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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Folks Paul Pang now offers a new Audio Grade (5 port) switch. It does re clocking with a low jitter TCXO module with silver output transformer and offers two high priority ports. A 5 V power supply with US plugs is included, but it's recommended to use a linear or battery power supply to get the best results. Additional the switch can be bought in a bundle with a 60cm PPA TZ YUN RED LAN/I2S Cable (150$ instead of 189$). The Switch is 149$, the bundle with LAN cable is 299$. You can find all details here: Paul Pang Audio Grade Switch Enjoy, Phil
  2. I take no pleasure in doing this, but I feel that it`s my duty to warn other enthusiasts. I ordered the top of the line fully assembled and set up musicserver from Paul Pang 08.01.2015. The server was payed in advance through Paypal as requested by PPA, and deliverytime was 30 days. After 10 weeks the server had not materialised, but I had received the external powersupply with transformers. The posersupply had damaged corners on frontplate when I received it. My mails regarding delivery was not answeared. I contacted Paypal to make a complain and claim my money back, after first sending mails to Paul Pang and informing what I felt I had to do. After some weeks I got the money back through Paypal. 18.06.2015 I contacted Paul Pang again and asked what happened, if he was well etc. He told me he had not been well, but he was ready to deliver a musicserver now. I ordered a musicserver again. 29.07.2015, after 5 weeks and several unansweared mails I received a tracking number for the package. I received the musicserver 04.08.2015. I was not able to play music through the PPA usb card, and the music disc came and went. When connecting dac to motherboard I was able to play music if musicdisc was in the mood. There was ore and more boot problems, and after a couple of days I was not able to boot the server at all. 10.08.2015 I returned the server to PPA for repair. 27.11.2015 after 7 weeks and lots of unansweared mails I received the server after rapair. After first boot and dac usb driver installation I was able to play music through the PPA usb card. Tha day after I was not able to play through PPA usb card, and there was a lot of boot problems. When connecting to usb on motherboard I was able to play if I managed to boot the server. The boot problems got worse and worse, and after a few weeks I was not able to boot the server at all. During these weeks I sent several mails to Paul what to do, but they where not answeared. I tried to install a fresh Windows 10 to see if I was able to boot, but after installing and startup I get the message "disc error". Can anyone help getting in contact with Pang? Does anyone have similar problems? Greateful for any help.
  3. Hi Guys and Girls Here is the next Highend-AudioPC Shop promotion exclusive for CA members: We offer you the PPA V3 and V4 USB cards at a 10$ reduced price. Enter the Coupon Code OCXO4CA15 at the checkout to get the 10$ discount. TheV3 USB card uses a custom made OCXO module with the latest version digital output transformer. So far it is the top grade audio USB card from PPA Studio. The V4 card is based on the V3 card but is also suitable for smaller cases like Streacom FC7, FC8, etc. as the OCXO clock is separated from the USB card. PAUL PANG AUDIO V4 USB CARD PAUL PANG AUDIO V3 USB CARD ATTENTION: This promotion is valid from now until the 8th of November 12pm (CET) Best wishes and have fun, Claudia
  4. Hello Folks As announced here is our first promotion exclusive for CA members: We can offer you a 10$ discount on the new PPA audio grade Switch. Use the Coupon Code CA4SWITCH2015 at the checkout to get the 10$ discount. The Switch is also available as bundle together with a 60cm red PPA LAN cable, the coupon code is valid for both options. Just don’t forget to select one of both options to put the item in the basket. Here is a (very) short description of the PPA Switch: The audio grade Switch is designed to improve the sound quality with JPLAY Dual-PC setup, HQPlayer NAA setup, NAS or similar setups. It has two high priority ports for NAS or Control-PC and provides re-clocking by low jitter TCXO module with a silver output transformer. ATTENTION: This promotion is valid from now until the 13th of October 12pm (CEST) Paul Pang Audio Grade Switch Best, Claudia