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Found 25 results

  1. Oppo has announced a few more details on their upcoming UDP-205 disc player.... Lossless High-resolution Audio Audio format support has been expanded to multi-channel DSD64/128, as well as 192kHz/24-bit PCM used in high-resolution lossless formats such AIFF, ALAC, APE, FLAC and WAV. (DSD64 is played back in native mode or converted to PCM, DSD128 converted to PCM.) http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-205/
  2. Just got this, terrific sound quality and "feeling"! I am very impressed with the mono re-mix. Also fired up the PS3 for the first time in a while, glad it still works. Hopefully, as with Sgt. Peppers, there will be many more good re-master releases over the next few years as we reach the 50th anniversaries of what I consider to be overall the best albums in "popular" music. Full disclosure, I was 15 when the Airplane came up with this. Happy listening!
  3. Fake SACDs??

    When I buy SACDs, how can I be sure they aren't just Redbook CDs that have been upsampled?
  4. Playback Designs has announced their new Dream Series products which include the MPD-8 DAC with Quad DSD playback ($22,000) and the MPT-8 Digital Music Transport ($14,000 - $22,000) which brings CD and SACD disc playback along with an optional music server to the Dream Series products. The new Dream Series products will be shown in prototype form at the upcoming AXPONA and High End Munich audio shows in April and May 2017. http://positive-feedback.com/industry-news/playback-designs-dream-series-quad-dsd-dac-transport/
  5. Music Direct are taking orders for Heart like a Wheel in SACD or if you like Vinyl. This album has touched my heart many times. Given Linda's health at the moment, it's the least we can do is to place an order for this this fine work.
  6. I currently own a Pioneer PD-10 which handles SACDs as well as CDs. It also plays back DVD-Rs on which have been recorded hi-res audio files sourced from shop-bought SACDS (my backups). I have many other 96/24 recordings of my own tho' which I'd like to put onto disk but lack the knowledge of how to do this without downgrading them? Is a DVD-R the answer and how to burn the files so that they playback on my Pioneer with no downgrade in quality? Thanks, peeps.
  7. Hi there Is it just me or are there really zero places to download the newly Pink Floyd SACD releases - Wish You Were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon ? I would so much like them in DSD files..but can find nowhere to download. Only to purchase as SACD , but I can not rip them myself to DSD. Hope anyone know a place. Buch
  8. whatever—sɔsıp

    Are you still spinning discs too, whether vinyl itself or various 12cm varieties ? A Thread then to share discs—ɹǝʌǝʇɐɥʍ, whenever released, we'd like to Comment upon Well, I recently bought all 10 SACD Soundtracks of Wong Kar Wai's films : He's celebrating 25 years... Generally, the most accessible, English-wise, are tracks in My Strawberry Nights : Incidentally, Anniversary set also available individually in vinyl
  9. Luxman D-08u SACD Player and DAC "The D-08u looks so good and sounds so good playing discs or files via its USB input that at its price I can’t think of a better or more versatile way to crunch bits into music." "Where the Luxman player succeeds (and where so many other one-box players fall short) is in making the SACD layer sound like a better, fuller, more realistic version of the music captured on the CD layer." -Dennis Davis (The Audio Beat, October 2015) If you're looking for a player that is capable of getting the most out of your SACD collection, as well as, your hi-res downloads, then look no further than Luxman's flagship D-08u SACD/DAC player. The D-08u produces an expression and detail unimaginable for CD players using any less than Luxman's high quality components, attention to detail and of course passion for high-fidelity audio. Equipped with both USB and CD and ready for multiple file formats and platforms the D-08u is a CD player in a league of its own. With the D-08u you no longer have to agonize over choosing an SACD player or a stand-alone DAC. For more information or to purchase, please visit us here. This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  10. Hi, I have been looking for a multichannel DAC 5.1 that plays DSD64 multichannel SACD ISO images but seems that not many solutions out there. I use foobar SACD plug in (PCM) in 2.0 The EmmLabs DAC8 MKIV 8 Channel D/A and D/D converter seems interesting Manufacturer Link: EMM Labs - DAC8 MkIV Multichannel Digital to Analog Converter Price is around $8500 EMM Labs and Sonoma Pricing An out of production model DAC6e look interesting too: EMM Labs - DAC6e SE 6 Channel Digital to Analog Converter I suppose that a PCI card is required to input in the DAC. I would use Lynx Studio Technology AES16e in to the DAC PCM input. Any feedback welcome on this DAC or other. Thanks, Yogui. BTW, I am no expert in Multichannel nor DSD so take easy if I got any concept wrong. :-)
  11. sacd_extract crashing

