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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, I'm a bit of a newbie, but I love to experiment. I thought I would try to make a small guitar amplifier using some of the circuit designs. I'm thinking of using this 30 Watt design (actually, the single 12VDC version mentioned in the comments below), but feed it with a pre-amplifier which circuit is based on a uA741 op-amp ( the datasheet of uA741). This pre-amp is able to adjust input gain and have some tone control. Then I would like to add a “master” volume on the backend, but I haven’t found any circuit designs for this. Only digital volume circuits, but I’d like to use a pot. Question #1: Can I simply connect the OUTPUT of the pre-amp to the INPUT of this amp circuit? If not, what adjustments would I need to make? Question #2: How can I add a master volume to this amplifer circuit? In the comments below, you mention adding a volume pot to the INPUT of this circuit. That’s sort of what I’d be doing with the pre-amp. Would it be logical to place a volume pot somewhere in the OUTPUT? Thanks in advance. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site.
  2. Help? Streaming Lossless Audio

    Hey guys, I'm new here and to the audiophile scene so I have some questions. There's just so much information out there and I'm just having a hard time navigating it all to find the answer I'm looking for. I recently purchased some M-Audio BX8 Studio Monitors and along with it a Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface, which hooks up to the monitors and converts my digital music to analog (right?) I play all of my music from my laptop but that requires a usb connection from my audio interface to my computer. My question is: is it possible to buy some sort of wireless device to plug into my audio interface so that I can stream lossless music wirelessly from my computer to the device through my audio interface to my speakers? For example, I've been Googling and stumbled onto these: Aperion Audio's Wireless, Lossless Music System - "HAL" One, for these I would need a female usb connector to connect it to my audio interface, which it apparently doesn't have and two, it seems excessive to have something plugged into your computer AND audio interface to stream lossless music. Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it! Andres
  3. Hey everyone, i'd appreciate some help or tips for using JRiver. I am trying it out to see if I like the interface as well as the iphone/ipad remote control apps for JRiver better than Itunes. First question is there anything I have to do within the settings to get bit-perfect audio out from the program? I just imported my music, some apple lossless, some FLAC and hit play and the "bit perfect" light is on...so I assume i'm good on that front, the only thing i set was, the disable volume setting. (I'm running a toslink out from from Imac) Second question is what are your preferred setting/layout for the interface? How do you use it and how is your library set up? Some screen shot would be helpful. Im just interested in getting the most out of this program to see if I like it more than itunes + Amarra. Thanks!