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Found 5 results

  1. I posed this question to a salesperson at an Apple Store and to a salesperson at an independent Apple dealer. Neither had any idea what I was talking about. So, I thought I would check with the real experts. I just bought my first Mac, a Mini. I have had an iPhone and an iPad for a while so I sort of understand the Apple operating system. My goal, based on what I have read here as possible, is to run my Mini "headless", that is without a monitor, keyboard or mouse, for running Spotify, Roon, JRiver, maybe even iTunes. I want to do all of the controlling on my iPad but have the Mini do the work of processing the stream and sending it to the analog components. I understand that I need to have the usual keyboard and mouse available for system maintenance, etc. The Mac Mini will plug into my Marantz AV8801 via HDMI. D/A will occur on the AV8801. So, on my Mini, under System, there is a place with a bunch of options, called Sharing. Looking at the options, it seems I am in the right place to configure my system. But being very new to Macs, I don't really understand all of the options. May I ask the help of the Mac computer audiophiles that frequent this forum? Thanks in advance. Tim
  2. Apologies if this has been answered previously, but my search didn't turn up anything definitive. My question: Are there any up-to-date, Yosemite-compatible Mac apps that allow for remote control of iTunes on a headless mini using another Mac (like a MacBook Air) rather than an iPad or iPhone? I know there used to be some apps, but none of them seem to have been updated recently. I also know I could use screen sharing, but that seems like overkill, and I am also concerned that the resources demanded by Screen Sharing could possibly cause the mini's fan to spin faster, creating a noise issue in my listening room. I would be grateful for any tips or advice. Thanks!
  3. I have an Ayre KX-5 Preamp and now also an Auralic Aries. I experience some interference problem between the Ayre remote and the Aries remote: the on/off button (red, top left) on the Aries remote apparently sends also a "stand by/operate" command to the Ayre preamp. Is there anyone else, who has also an Ayre preamp and the Aries and who has or has not the same issue?
  4. I have a v3 Carbon with Win8.1 Pro that I run headless, controlled from my iPad. I have been using VNC. Generally it works very well, but the pointer displays as a tiny dot that is sometimes impossible (and always annoying) see. I contacted VNC who told me that the dot is displayed when the host computer cannot generate a cursor. They gave me a couple of settings to try to fix this but nothing worked. Then it dawned on me: since there is no mouse or trackpad plugged into the Carbon, Windows probably thinks it can't/shouldn't generate a cursor. I unplugged the mouse from my laptop, into the Carbon and voilà--pointer! 1) Any Windows gurus here know how to force or trick Windows into showing a pointer in this situation? 2) Do the alternatives to VNC (TeamViewer, for instance) have this problem? What alternatives to VNC can folks recommend? I suppose I could buy the cheapest mouse at the office supply store and just leave it plugged in, but the idea does not appeal to me. I would use Windows' own Remote Desktop, which ought to work, except that the iPad app for that requires iOS6, which my first-gen iPad can't take. Thanks!
  5. Hey all. I feel like there's a lot of what they call tacit knowledge knocking around in these forums, and I'd like to tap into it. I'm building a Music Server that will feed via a USB magic box thing (probably the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha) directly into speakers that have a digital input. Here are the priorities: Sound Quality - Very Important (I am expecting bit-perfect redbook and HD at the speaker input) Convenience - Very Important (including remote control via iPad) Cost - Not So Important Appearance - Important (ie we don't want a bunch of boxes, and we don't want a monitor) My take on things from reading around is that a Mac Mini (configured as per Amarra's instructions) running Amarra and iTunes and not much else is the way to go. My concerns are: - gapless playback - 24/96 and 24/192 playback - remote control I'm looking for convenient, non-enthusiast usability for a widely varied iTunes library, including remote control. What are the things I haven't thought about? What will be the most difficult part of getting things working? I have some history doing computer config, etc., so I'm not overly worried about that part but I'm happy to hear about shortcuts and best practices. Here is the Mac Mini I will spec: * 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 * 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB * 256GB Solid State Drive * Apple USB SuperDrive * Apple Remote Music library will be stored on a small, external USB 3.0 1 TB drive. Thanks in advance for any help or references to existing sources. Regards, Chris Toronto