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Found 2 results

  1. Dear All, As some of you might now, I recently posted a thread about a very strange issue with a particular album from RR (Pittsburgh Symphony Strauss Tone Poems) which was unplayable on my brand new Pioneer N50A. I kept getting an "unspecified error" message... sometimes even provoking the N50A to reboot. I bought this album originally from Acoustic Sounds and although they did allow me to re-download it, as soon as I tried to explain my issue, they basically blamed my setup as the problem and questioned my intentions. So I came here to see if other had a similar experience with this particular recording. One forum member had shared that they had the multichannel version and that it worked fine in their environment. I was curious and downloaded it, even though my player is not multichannel capable (I naively assumed that Jriver would downmix, or something, as with my Meridian 596/568.2 player). Strike two, this time the message was "file format error". Then the good people at nativedsd.com sent me a link for the 2 channel version, at their initiative. While it was a nice gesture, I could not imagine these files to be different from the ones I bought originally from Acoustic Sounds. Sure enough, they also didn't play. My Pioneer N50A has been playing every DSD, FLAC, WAV and mp3 Iv'e been trowing at since minute one. This was infuriating. The forum thread started to get long and full of unrelated questions. We were about to reach Troll Island and it didn't look like I was going to see the end of this... I was going in circles biting my tail. That's when I got a phone call from Tom Caulfield at Soundmirror/nativedsd. If you are having a problem with a DSD file, you could not have gotten a better person. He and his colleagues apparently edit the metadata themselves. Tom was interested in the challenge and spoke to me on the phone for as long as we needed to, in order for him to get the whole picture. We covered every aspect of my playback system, server, NAS, etc. Once he had enough info, He had a plan. I followed through it and after a few downloads and tests here and there, I finally have a functional copy of the Pittsburgh Symphony Strauss Tone Poems streaming beautifully on DSD. Streaming and digital playback is a nascent technology, still in it's infancy. Those of us who are early adopters have to pay the price in one way or another. I am sure that CES 2015 will bring many new idiot-proof products and the future end consumers won't have to endure so much. But I do not remember the last time I got such dedicated and personalized escalated support. The people at nativedsd.com really stand by their motto when they say that they guarantee their files will play! Tom and I became involuntary beta testers (YOUR WELCOME PIONEER) and the people at nativedsd.com will bend over backwards to help you. I suspect that there are a few industry people lurking around here and that is great news for the consumer like us. The future is bringing loyalty subscription providers and as soon as those "lightweight" files reach maturity, large files will not be as popular. In the meantime, I have a new favorite music store at nativedsd.com
  2. Hi All I am new and this is my first post. Been an audiophilia nervosa sufferer for a while. I recently aquired a Pioneer N50a directly from Japan and all is well (albeit with a transformer here in NYC). Previously, I had used slim devices, so I am fairly familiar with streaming. I do not understand the heavy computer dialects but I have a retired engineer neighbor who does and bails me out once in a while. Anyway, here is the issue: I am streaming from the Pioneer through three libraries: my Lenovo computer with Win8 using JRiver 20, a WD My CLoud single drive connected to ethernet for backup and the main library or ripped content goes to a WD MYcloud Mirror drive with 6T. Everything works, at least %95 of the time. No issues. All files are streaming including DSD, from day one, even without exploring JRIVER settings. BUT! I recently bought and downloaded an album of Manfred Honneck with the Pittsburgh Symphony, playing Strauss TOne Poems and I am not able to play them no matter what. I have downloaded other DSD albums from HDtracks, Acoustic sounds, etc. I can stream them all: Shelby Lynn, Boston, Eiji Oue, etc. The Pioneer gives a "unspecifed error" message. It doesn't even tell me that it can't play the file. I tried converting them in JRiver, but nothing works. I read the wiki. I was able to play at least one of them in the computer using Jriver but I can't replicate it now. I contacted the seller. They allowed me to redownload, in case that there was corruption. Not working either. My neighbor was able to convert them to 24/192 for me using audiorvana. I can play them, glad I can hear the performance and a great one it is. At this point I have gone in big circles changing the settings for the output format, encoder, blah blah. I am not sure if I did more harm than good...But this was an expensive album and I am wondering if there is a particular thread about this album...Has anyone experienced this? I am also ripping to DSD 64 using JRIver and the Pioneer plays them fine. Many thanks and happy holidays to all Pedro Diaz