    Hi there Just trying to do some ISO-DSF conversion. I've used ISO2DSD a little and have not heard clicks, but now I'm neurotic about it and trying to find the most perfect solution so I don't have to do it twice. I've got as far as the new non-clicking version of sacd_extract. It runs, and looks like it's working, but then Windows (8.1) immediately says "sacd_extract has stopped working". The programme in command line doesn't get further than trying to do the first track, and Windows offers to close it down. Any idea what could be causing this? (It's a classical album probably with long metadata fields.)
  12. Hi folks! My system has been purely computer-based digital from the start - initially with iTunes tracks and more recently with hi-resolution files from HDTracks and the like. I don't think I've purchased any physical media in almost 10 years... However, I really like DSD, and given the dearth of sites selling DSD downloads (especially outside of the US, e.g. Acoustic Sounds' Super HiRez doesn't sell to customers outside the US and Canada), I've been toying with the idea of just buying SACDs and ripping them to DSD files. What's the best way and best equipment to use to do this? I already have a decent DAC (PS Audio Directstream), so if it's a transport recommendation I probably don't need a super-highend one with a built-in DAC... But I'm open to all ideas! Many thanks in advance for any advice. Art p.s. My setup is Mac Mini based (with an Uptone Audio LPS and MMK to be installed when I get some time!), with my current music files accessed via wired LAN from another Mac Mini with an external RAID.
  13. Hi - I am new to this forum but have recently upgraded a lot of my equipment from speakers to receiver, blu ray player, 2 channel pre and power amp as well as my most recent additions the DAC2 DX from benchmark and the cocktail audio x40. My challenge is that I have music all over the place from my macbook stored locally to a NAS server by QNAP (and WDmycloud) to streaming services and SACD/CD etc. my goal has been lately to have a separate 2 channel system from my marantz sr7009 which was previously my all in one component for music/movies and more. my issue as of late is that I do not like having to plug in my macbook via hard link (usb/optical etc.) to the benchmark or other input (analog on jc-2 preamp) because I find it limiting. I dont think I have any digital outputs on my sr7009 and my BR player while quite capable of these tasks is not the easiest device to sort through NAS media files,etc. The cocktail audio player is a smorgasbord of technology and functionality but I have yet to tame this beast and there is not a lot of information out there right now to help. so my question would be this - (my equipment is listed below for reference) what would be the ideal way to hook up all the components in a way where I do not have to constantly plug/replug and switch wires and speaker cables around but can still watch movies in surround sound (from the sr7009) and use my separate two channel system (jc-2/dac2 dx/A-21 power amp) and ideally have music either played back via a media player (could be macbook pro or could be something else) streamed or playback by disc. I want the best in sound quality and to separate the two types of playback as much as possible as I have experienced an unbelievable clear, clean and eye opening sound from the new 2 channel separates moving from my all in one receiver and i do not want to sacrifice that in anyway. I also want to know what media playback method would work best, using a dedicated media player device like the cocktail audio player or something like an auralec/etc? or USB via my macbook is the best method? would be awesome to have my two subwoofers in the mix too but no one on other forums or anything I can find online seem to support stereo subwoofer setups. this would be ideal to me as i am not a huge fan of audyssey or other EQ when it comes to my tunes. happy to answer more questions as I have way too much equipment and very little know how:) speakers - B&W CM10 mains, CMC2 center, CM5 surrounds Subwoofers - dual SVS SB2000s receiver/BR = marantz sr7009 and ud7007 respectively 2 channel rig - Parasound JC-2 preamp, parasound A21 power amp (both two channel only) Digital - Benchmark dac2dx and macbook pro Cocktail Audio X-40 (DAC/media player/disc ripper/streamer and more) NAS - qnap ts431 and wdmcloud thanks in advance for anyone with enough patience and time to help out.
  14. Silver APL Denon 3910. Upgraded with 32bit AKM DACs, 211/32 up-sampler, H-Attenuator and ECC99 tube output stage with APL's upgraded output transformers. Has RCA and XLR outputs, as well as S/PDIF digital input accepting up to 24/192 (internally up-sampled to 211/32). I've been using it primarily as a DAC, it plays CD/DVD-A and SACD as well. You will not find a better digital player for anywhere near this price. Includes remote control, paperwork and heavy duty foam-filled SBK shipping case ($240 value) $1,900 + shipping. Paypal adds 3% 32bit/ECC99 upgrade 32-bit AKM DACs Digital Input board Volume control 24/192 DAC input Plays CD/DVD-A and SACD
  15. Somewhat of a noob issue as I am simply trying to playback SACD's on my bluray player. I was surprised that I could only get digital audio out from a new SACD purchase via HDMI. On further research discovered this has something to do with DRM which is only supported with HDMI. But, my DAC does not have any HDMI inputs! So what do people do? I did notice I have a toslink (optical digital) out on the back of my plasma. So would one possible solution be to go HDMI out to plasma> toslink out to DAC ?? Would my DAC still be getting the full SACD signal?
  16. I search for advice in order to choose between those two ESS9018 based DACs (or indeed smth in same price range). Issue is that the final choice has to feed ML electrostatic speakers (via Primaluna Prologue One) and I like large sound-stage with good transparency (vocal + classical). Source will be mostly High resolution files (LINN etc) and later DSD/DSF files, currently system is mainly fed by Marantz KI SACD. Planning to use JRiver MC on Passive Ivy Minis SSD and link it to DAC via Belknin Gold Series Hi-Speed USB, and maybe add even iPurifier between (not sure if it is needed)....any weak points here? Thank you in advance
  17. Now I finally found a solution to extract SACD ISO files on the fly. No need for Terminal, or the SACD-Xtract software... I just use AudirvanaPlus … This cool software has ALL I NEED!!!!!! There is an option: "Add Files To iTunes" in AudirvanaPlus. Be sure first to uncheck the two boxes in the iTunes Prefs->Advanced: "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library". I then drag my ISO file to the new opened window, set the "Quality of the proxy files to "Uncompressed" and whushhhh…. AudirvanaPlus extracts, and converts all the files I need. And adds them to iTunes too When finished, remember to tick the two boxes in iTunes again. Hours, or even weeks of conversion are just done within minutes now. Best Regards KK
  18. foobar2000 - DSDIFF vs SACD Plugin

