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Found 11 results

  1. I was just searching over internet and I have discovered that PS Audio use (MQA Certified) conversdigital module in their Bridge II. If I'm not wrong, this is the way PS Audio use to decode MQA. Not in the DAC itself but in the renderer. Does this open new possibilities to decode MQA without changing the DAC? Could they be available in the future a sort of MQA-enabled Renderer that unfold and decode the MQA file and pass it to the DAC? Regards,
  2. What distinguishes the Bricasti M5 from Aurender, Lumin, Auralic players is it not only accepts DSD(128) FLAC but video files, like MKV, HT 'audience' has a serious player Linear Power supply inside, even for the USB output, nice. In comparing the Sonore Signature price, the one box Bricasti is 1/3rd advantage. Even if you went the discrete route of a SMS-200/uRendu/LPS1 and other power supplies, the M5 is looking more like a real competitor. Since it a renderer only, there's no major special quirky software tie in's to work with, other than players themselves which you need anyway, duh. Works with Jriver, Audirvana+ and Roon directly. Outputs are USB, RCA S/PDIF (BNC optional), AES3. According to Audiostream it's priced at USD2400.
  3. The exceptional Sonore Micro Rendu in "as new" condition with original box and USB A-to-B link. NO POWER SUPPLY. The micro rendu requires an external power supply- many different choices and price ranges available from others. Roon ready. See http://www.sonore.us/microRendu.html List $640.00. Sell for $540 via PayPal and will include shipping in US.
  4. Excellent condition (including original packing), with latest updates and working perfectly. Fine sound and ease of use. ExaSound e22 DAC Mk 2 £1950/$2500 (UK price new £3500) ExaSound PlayPoint Network player £1050/$1350 (UK price new £1995) The complete solution: buy both e22 and PlayPoint for £2500/$3250 (UK £ price new £5495) Reason for selling is to economise by selling my second system. Shipping included if within UK. Craig
  5. For financing another project selling this incredible Network Player. You can find only great review about this gear, play like Lumin A1 but more cheaper (case). Both A1 and T1 share the same Hardware and PSU unit. The voltage is set to 220/230V. Original boxes and accessories. Can ship everywhere. My request id 2950€ + SS Please contact me in case you need more information.
  6. SOtM special Event : sMS-200

    Greetings, Finally, I came back with the event for whom owns our sMS-100 currently. Thank you for waiting for this event and all your patience, I'm going to copy this and make the new post shortly. Before I officially proceed this event, I would like to share the reason why we prepared this event, it is simple but is going to be very meaningful for ourselves and our customers as well since we would love to give a full of joy for all our valuable customers and it will be also a great chance to upgrade the current system to the higher level of sound system for sure. [ATTACH=CONFIG]29063[/ATTACH] Here is how to join this event, Step 1. Return your sMS-100 to us by any shipping service. There are special shipping instructions required, Please pack sMS-100 very tightly and safely, so that sMS-100 can’t be damaged while shipping. Please put sMS-100's value as under US$70 on the shipping bill if it is necessarily required, otherwise it will take longer to clear customs in Korea or we may need to ask the extra charge to clear customs. Shipping address : Attn : May Park, SOtM Address 1 : 202(Ssangyong Dong), 84-9, Wolbong 4ro, Seobuk gu, City : Cheonan si, Province : Chungnam, Country : Korea Postal code : 31171 Tel : +82-41-576-7663 Step 2. Please email me or send me a private message with the tracking number, your shipping address and your name. so that I can distinguish the parcel when it reaches to us. [ATTACH=CONFIG]29064[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]29065[/ATTACH] Step 3. Once we receive the unit at our end, we will generate US$100 coupon or the link which can purchase sMS-200 at US$350 as the very special price. This event will be starting from 19th, September to 19th, October for a month. In the meantime we are running the event, we will attend 2016 RMAF and exhibit at Room 5032 with BOENICKE audio, and the sMS-200 will be demoed and the earlier mentioned upcoming products(the USB audio generator, new power supply and new music server & player) also will be displayed as well. Check us at 2016 RMAF! As always, if you have any question or concern regarding our product or this event, please simply email me. May : sotm.marketing@gmail.com or marketing@sotm-audio.com Thank you very much. Best regards, May PS, Check these combo sets for your current computer audio system, "tX-USBexp and sCLK-48.0" or "tX-USBhubIN and sCLK-12.0", the sCLK clock guarantees the outstanding enhanced audio performance with absolutely crucial mid-high range for audio band operation. If you already owns tX-USBexp or tX-USBhubIN, please request how to upgrade your current USB card to work with sCLK clock.
  7. SOtM sMS-200

