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Found 3 results

  1. First off, I am not a computer guy (translated, "low knowledge") but having been a reader of CA for years thought I'd see if deep knowledge here can help me get to the end zone quicker (flailing about currently.) ISSUE: songs skip on a regular basis, can't isolate issue, but guy says to start with replacing the Drobo 5-Bay - sound is okay, but I've had this setup in place for 6+ years - time to solve the skipping and upgrade sound. Current equipment/setup: DROBO NAS --> Netgear Prosafe 8 port switch --> Mac Mini (Audirvana) --> Musical Fidelity V Link 192 --> Musical Fidelity M1 DAC to pre amp (Vincent pre amp and power amp out to Focal Electra 1008 BEs. Targeted equipment/setup: Based on lots of reading (understanding half of it), I'd like to consider adding the Melco N1A, the sonicTransporter and microRendu - but I have the feeling some of these may overlap? I am fine moving over to Roon as long as it will read 45k music files off the Melco N1A. Add'l questions - want to keep the MF M1 DAC if possible - will microRendu --> MF V Link 192 --> MF M1DAC work? Does it make sense? Is M1 DAC compatible with the hardware/software we are talking about here? Any need to keep the Mac Mini in the system or get rid of it? Again, thank you for your patience with the amateur nature of the question above, but it's been a challenge for me to plan the new system only half understanding what each piece does. Any/all help, suggestions, guidance, or even a "Just do this, and it will work/sound great" is hugely appreciated.
  2. All listed items in excellent condition in original packaging with all accessories. All prices are WITH SHIPPING in cont. U.S. (ship to CONUS ONLY) Pay via PayPal - no extra fee for buyer Sonore microRendu - $585 SMG Sonic Transporter - $295 iFi iPower 9v PSU - $35 Uptone Regen (latest) - $125 BJ CAT6a - 20ft, $30 6ft (2 available) $15 each Chord Silver+ USB - 1.5m, $70 Chord Prodac VEE3 - 1m coax/RCA, $50 References: Audiogon member/seller/buyer since 1999. Current score 1182, 394 positive feedback, zero neutral, zero negative. https://www.audiogon.com/users/doak/feedbacks ps: prices, IMO, are fair and firm. Please spare me the lowballs. If buying a bunch of stuff: Let's make a deal. Doak ZIP 70047
  3. Delivered to me 3 weeks ago, as new with all accessories, boxes and packaging. Included 2 x 6ft Blue Jean Cable CAT 6a patch cords. Priced separately $1100. Will deliver in cont. US for $950. Money order, personal check (ship when cleared). PayPal add 4% ($988 total) PACKAGE ONLY FOR SALE. Will not separate. Audiogon ID:doak FB:1155 100% since 1999 Links: SONORE microRendu sonicTransporter – Small Green Computer Accessory – iPower Data Cables at Blue Jeans Cable I've decided to keep my optimised Auralic Aries set-up for a while longer (Regen, trick LPSUs, cables, etc) IMO sound is VERY good with either though definitely different "flavors." I'd characterize the set-up for sale as being crystal clear, tight, quiet, and probably the more accurate of the two.