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Found 5 results

  1. We are trying to configure Tidal on a MicroRendu using the Linn Kazoo application. We followed the documentation found on this forum to configure Tidal on the on the MicroRendu using the BubbleUPnp server. We can now see Tidal in the Linn Kazoo app (using an IPad), but when we try to add a track Kazoo reports that it cannot add the track to the DS. How can we resolve this issue? Below is the link we used to configure Tidal: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/27851-sonicorbiter-tidalqobuz-setup-with-openhome/
  2. I've run into a new problem and didn't know if anyone had any similar experiences/solutions. Thanks in advance. I am currently using a microRendu in an area of my house that does not have (and cannot easily get) wired ethernet. I tried using it plugged into an eero base, but had some drop outs. I have been using TP-LINK AV2000 Powerline Adapter with good results. I changed up my system and with my new Wells Audio Milo I am picking up noise from the power line adapter. If I move the adapter to a different outlet than my amp is plugged in, it improves. I still have audible interference (sounds like data transmission to me) but it is better than when both are plugged into the same outlet. I have had some improvement adding a better/shielded power cable (Cardas Clear M). It's better but it is still there. If I turn off the DAC (Schiit Gugnir Multibit), the sound is still there in the background--so I think it is from the amp itself. Any suggestions? I'm looking into hardwiring the ethernet, but this will be expensive and require drywall work. I've considered the Auralic Aries, but like my microRendu. Thanks for any suggestions. Mark
  3. Hi! I have a Rendu with new PSU coming (Longdog Audio/MCRU). Have a Brooklyn with external PSU. I know there is a new REGEN in the works. I have read lots of threads about other conditioners like W4S, IFI, LanRover and also Singer. Review thread here - https://audiobacon.net/2016/12/01/ifi-nano-iusb3-0-review-vs-uptone-regen-wyred-4-sound-recovery-and-audioquest-jitterbug/ I am wondering whether you have solid experiences of boosting the performance of the Rendu into a Mytek Brooklyn with USB conditioning OR USB to AES/SPDIF conversion. Such as the Singer or even Audiophilla box? The LanRover BTW seems to be a sticker job on the original device from ICRON.. See (for the UK) here - https://www.icronshop.com/icron-brand/icron-ranger-2301ge-lan I have been thinking of going USB to AES because the Brooklyn sounds identical to me with USB Rendu vs SPDIF Sonos connect. Cheer Simon
  4. Presently, I have a Squeezebox Classic connected by ethernet to my router and my Synology Server also connected to the router by ethernet. The Squeezebox Classic is connected by spdif to a Benchmark DAC1 (no USB), which in turn connects to Atma-Sphere pre and m60s. It is enjoyable, but does not have the presence of my cd. I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, and I have considered a Rendu, and possibly upgrading to a Benchmark DAC2. Other than the cost savings, will the Orbiter be a step up or down from the Rendu. Alternately, could I simply buy a high quality USB Dac and connect it by USB to the Synology NAS (the NAS is close to my music electronics. Thank you for your thoughts. Alan ajyanowitz@yahoo.com
  5. This database is an attempt to keep track of the various DSD capable devices and software: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgVhKcl_3lHfdFVyenBBNjNpQ2lieG81WGpqQTNfVUE Please help to keep the database up-to-date and accurate providing us additional information as needed. **Special thanks to Ted B. Jesus R PS I also have an i2s Database here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgVhKcl_3lHfdFhNT0xWQnNVWTI1QjhTdXVGVThiYnc