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Found 12 results

  1. So, when I Google search to understand better a product that's mentioned, there are listening-room images... Well, impersonally, let's critique others (audiophiles that aren't members of CA) and learn from what we think they've done right, or wrong. To begin, saw this photo from someone in Japan : You can have your say first, perhaps nominate another pic...
  2. Hi All, We are building our first home, and are wanting to have builder pre-wire for in-ceiling speakers. One set pre-wires for 2 speakers, and we are thinking of having total 4 speakers in the house. However, we are not that savvy when it comes to speakers and all the new technology, so looking for help on choosing the right location for those speakers. Right now, planning to have them in Dining room, kitchen/nook area, living room, and covered patio in the back. Wife really loved them when we toured model homes, and likes streaming music while doing chores around the house. Question is: how do we choose the right location within each area? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. So... I recently bought myself a pair of Polk Audio RTi A1s for my birthday. Long story short, I have no idea how to connect them to my computer. Things I have: Schiit Audio Mangi 2 Amp 3.5mm Jack on PC ~100$ So, I think that I need a DAC that supports speaker wire and a 3.5mm input. Am I right? What else do I need? Any suggestions on quality stuff at roughly 100$?
  4. Hi all, Here's my current set-up: Arcam rPac (rPAC - USB DACs - Arcam), which is connected to my PC. Pair of KRK VXT6 (VXT6 Studio Monitors Speaker KRK SYSTEMS) I'm looking for the easiest way to connect the speakers directly to my DAC. As you will see, the only connection output from the rPac is standard RCA. The speakers are active, so there is obivously no need for an amplifier here. My other thing I'm not sure about is how I am going to be able to control the volume. The KRKs have small volume knobs but they're are on the back of the units and not really meant to be changed as these are studio monitors. Would the built-in volume controller on my media player and/or windows volume slider be good enough? The only solution I can think of currently is simply to connect the them by [RCA to XLR] OR [RCA to 1/4inch jack] cables. Many thanks in advance for your suggestions, Jack
  5. Dear all, I'm lurking around for quite some time and been trying to read tons of literature but I still find all of this quite confusing. Therefore, I became a member of this forum to ask for your help. The setup I was thinking of is as follows: In the living room I would like to install a HiFi stereo system. At the moment I really like the Cambridge Audio CX system (CXN and CXA80) to drive a set of Nubert speakers. Aural Aries sounds fine as well. In the dining room and in the kitchen, possibly also in the bathroom or on the terrace I'm looking for a multiform system. In the home office I use a Macbook Pro with JRiver Mediacenter 20. All my music (FLAC, ripped with dbPoweramp) is stored on a Synology NAS. What I don't understand: Is there a chance that I can combine all of this? Specifically: 1. Can I control all of this via one app? 2. Can all parts of the setup access the same data (do I have to copy the music data to different locations for HiFi and multiroom?). 3. How can I connect the hifi system (e.g. Cambridge CNX) with the multiroom system? 4. Would be hifi system and multi-room system be synchronous (living room and dining room are connected)? 5. Are the CXN or Aries capable of this setup? And what multi-room system would you prefer? (Blue sound? Heco?) 6. I like the JRiver software. So do I need an ID box or CAPS to run a JRiver server (since it doesn't run on the Synology NAS)? Sorry - a lot of questions but since I am willing to spend a couple of bucks I just would like to make it right and I'm afraid nearby there is no store that could answer all of this sufficiently Thank you very much in advance. Best, Martin
  6. Outputting Two HQ Headphones

    Hello everyone! I have been trying to piece together a setup to output to two HQ headphones simultaneously on my PC and have been struggling to find the correct solution. Basically i want to be able to be playing a game, enjoying great audio while being able to offer a friend the same audio experience. I do a lot of co-op working as well where we would be listening to music while working, and it would be nice to be enjoying the same song at a HQ level. Not to mention Co-Op Oculus gaming The headsets i have had my sights on are these: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Performance-Surround-Gaming-Headset/dp/B008O515CK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404149189&sr=8-1&keywords=Sennheiser+363d I do not have a great soundcard as of yet so i'm imagining i would need one, unless there is an all in one mixer solution i would need to go with. A couple products people have mentioned to me are: http://www.amazon.com/Audioengine-D1-24-bit-Digital-to-Analog-Converter/dp/B006IPH5H2 Amazon.com: ASTRO Gaming MixAmp Pro Kit: Electronics And then having some sort of inline powered headphone splitter, however i have NO idea if this is a good setup or not, or even how to piece it together. As you can tell by my wording, i am very confused! Any help would be greatly appreciated and i apologize for my sporadic writing in advance!
