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Found 3 results

  1. This beautiful tube headphone amplifier was just built by one of my friends who is one of Bottlehead's lead engineers. I received this in exchange for some work I did for him. In addition to the expert build, he chose a beautiful color for the powder coat, and made the wooden base look very nice. Additionally, he provided a unique assortment of high-quality old stock American tubes (1 x 6080; 5 x 12AU7). Specs: -Input Impedance: 100K ohms -Output Impedance: 120 ohms -Gain: about 15dB into a 300 ohm load like a Sennheiser HD600 -Max Output: about 10V into a 300 ohm load -Power: AC 100-120V -Weight: 5.5lbs -Dimensions: 11.25 x 7.25 x 3.5 (L x W x H inches) $550. I'll pay for shipping; buyer pays for PP fees.
  2. Need the help of someone who knows about DAC and Amps, please... I have a Sennheiser HD650, and to drive it I got the well known Beyerdynamic A200p and, in my computer, a Motherboard which has the following specifications of audio (see the image below). As you can see, it uses Cirrus Logic CS4398 as a DAC and a Texas Instruments LM4562 as an amp... Question is: which one should give me a better sound with the HD650, the A200P or the Motherboard? (yes, Im too noob to hear the difference for myself). Thank you.
  3. Hey all! So I decided today that my work rig must go. It basically just sits on my desk - a desk that I am rarely at and when I am, I can't get more than 10 minutes of uninterrupted time so what the heck, my daughter needs a swingset next spring so I'm clearing out some toys to get her a proper place to play Pics provided upon request, I have perfect eBay and Audiogon feedback (toddmrhodes, trvtec@gmail.com on Agon) but am more than willing to answer any questions and, as I said, provide any pics. Everything listed is in perfect working order, only one item has a blemish worth noting. Anyway, here goes, all prices listed are shipping included but PayPal add 3%: Schiit Gungnir Rev2 USB, NOT upgraded to Gumby. A great foundation and I'd keep it in my home room if I didn't get a very nice DAC a month ago - $575. I will note this is about a 6/10 due to a ding/bent corner on the back left if you're looking at it from the front. Functionally it's perfect but the case is not perfect so it's priced and noted accordingly. Ships in original packaging and I'll even throw in a 1M Pangea USB cable. Nothing earth-shattering, obviously. Schiit Loki DSD DAC - $80 Garage1217 Project Ember II with 6SN7 tube adapter, a 6SN7 Sylvania tube, and three other spare tubes. Bought new about three months ago, great sounding amp and drove the following Senn HD650's with ease - $300 Sennheiser HD650s - purchased used four months ago, sound wonderful, and in very good condition. Stock cable. - $250 And last, and certainly least - a Bravo Audio V2 headphone tube amp - $40. Worked great on my SR80i's, not s'much on my 650's. PMs are welcome, shipping will be limited to the US, basically anywhere UPS will ship domestically. PayPal preferred. I'm not posting this anywhere else except a very small, private forum elsewhere, I'll leave this stuff off eBay, Agon, and even Head-Fi to give my CA'ers first crack. Thanks! Todd