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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am in research for a streamer or network audio player. Expectations: - it can read mp3, flac and DSD from NAS (network attached storage, in my case Synology DS212j) and USB memory stick - it should transport digital signal (via SPDIF or USB) to external DAC - reliable while operating - price of the player should be within 1500€ (linear power supply included) - I don't want solutions that need external display (e.g. computer monitor). It should be HiFi device that can be turned on via button Advantage: - dedicated mobile application, and not just web control interface - AirPlay - Internet radio - streaming services Current candidates: - Sonore microRendu - no dedicated application. 640 $ + linear power supply. - Sonore ultraRendu - no dedicated application. They say at several forums that this model is better than its predecessor. 875 $ + linear power supply - SOtM sMS-200 - no dedicated application, didn't hear it. 450 $ + linear power supply - SOtM sMS-200ultra - no dedicated application. They say at several forums that this model is better than its predecessor. 1200 $ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries Mini - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. 550€ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries LE - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. I heard there are several problems with the stability caused by network problems. 1000€ + linear power supply - Auralic Aries - dedicated application. AirPlay + internet radio. I heard several problems with the stability caused by network problems. I do not know the price. - Bluesound Node 2 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. No DSD support. 600€. - Electrocompaniet Rena S1 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. 600€. - Onkyo NS-6170 - dedicated application, Airplay, internet radio. 350€. I heard only Sonore microRendu which had great sound for me. There are not candidates: - Raspberry Pi - there is no customized version of the HiFi I just buy, without having to do anything, put together, buy separately etc. that is sonically good enough for my system. Correct me if I'm wrong. - Aurender - great equipment but out of the price category. - dCS Network Bridge - great equipment, but out of the price category. Questions - do you have candidates to add to this list? - did you ever heard one of this candidates or can you compare it? It is own hearing experience that is most relevant to me, not reviews from 3rd sources. - if there is perfect or near-perfect process of comparing different streamers, what would it be? I noticed there are no such information available publicly. Many thanks!
  2. Does the Onkyo A9010 sound bright and metallic in real life? Or is it warm and precise?
  3. I have purchased these Dali Opticon 6 loudspeakers a bit more than a month ago and they sound breathtaking. However I have noticed that I cannot hear any sound coming out of the top part of the hybrid tweeter (the ribbon). I do hear sound from the soft dome tweeter. According to the specifications from Dali from their website about the ribbon tweeter: So I thought it might be because I just don't play music in these high ranges. Or it might be because my crappy receiver; an Onkyo TX-SR606 which doesn't operate at 4 Ohm. I know this the next investment I need to make. When I hear very close separating the soft dome and the ribbon tweeter with my hands than these ribbons are completely silent. Do you experience the same thing? How can I test this using a test file operating at higher frequencies? Any suggestions are welcome, also a bit of technical background for me to understand.
  4. Good morning all, As I am a new member of this forum, also kind of newbie in audio systems and listening itself, I hope you would be able to help me with some questions I have regarding my new stereo system in house. After searching through half the internet I bought Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers with Onkyo A-9010 amplifier. Among with this i bought QED Reference Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable and Prolink RCA Futura FTC 103 cable to connect amplifier with PC. Indeed, I plan to use audio system only with PC or PS4/TV, that is why I am trying to get the best sound quality from the source i have. I am not an audiophile, these are my first steps here and please advise me what else can I to do improve my quality. Previously I had casual 2.1 and now the difference in quality is really HUGE. I can no longer listen to any mp3, as on my previous audio it did not make a difference if i used mp3 or flac. 1. Is this DAC (Wolfson) in my Onkyo enough or should i buy a sound card to my PC? 2. For now I have my speaker connected directly with "nude" cable. Should I buy fork or banana plugs? Will it improve the sound? 3. I use foobar2000 with ASIO (hope i have configured it properly with instructions from the internet). Can I somehow check if I get Bit perfect quality in some of my FLAC files or it supposed to be done only by ear? Maybe you have any other ideas to play tracks with best quality possible? 4. I do also lack of bass a bit. Mostly I listen to Rock, Jazz and soundtrack from movies, but during a day it is a lot of hip hop pealing out of my speakers - that is where i lack bass the most, as i hoped it would get much deeper (even on loudness option). However my room is rather small for now, about 10m3 but it may get bigger with time. Any chance for improving? Forgive me for such "amaterous" questions, but I am really new in this, already excited about the sound I am getting and I hope you would help a bit. My goal is to work out with my audio, listen in various configurations to know this world better. Will be much grateful for any tip you can get me. Thanks!
  5. Hi- I've added a NuForce U192S USB to SPDIF adapter to my setup. My question is: How much of a difference/benefit is a standalone DAC such as the BIFROST from Schiit vs the DAC built into my receiver(s)? I have a Yamaha RX-V473 connected to a pair of Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 450's and an Onkyo TX-NR905 connected to a pair of Definitive Technology Mythos Ones. What component is now the weakest link in the chain? Thanks! Greg
  6. I'm looking into taking my first steps into the world of media streaming devices with my eyes on the Onkyo CR-N755 hifi which has had received some very favourable reviews. The only stumbling block has been that I'm a Mac user and in order to stream my music library (ALAC and FLAC) to the unit would require a 3rd party DLNA server such as Twonky, or for me to purchase a NAS (which could cost almost as much as the hifi itself). I've asked around a bit and so far the best bit of advice I've had is that: a) The DLNA programs for Mac should work b) It might be a better idea to pay an extra £100 for something like the Marantz MCR603 which can support Apple Airplay I'm not sure if I can afford the extra £100, and I'm also not sure if it's worth it if I can stream music via DLNA to the Onkyo for just a little extra setup aggro. So I thought I'd open it up to the forum to hear your thoughts on the matter. Will the Onkyo be too much hassle or is the extra £100 for the Marantz too much for just a little extra convenience? I'm obviously also interested in sound quality but from what I gather from reviews, both are strong in this regard.