    Hi Guys, My first post here. I'd like to start by saying hi to everyone! Now the question: I have a PS3 ripped ISO. When I open it with foobar2000, it plays using the famous SACD plugin at a sample rate of 176.4kHz (on converting to PCM). When I extract the tracks to the DFF format, it plays in foobar2000 using the DSDIFF plugin at a sample rate of 192kHz (on converting to PCM). My major observation was that the DFF format sounded better and louder. Is it in reality, better quality than the SACD plugin's 176.4kHz? If anyone has tried this and can help me understand, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  19. Hi all, I own some DSD files encapsulated into FLAC container. I do not know who is the author of those files but they play well on my previous Lumin Music player. Today I've tested those files in Jriver 18 but It don't play them. Jriver perfectly read tags of those flacs but if I listen to the sound I can hear only noise. I've some other .dff files that jriver play well. So my questions are: 1) there is some way to play those flacs in Jriver? 2) there is some tool to extract .dff files from those flacs ? thank you all.
  20. This past week I built a Carbon. Thus far I have had no problems playing any files except SACD. Is this a design flaw with the Carbon or simply something I need to change or alter in my Win 8 or MC 18 config? Does anyone have a suggestion that may help my situation? Resource Monitoring on my Carbon NT2800MT running Win 8 32 bit for a variety of files trends as follows: 44.1 kHz at 16 bit => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 15% and 65% respectively 192 kHz at 24 bit => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 17% and 70% respectively 352khz (SACD)* => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 60%-70% & 98% respectively *Note: My Weiss DAC is limited to 192 Khz input. Given that Media Center application must via programming reduce the resolution of the bitstream of the file prior to feeding my DAC. Also note that the 60-70% CPU utilization for the SACD playback is mostly a result of MC18 (40-45%) and System Interrupts (15-20%)
  21. I very much love the Vivaldi interpretation of Dixit Dominus by Negri in the (originally?) Philips recording "Sacred Choral Music Vol. 5: Dixit Dominus RV595, Sacrum RV 586, In exitu Israel RV 604, Introduzione al Dixit RV 635" CD released in 1990. I am really crazy about it. Its like a 300 years old, early fusion of John Coltrane and The Doors ;-). But the sound quality is just awful, spoiling the joy of listening to a loud replay. Any idea which forum I could use to gather some music lovers to join me and approach Philips for a remastering...? Money does not matter... (stupid to say this, but I would be willing to spend more than for another silly 10-20 CDs). Sounds crazy, might be rediculous, but never give up... Any co-maniacs? Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  22. clicks at start of audio converted from DSD

    Hello, I'm working on a DSD to PCM conversion tool and I've just been looking into the click that you often get at the start and end of the converted tracks. I've written up a short entry on the topic here: https://code.google.com/p/dsf2flac/wiki/ClicksAtStartAndEnd which some may find interesting. All the best, Jack.
  23. SACD-ISO Stereo Only

    Hi Guys, How to split multi-channel and stereo DSD tracks in an iso image? With almost 500 SACD saved in my hard drive, if I can save only stereo ones, I will save a lot of space, and my DAC plays only stereo, so I don't want have saved multi-channel tracks! Thanks, MemoryPlayer
  24. My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but I couldn't find a duplicate thread. What is your favorite SACD? Your choice could be for reasons of sound quality, great music, or both. My answer probably depends on the day of the week you ask me, but for today I would say, Ray Brown - Live at the Loa. And yours? Joel
  25. SACD.iso files in Saracon.

    Hi guys, I've been using A+ to convert my SACD.iso backups to .flac files. Unfortunately, my network player can't play 88.2kHz files, so A+(which is a great program for everything else) can't get me what I want. I have since discovered Saracon, which looks like it might be able to provide me with 24/96 files. However, I don't know how to mount/load/open my SACD.iso files. When I attempt a DSD to PCM conversion it asks for a .dff file. How can I produce a .dff file from my SACD.iso files? Or do I have to use a different program to convert my SACD.iso files to a PCM format?