  7. I'm new too this audiophile stuff , i recently bought audio technica ATH-M50X's Musical fidelity V90-HPA Audio engine D1 Belkin Gold series USB A too B I'm selling the D1 because i prefer the MF do USB leads really matter ? i bought a Belkin gold series, i refuse to spend £££ on a lead I've got the thing setup fine, iTunes is my music player (this is not a studio setup or anything i just listen to music whilst browsing eBay lol) i currently have the following enhancements on in speaker properties Virtual surround Bass Boost question about the bass boost i have it set at Freq 600 Hz Boost level 3dB What should i run the bass at whats the difference in Hz, i mean it sounds amazing as it is does anyone have any pointers on bass boost levels , should i run asio4all drivers or anything just general tips would be helpful
  8. Setting up new Carbon server

    I've just received my CAPS3 Carbon from Small Green Computer. Aside from the fact that I find Win8.1 incredibly frustrating, all is good. How should I optimize Windows for sound quality? I've heard of Fidelizer (Win7 only) and Audiophile Optimizer (Win server only) -- is there a utility for Win8? If not, I've had enough computer experience that I am reasonably comfortable changing system settings, but would need a checklist of what to deactivate. Also, what about antivirus software? Most of the time this computer will not connect to the internet, but sometimes it will. IIUC Windows Defender deals with spyware but not with viruses, so I probably should have an antivirus program. I've used Symantec (Norton) on my other machines with good results, but I imagine that a program like this does a lot of stuff in the background that might not be good for SQ. How do other folks handle this? Thanks!
  9. I need a new stereo setup. I'm a music lecturer and I only listen to classical music. Orchestral, piano, voice, lots of new music, some with electronics etc… My office is small, about 9' x 14'. The thin end has a window all the way along, and I usually sit facing the window at a desk. I will be using my Macbook Pro Retina with a Meridian Explorer as the main source. Sometimes I listen to LPs, but I don't have a fancy LP player and won't be buying one. Most of the music I listen to is from CD, sometimes online (soundcloud, youtube… sad but true, all necessary for work). I mostly sit at my computer, and so I need something that can sit on my desk. (I think this is really a constraint. I have thought about rearranging my room around some speakers, but I'm not sure how practical this would be given how small the room is (the rest of the walls are lined with bookcases). I can imagine speakers standing in the middle of the room might get knocked over etc… But I'm open to ideas) I really have no idea where to start looking. At home I have some Tanoy R3s and Denon amp, 755AR CD player etc.. and I like the sound (or at least I did when I was a teenager and bought it, and now I'm totally used to the sound). At the moment at work I mostly listen to music with Denon AH-D2000s a I can't help but want a bit more clarity from my speakers than I used to. The Explorer sounds a treat. I don't have endless money (hard working lecturer). But I think about 2000-3000 on some speakers and an amp might be ok. What proportion do I spend on an amp? Do I get one with phono? or use the cheap preamp I bought for my LP player (I think so)? What do I gain over spending less? Or more? Is there a good argument either way? As I often have neighbours, I need to a system that sounds ok at low volume and in the office space. Though I don't have neighbours on weekends and holidays (hard working lecturer, right?!) and over the summer when other people work from home. I'd like this to be a one-off purchase, rather than part of a continual upgrade project. I have the money now and I'd like to still think it sounds sweet in 15+ years. If I need to spend a touch more then I'd rather get it right. