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Found 8 results

  1. I've been a Qobuz subscriber for a few years, and generally prefer it to Tidal on both selection and SQ grounds. I've been listening to it via LMS, but have recently moved to Roon. I still use my transporter as a roon end point, but would like to move to another solution that would allow me to switch to qobuz when necessary. Bluesound devices will allow this, but i want higher SQ than provided by the Node on its own. i could add a dac, but i'd prefer a single box solution. i could also keep the transporter as is, and just use the Node for Qobuz, but that feels less elegant. is there another option?
  2. As discussed in the thread, Qobuz will be soon offering full high-res streaming, with access to all titles at master resolution (probably still without our usual friends of ECM, Hyperion, etc. who don't support streaming in general) in a subscription program called Sublime+. Annual cost will be €349, or about €29 per month, compared to my current Sublime subscription cost of €219. It's really only €130 more, for unlimited highres streaming access to 60K+ albums. (Highres streaming already works right now, and quite well, but only for albums you purchased at that resolution). I'm seriously tempted on one hand, as I'm already spending more than that per year with them anyhow. On the other hand, I like to own those albums I really care about (I'm still unconvinced that the streaming model will have a long term future financially), so this would buy at least one album monthly at the typically discounted Sublime subscription prices for high-res titles (these significant 30-40% discounts on highres downloads also apply to Sublime+). I know many of you are not in Qobuz territory (which by the way will expand a bit in Europe, but I don't see them entering the US that soon), but I'd be interested in what you think about this model.
  3. For financing another project selling this incredible Network Player. You can find only great review about this gear, play like Lumin A1 but more cheaper (case). Both A1 and T1 share the same Hardware and PSU unit. The voltage is set to 220/230V. Original boxes and accessories. Can ship everywhere. My request id 2950€ + SS Please contact me in case you need more information.
  4. Just downloaded Tchaikovsky Symphonies at 24/96 with Yevgeny Mravinsky conducting the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra via Qobuz. I had an 320 MP3 of an older CD and expected better sound from the new files. After 2 seconds it was clear that this remastering suffered from increased compression. The quiet parts have been lifted substantially destroying the tension Mravinsky builds. The whole thing sounds blown up and out of proportion. The MP3 has a DR-value of 11, the 24/96 file DR9. Stay away from the 24/96 version and make sure you find the old CD-transfer. Much better music.
  5. Qobuz and VPN

    Am interested in signing up for Qobuz via VPN (I live in Calif) so that I can subscribe to their streaming service and stream via A+. I've tried two things without success. First, a thread at this site suggested that simply contacting Qobuz customer service and asking them to unblock my account might be the ticket. It apparently worked for a few in the now distant past. I'm not a computer wiz, so I asked a good friend who is to help me. We signed up for and set up to different VPN connections with servers in France, and in both instances Qobuz could detect I was from the US and gave the the reply in French that tells you they don't service the U.S. We even dumped cookies, closed the browser, and it seemed obvious using google that google thought we were in France. So a) either I've missed something and could use some friendly and patient assistance from those who access qobuz via VPN, or b) Qobuz has gotten much smarter and more determined to block users in countries it is not currently operating in. I'm new and naive enough to VPN to conclude by saying that if this is all too sketchy or illegal to discuss in this forum, you can PM or ignore me. My sense is that VPN use is widespread, indeed there is an army of companies willing to charge 5-10 bucks a month to give you a "tunnel" to surf the net through. All I'd like to do is see what Qobuz is like via Audirvana, and I'd be paying for the service, just as I do Tidal. Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me.
  6. I installed Qobuz desktop app, Kodi/XBMC with Qobuz plugin, and LMS (Logitech Media Server) with Qobuz plugin on my macbook pro. Comparing these three methods for streaming Qobuz, I find the Kodi/XBMC with its Qobuz plugin gives the best sound quality out of the three. Just wondering whether anyone share the same experience on these three methods.
  7. Last month I downloaded some Atlantic albums from Charles Mingus, Modern Jazz Quartet and Ornette Coleman in 24/192, and now all those albums are gone on Qobuz ... Other albums from those labels that I had put in my Qobuz Favourites list are no longer there, the links that I bookmarked in my browser lead to an error message. The albums are still available on HDtracks, but still that's quite a step back in the availability of hi-rez downloads.
  8. I've just seen several unusual (not otherwise available) offerings at qobuz.com (e.g., "Replay" and "Allies" by CS&N and "Thoroughfare Gap" by Stephen Stills). Looking deeper into their catalog, I see many things like CSN&Y's "Deja Vu" with a release date of 2012 (while some titles show earlier dates like 1988)! Many of these classic (Rhino/Atlantic) albums are showing release dates of 2009 and newer, but there hasn't been any physical product reissued that recently. Same thing with some WB James Taylor titles. What's happening here? Is it possible we're actually able to buy new redbook remasters (which sound very good in their compromised streaming samples) from these guys? Please help de-confuse me...