put downstream of an ultraRendu -- I suppose that means the ultra is just that good! ). [Note, I fully plan to investigate this myself and report back, but I'm left wondering for a couple of weeks until my uR arrives...]
  5. Mint condition with original Sonore packaging: • Sonore microRendu • Sonicorbiter 2.5 upgrade • Hard USB adapter • Sonore Signature Series Power Supply • Optional Synergistic Black Fuses installed • Cardas DC cable 1M (recommended by Sonore) • Shipping to US included • PayPal included • Original $2630 • $1300 For sale by original owner. No power cord is included. You must use your own power cord.
  6. Mint Micro Rendu unit with latest v2.5 OS card. Package also includes: Wireworld Starlight 7 USB Cable. 1m iFi iPower 9v Low Noise PSU 2 month Roon trial coupon USB hard adapter Original packing $475 and I'll split shipping in the US. Check 'ismarket' on Audiogon for feedback. No paypal please. Thanks for looking. I pack carefully and ship quickly.
  7. I am selling my Sonore microRendu with original packaging, hard USB adapter, and the SonicOrbiter version 2.5 SD card installed. The unit was purchased earlier this year from Sonore ($640 retail) and has been used just a few times. I decided to upgrade to the forthcoming ultraRendu which is the only reason why I'm selling. Asking $425 via PayPal with free shipping in the U.S. Thanks!
  8. Selling because I need a windows NAA for my new T+A DAC8 DSD to do DSD512 paid 2229 USD excluding shipping and taxes to get them to the Netherlands just a month or 2 ago Asking 1499 EUR ex shipping for the combo just the microRendu (with iFi power) for 475 EUR just the SPS for 1199 EUR SPS has the Synergistic fuses! All in mint condition and boxed of course
  9. Delivered to me 3 weeks ago, as new with all accessories, boxes and packaging. Included 2 x 6ft Blue Jean Cable CAT 6a patch cords. Priced separately $1100. Will deliver in cont. US for $950. Money order, personal check (ship when cleared). PayPal add 4% ($988 total) PACKAGE ONLY FOR SALE. Will not separate. Audiogon ID:doak FB:1155 100% since 1999 Links: SONORE microRendu sonicTransporter – Small Green Computer Accessory – iPower Data Cables at Blue Jeans Cable I've decided to keep my optimised Auralic Aries set-up for a while longer (Regen, trick LPSUs, cables, etc) IMO sound is VERY good with either though definitely different "flavors." I'd characterize the set-up for sale as being crystal clear, tight, quiet, and probably the more accurate of the two.
  10. So, while I patiently awaited release of the Sonore microRendu, thankful for my spot in the initial queue, I followed all the news and pondered what power supply option made the most sense for me. I could afford the lowest cost iFi but longed for the higher performance of other options available at a cost over my budget. This led me to a friend who has been building his own audio gear for many years; everything from Pass First Watt DIY single ended amps to video & music DVR/servers. He is squarely camped with one foot in the DIY world and one in the audiophile world regularly participating in local audio club events so he gets regular opportunities to listen to many very high performing systems. I've always been impressed with his ability to combine solid proven engineering concepts and an open-minded but skeptical approach to many of the audio "traps" that many enthusiasts fall into. After begging, pleading, much food & drink, etc. I talked him into taking on the D-I-H "Do It Himself" project of building me a suitable LPS to use with my microRendu. So for the benefit of anybody considering a similar approach & to motivate the builders here, you can see a description and some pics below. (No, he isn't looking to build/sell these to others!) Sorry, I am no engineer, so might not be able to answer some of your technical questions about the circuit. Sonically, I am thrilled with the results. A significant upgrade from the adjustable Hosa wallwart that I had been using. At a cost of $185 in parts, plus a number of days of toil & sweat, I think we have the sonic equivalent of a much more expensive LPS and about as good as possible sound quality within my budget. It also needs to be repeated that the Sonore microRendu is a remarkable achievement and I can't recommend it more highly! Thanks for reading. Vince DiNenna’s “Ecco Audio” Linear Power Supply Design for microRendu- Linear Technologies application notes based design - Low ESR aluminum caps. - Static shielded Antek toroidal transformer 9v, 8 amps capable. - Jantzen Audio 2.0mH 15 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil for filter section. (That's big.) - Linear Technology 1084ct low dropout regulator. 3 amps capable. Adjustable. - Hifi2000 Italian made aluminum with steel cover chasis with semi heat sink side panels & anti-vibration feet. - DIN plug, removable DC multi-stranded copper cable. - Black front panel, blue led on front. - Toggle power switch on back - IEC connector. Removable. - Ceramic fuse. - Modular design so that sections can be replaced. The left module is the main filter. Inductor connects to the module on the left. Module on right is the voltage regulator circuit. It has filtering as well but for higher frequencies. Here you can see the voltage raised by .6 volts but the output remains at 6 volts, so voltage is being regulated. Main boards & parts mounted After mounting & wiring, time to drill Metal Work Time Build Complete — Voltage Output Tests At 7V Finished Product
  11. This database is an attempt to keep track of the various DSD capable devices and software: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgVhKcl_3lHfdFVyenBBNjNpQ2lieG81WGpqQTNfVUE Please help to keep the database up-to-date and accurate providing us additional information as needed. **Special thanks to Ted B. Jesus R PS I also have an i2s Database here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgVhKcl_3lHfdFhNT0xWQnNVWTI1QjhTdXVGVThiYnc