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  10. Bonjour everybody, after having spent weeks reading through this forum, I dare today write my first post. Please forgive my bad writing as I post to you from Paris France. I'm currently setting up my first real Audiophile equipment: I chose to pair PMC twenty 22's with a Naim Nait XS2 amp, so that's the kit sitting proudly in my living room waiting for a source to join. I've got almost all my music on CD plus a couple of Hi-res albums I downloaded. I ripped all of my CD's (into 16/44 AIFF) to my (2009) MacBookPro for the convenience of iTunes playlists. Thanks to all of you, I understood I had to look for a proper reading software to overrule iTunes, I'm currently trying Audirvana plus out. So, to my questions: I went, a couple of weeks ago, to my local dealer to try some DACs out. I brought my MacBookPro and we plugged it into the different ones. I quickly narrowed the choice to one of the tested DAC's, a PSAudio nuwave DAC. The tests were done plugging in the Mac into the PSAudio by USB and using iTunes as player (I did not have Audirvana plus at the time). And I must say I was quite disappointed at the sound coming out through this setup, what ever the DAC, compared to sound I got through a CD player plugged to the Naim (Audiolab 8200CD and CambridgeAudio 851C). Cd sounded crisp and bright, precise, while through the Mac and DAC the same tracks converted into AIFF (stored on the Mac's hard drive) sounded dull and muffled. Was it because I was using iTunes as a player? Was it because the DACs were not suited to my kit (Naim NaitXS2+PMC 22s)? Was it because I should have stored the files on an external Drive and not the Mac's one to avoid the computer's proper OS to disrupt the signal by accessing to the Hard drive for its own needs? I'm planing to return to my dealer's for some new listening using Audirvana plus but I'm not sure this was the only explanation to my problem. Am I wrong to be expecting the same crispness of sound coming out of my computer+DAC as from a CD player? Thank you in advance for your Help!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been reading a lot of your posts. I'm considering redoing my hifi setup and would love a bit of advice. The general project is this: - I mainly listen to music on Spotify, some mp3's, a few LPs - I'd like to have a very simple setup that the whole family can use - I'd like to be able to control it wirelessly - I'd like to have a hifi setup in the living-room, and have some music in the bathroom What I own: a pair of Jamo Cornet 40 speakers (that I enjoy), an old Technics SU-300 2x30W amp (that I would not regret too much), a Spotify premium account, a macbook air and iPad. I also have a turntable and vinyls but use them rarely. What I'm considering: - Full Sonos setup with Connect:Amp and existing speakers in the living room + Play:3 in the bathroom. It sounds simple, the main drawback I see is lack of versatility for other sources, and also I really like the desktop Spotify app (apps, radio etc) and the Sonos Spotify doesn't seem as good - Airplay solution based around an Airport Express in the Living, and possibly an Airplay speaker in the bathroom. My main concern here is that I'm afraid of dropouts in sound. I've been testing a bit the system and have experienced dropouts, which are a deal beaker to me - More traditionnal solution with ceiling speakers in the bathroom, but it might be too much of a hassle. What are your recommandations for a full setup? What should I use, Sonos or Airplay? Thanks a lot. Vincentim.
  12. So I have powered audio engine A5+ speakers and a powered AS8B subwoofer. Both have stereo RCA inputs. Currently I have my main line out go into the main speakers then out the speakers and into the Subwoofer. I am about to get a M2Tech Young DAC. This DAC like most has only one stereo RCA output. Whats the best way to set this system up? My thought is to put a cable on both the left and right outs of the DAC and send both stereo to the speakers and the sub. I'm fairly new to all of this so is there a better way?