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Found 6 results

  1. I use a Rotel RC-1590 preamplifier with an embedded DAC. The DAC uses an AKM Premium 32 bits 768 kHz DAC, probably an AK4495. I play music from Audirvana+ 3.0.7 from a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. When I play PCM music, everything seems to work fine, but when I play DSD audio, a click sound can be heard at the beginning and at the end of the playing. The same happens when I play music from the MacBook with Roon as an output. In both cases I use DoP 1.0. I also have attached a Roon Core over Linux using DoP 1.0 and the same happens there. I don't know if it is quite common this click sounds when playing DSD audio or, on the other hand, it is something related with DoP, Rotel or AK4495 chip. I have not tested the system from a Windows box with native DSD.
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to get your opinion on my system and how to upgrade. I currently have the following setup: Source: Macbook Pro Retina, 2012 Software: Audirvana Plus and Spotify USB-output: 1x Audioquest Jitterbug USB cable: *standard* Bluetooth: Arcam Miniblink receiver Integrated Amplifier: Rotel-RA 1570 > site: RA-1570 | Rotel Speaker cable: *standard* Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins CM1 S2 > site: Experience the B&W CM1 S2 - Bowers & Wilkins | B&W Speakers I have 2 questions: • 1: I would like to upgrade to an external DAC, and I am currently looking at Chord and Schiit. However, listening to videos online, I prefer the sound of Chord more. I am specifically looking at Chord Mojo or Hugo for main setup, and to have mobility on-the-go. Does a Chord Mojo will sound better than the DAC within my current integrated amplifier? It's a: Wolfson WM8740 • 2: Any suggestions for an upgrade in speaker cables? I have been looking at Chord and Van Den Hul so far, because I heard and read they might go well with b&w and rotel. Specifically: Chord Odyssey 2, Chord Epic Twin, Van den Hul CS122. Thanks! p.s. I might add a Curious USB Cable Mojo interlink as well.
  3. Hello. I am new to the forum. I just picked up the Rotel and I am quite impressed. I was wandering if anyone else is using this DAC. It substantially betters the Schiit Bifrost I had prior. I am also looking for tweaks and USB cables. I currently have an Audioquest Carbon but the difference is negligible vs my Media bridge cable. Upgrades I am considering are the Totaldac USB cable/filter or IFI USB power. I am currently running channel d pure music from a 2009 Mac book pro. thanks in advance!
  4. I am just in the process of purchasing my new 2 channel stereo. The room dimensions will be 12ft wide x 24 ft with an angled vaulted ceiling. I listen to rock and roll, pop, folk and some classical. When alone I do enjoy some loud music time for sure. I have all my CD's ripped in WAVE or Apple Lossless. I will get into some high rez stuff in the future. I wil be using a PC laptop or Mac Mini. I like JRiver but I may go with ITunes and Pure Music? I will be using Golden Ear Triton 2's or 3's (haven't decided yet) My amp/pream/dac options are as follows: 1. Rotel 1552mk11 (120 x 2 Class A/B) with Rotel RDD-1580 Dac and Rotel RC-1550 (Preamp)-This will cost around (2200-2400) I have a local store, I can demo product, I've had Rotel in the past 2. NAD C-390DD (tota different than Rotel, all digital, all in one solution (DAC, amp,PRE) (150 x 2) I can get a great discount. Normally 2600 and I can get it for 2150. I hear about USB to USB not being that great with the NAD and that the SPDIF s much better. Not sure. I don't want to feel compelled to spend hundreds more on a USB to SPDIF converter but if that will really make a difference. Any thoughts, insights would be greatly appreciated. I recognize these two stereo setups are quite different but similar price. Thanks in advance, Mark
  5. Hi everyone. Getting back into 2-channel audio after a long break. Original setup: Windows XP, a Juli@ sound card to a Musiland MD10 DAC via coax (I think) to a set of Rotel separates to a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 V.4s. Much of the system was also used for surround sound/movie watching. Current setup: Windows 7 64 server sending mostly lossless CD rips to an Airport Express (wired) to the Musiland MD10 via optical then directly to a Rotel RMB-1066 and finally to a pair of Paradigm Studio 10 V.5s. Analog cables are a pair of DIY cables I built years ago. Decent quality. I use iTunes and control it with the Remote app. It sounds great, but I was hoping for a bit more. My memory is telling me the previous setup sounded better. Obviously the 60 series Paradigms had more low end, however I was expecting the highs to be at least as good. I should probably just do an A/B comparison. Here are my actual questions: Is the Musiland DAC a weak link? There seems to be newer/higher quality DACs out there for a few bucks more. Also wondering if not using a preamp is a problem. The Musiland has volume control. Last question is regarding placement of equipment. Everything is fairly close together. I once read someone heard a noticeable improvement by moving their Airport much further away from the other gear. I'd really appreciate your much more experienced opinions.
  6. I've spent countless hours trying to configure my 2011 Mac Mini Server to my Rotel HSP-1572 receiver. When the server is connected directly to my HDTV via HDMI, audio works perfect. Whenever it's connected to the receiver there's absolutely no audio. After making sure all the output settings were correct in system preferences and audio midi setup, I read in another forum that a user had to connect an optical cable in addition to HDMI to get it to work. I've tried this as well without any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work either through HDMI or HDMI and optical? The last thing I read was someone buying a Gefen HDMI Detective Plus and connecting this between the server and receiver. Would like input before spending more money. Thanks MacMini i7 server hdmi sound issue [Archive] - MacRumors Forums