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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have an hifi electrician installing 2 dedicated power lines for my audio system to isolate it from the rest of the house's appliances. I took the opportunity and asked him to also add 3 CAT 6 ethernet cables. So, once this is done, I can turn off wifi on my MacMini and use ethernet instead (both for increased speed and interference reduction). The electrician said that I should leave the end of the cable as a loose jack instead of finishing it with an ethernet wall plug. He said the connections are the weakest point and he doesn't know of any decent ethernet plugs he could use. Instead, to allow for some flexibility in the future (extending the cables if needed) he suggested adding a female plug right at the end of the ethernet jack. He argues that this female plug's connections are of much higher quality. The downside is that I am left with loose ethernet wires in the living room (which I can hide, ok) instead of a neat ethernet socket. Does he have a point? Can this affect the sound somehow? Or should I just tell him to end the cables in CAT 6 ethernet sockets? BTW, I still don't know if I'll actually stream my music through ethernet, since, for some strange reason, everywhere I read, people say the sound quality is inferior to having an external HDD connected to my MacMini). But I'll definitely want to use it to remotely control my player. Thanks in advance, Nuno