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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, I hope this topic is in the good section... I would like to control an external volume attenuator via my MPD clients volume control function. This analog attenuator is placed after the DAC and is controlled by 4-bit input lines (for 16 positions). I need : - to manage volume value in MPD (to hold the current value and to change it with MPD client command) - to keep digital flow sent to USB DAC at max level (0dB) - to outside the volume value from MPD to 4 discrete output lines of RaspPI3 How can I do that ? Jacques
  2. Hi everybodyI discovered that a DSD DAC for raspberry does exist: http://www.terratechnos.com/products/te ... index.htmlIt's not cheap, in fact 25000 yen + 3000 yen shipping from Japan, makes a total of about 220$ https://terra-online.stores.jp/ However, it seems an interesting object, with separate power for raspberry and dac Automatic upsample Works with Rune, Volumio, PiCore Player, Moode.. Instead, I'm not sure how to interpret this spec re master clock:Built-in small crystal oscillator excellent in phase noise characteristics as master clock (45.1584 MHz for 44.1 KHz, 49.152 MHz for 48 KHz) Automatic switching of master clock
  3. hello folks, if you use any of the P1FI DAC boards with switchmode supply, 5 x 10 mm black unit, read this link, and cry.. well it ends good, it ends with a solution.. P1FI DAC, I2S, random audio clicks ?(SOLVED READ) : Raspberry Pi • RuneAudio Forum
  4. After some technical issues with another player, Another user said have a look at RaspBerry Pi, I got one, installed RuneAudio, and external soundcard, not only does it work without writing one single line of code , but it out perform the Pioneer in all possible ways :-) at only 1/10 the price and still is it 10 times as good and cool and stable. It supports Any audio format and resolution I got access to, even also all my HIDEF files. No buggy apps to install, just visit a homepage, all pads and phones and pc's can visit the same webpage even at the same time all can control, and even more cool, there is also volume !! and what have you !! when one user adjust on his pad, all others react live to the knob beeing turned, jaw dropping cool. There is also internet radio, sportyfy, airplay, network and all the usb drives you can imagine to connect, it even find pictures of the CD and display for me, better sound too and not one single crash. PS: there exist several audio media player images / systems for the raspberry series of hardware platforms, you can even use many other hardware cards if you want. Check out : Moode Audio, Volumio, RuneAudio So far I only tried RuneAudio, I hear they are a little bit different in look and feel, but they all just transport the digital file directly to the spund card of your choise without any kind of calculations or modifications. I never owned or used a raspberry before, I also never used or played with linux computers, but I was able to get this up and running in a few days, the internet told and showed me all I could possible need to know.
  5. Hi Guys: I would like to know if someone are using a dedicated raspberry as nas in your hifi system. I heard so much people using raspberry as transporte.. so someone have the same idea as me? issac
  6. Would be interested in learning if others have had similar impressions or not. I've been playing in the computer audio game for a few years, owned 3 Dacs going back to a Valab as the first, and have been using a CAPS Lagoon, with my humble Rega BrioR and RS5 speakers. Out of curiosity I bought a Raspberry Pi2 and have it running USB out to Dac using Volumio software, Flac files are all on a NAS. The sound quality to my ears sounds incredibly good. I've run it both as the standalone PC, and also as UPnP renderer with files being fed from a laptop running JRiver. Sounds identical either way to me, both extremely good. Anyone else have similar findings with a Pi 2, or could my ears just be playing tricks on me?