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Found 6 results

  1. JRiver 22 + Win10 Creator Update Problem

    Hi, I waited with Win 10 - 64 Pro Creators Update, and yesterday decided let's update, and in Microsoft usual way more problems generated than solved, I can start JRiver 22 and playback on the PC is working fine, but as soon I switch to S/PDIF converter (M2Tech HiFace EVO) blues screen appears, with stop code, and what failed: vadspdif64.sys. Up to this update worked fine with different versions of JRiver. I would like to know if somebody is having same issues? JRiver 22.0.108 Windows Edition 10 Pro / Version 1703 / Build 15063.483
  2. CD skipping problem

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a used CD that plays fine, except one track, that "skips" for a few seconds when I play the CD in my car. I tried to import the CD into iTunes to see if it still had the same problem, but I noticed that the track that skipped in my car plays totally fine when imported. Why is this? Is it because of the CD or my car's player? Thanks.
  3. iTunes Library Blues

    G'day Just wondering if anyone can suggest a fix to this problem below? Unfortunately my hard disk failed with my music on it….so I went to my backup (this was a few months older)…and so I'm missing probably about 100 songs. I restored this using time machine, to the same location on a new hard-disk (and named that disk the same), however, iTunes doesn't seem to recognise many song locations….many more that 100 songs that I know are missing. I've done many random checks to see if my backup did not back up file (i.e. the file really is missing) but the file exists in the file directory and it's just that the iTunes metadata doesn't seem to be linked to the file location. Without going through thousands of songs and relocating them, is there a shortcut or some form of task that I can get iTunes to perform to relink the files without losing all the meta data such as ratings etc? Thanks for help CA fans! Cheers Charles
  4. Schiit Modi

    Hi, New here, based in the UK. My old CD player packed up and a friend of mine who is a serious hi-end HiFi enthusiast kindly bought me a Schiit Modi. Since I have so much music on my Macbook now, and have stopped buying CDs, he said it would be a convenient way of listening to my collection. It arrived yesterday, with leads supplied. I plugged the leads into the back of the Modi and my amp (an old Rotel) and plugged the USB lead into the Modi and my Macbook and... Nothing... Zilch... Nada. The power light on the Modi stays off and nothing happens on the Macbook. I spent the morning using the Schiit troubleshooting guide, changed the leads, USB ports, input to amp and still nothing. Any suggestions? Sort of tricky, because I don't want to contact my friend (it seems a little ungenerous since he was kind enough to buy it for me) and i don't know where he bought it. Of course, if I have to, I will, but would rather not. On a relatively new Macbook (OS 10.7.5). Tim
  5. Audirvana Plus and iTunes 11

    I am certainly new at computer audio, but although it first worked rather good I have now stumbled in a problem that the iTunes - Audirvana Plus integration seems to be broken. When I want to play an album I see before my eyes that the software cycles through all tracks continually without stopping. I only wanted to play from the first track to the end. What have I done to deserve this after spending so many hours bringing a part of my big classical collection into iTunes (also a wringing game !). Hope someone can give a hint what is wrong because the integration between iTunes and Audirvana worked quite good. System is MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.2 iTunes 11.0.1 Audirvana Plus 1.4.5 Wadia 121 Decoding Computer Audio Research SP 9 Mk.II Mark Levinson No. 23.5 Martin Logan Sequal II electrostatic loudspeakers Assorted cabling. The audio files are on a seperate LaCie 3 TB disk connected to the MacBook Pro via USB cabling. Thanks for the advice in advance Kees Kort, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum, and unfortunately it's for asking for help. Since I wanted a basic audio system for my laptop (DAC + headphone + 2 active monitors), I decided to start with the DAC (Audioengine D1) and a pair of fullsize headphones (Shure SRH-840). I got delivered from Shorelinemusic (a music shop located in Durango, CO) to my place (I live in Italy) the Shures and the Audioengine D1. I've unpacked the D1, plugged the usb cable to it and to my laptop (a Toshiba Satellite), and the problem starts now: the D1 is not recognized by my Win 7 64-bit via USB 2.0. Nothing happens in Win, the only thing I've noticed is that the power led of the D1 turns on, and after 2 seconds I hear a click inside it. Shorelinemusic sold it as a closeout "open box return", but they assured me all the stuff sold as "open box return" is tested before reselling. Any suggestions? I won't be able to send it back, since closeout stuff is not covered by warranty (beside the extra cost for shipping...). I'll everyone who will able to help me. =) PS. I've already sent an email to Shorelinemusic and to Audioengine, but they have not replied yet.