    Greetings, My name is May and I’m working for SOtM as a marketing manager. It’s so pleasure to introduce myself here officially and great chance to announce the sMS-200 availability through this chance. Some may already have known our sMS-200 but some may not know about this brilliant mini network player, so here I briefly introduce what sMs-200 is, [ATTACH=CONFIG]28837[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]28838[/ATTACH] It features - Excellent modern design. - Use the separated audio power board. - Use the exclusive large audio condenser. - Use the exclusive audio components to reach forward to analog sound. - Use the heat sinks for the stable operation and anti-noise. - Use the high standard noise reduction circuit which has been qualified by SOtM’s tX-USBexp, SATA filter and others. - Use the high standard active noise filter and UKJC which has been qualified by SOtM’s tX-USBexp, sDP-1000EX and others. - Use the High-End audio grade USB port. - Use the 2 x standard USB ports for USB storage device. The pictures below prove how sMS-200 is valuable. And the new features are planning to be also updated step by step. [ATTACH=CONFIG]28839[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]28840[/ATTACH] And there will be the same series of products coming up, the USB audio signal re-generator called tX-USBUltra will be the next up which has the upgraded "sCLK clock" board installed and the audio grade power supply will be following up soon. All these combinations will bring you the most satisfaction. [ATTACH=CONFIG]28842[/ATTACH] This is the certificate of Richard Beers Innovation Award, the award honors “those who contribute to the growth of our industry and encourage innovation every year”. Please check more details including specification on our website, click here. and also you can purchase sMS-200 through our website. Click ‘Buy sMS-200’ button and it will lead you to SOtM shop to purchase sMS-200. Every user who purchases a sMS-200 would get a 2 months free trial Roon license and we can offer a 1 year Roon license at the very special price if you request. Lastly, we are preparing the event for our valuable customers who are currently using our sMS-100.The event will be arranged by this simple way, but this is not fully confirmed yet, I will need to discuss more details in next few days and get back to you shortly.. Step 1. Return your sMS-100 to us. Step 2. Buy sMS-200 in US$350. Thank you for taking your time to see what sMS-200 is and how valuable it is. I may need to update few more information after this weekend. In the meantime if you have any question regarding sMS-200 or our products, please feel free to leave a message or question. Thank you very much. Warmly, May Do not allow cheap products. Don’t be blinded by well-advertised products. But enjoy your music life with the valuable audio products made by SOtM.
  8. U1 Network Music Transport ($5900) After years of requests from existing high-end DAC owners, the LUMIN team have taken the finest components from the flagship S1 model and developed them specifically for digital processing and output. Using a new dedicated LUMIN U1 processor adds upsampling and downsampling for every supported format – all the way from 44.1kHz to DSD128 and DXD – providing maximum DAC compatibility and optimization. As well as supporting DSD output over SPDIF (via DoP), LUMIN U1 also adds DSD128 digital output via 2 new USB ports. > The Lumin App (iOS and Android) > Typical Configuration LUMIN U1 - A LUMIN for DAC owners Transport-only unit based on the award-winning LUMIN S1 5 types of digital audio output including new USB DSD128 5.6MHz PCM 44.1–384kHz 16–32bit Native Tidal & Qobuz support UNIVERSAL Effortlessly plays everything from DSD 128 5.6Mhz through high-res PCM to mainstream formats FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and Internet radio streams. SEAMLESS Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlists and robust music buffering provide a superior playback experience, free from distractions. BEAUTIFUL Precision-machined from a solid block of aluminium using the finest materials, LUMIN deserves a place at the top of any audiophile's hi-fi. NO COMPROMISE The highest-grade matching components, circuit design and spacious layout include true balanced audio outputs and an external toroidal power supply. INTUITIVE A superbly natural, attractive and uniquely designed iOS (Apple) and Android apps make music browsing and selection a pleasure for everyone. All LUMIN control is achieved through the LUMIN App. We've created it in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection. The recent transition from physical music to digital collections hasn't always retained everything we value in the tactile and stimulating process of music selection. we know how precious music is; that the artwork and album structure are important parts of the browsing and selection process; and we know that filenames, codecs and data can sometimes get in the way. The LUMIN App introduces the beginnings of our vision for music browsing and covers the basics. Many updates are planned, and will make music selection even easier. How to use: The LUMIN App is designed to be intuitive to use without any training. Most users just download the app and start playing. For those that want more information, click here WITH TIDAL SUPPORT TIDAL is the first music streaming service that connects artists with fans through the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Quality music videos and expertly Curated Editorial. NOTE: Products purchased from unauthorized grey market dealers or from outside the USA, are not covered by this warranty within the USA, and are not provided with USA installation support or USA customer service. Furthermore, any incoming customs or broker fees are the responsibility of the buyer. This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  9. HQ Player, NAA, OS and tweaks

    Hi everyone For a while, I planned on building a single audio computer ala CAPS. Then I posted a thread and Jud commented on some of points that got me to rethink my whole strategy. He basically in a few sentences got me to understand the concept of the player / NAA. But it also raised many questions for me. I guess the player / NAA model I am most familar with is HQ Player. Let's start with my questions on that. Can the NAA and the main PC run on different OS? One being e.g. Windows, the other Linux. I plan to use a Hardkernel Odroid as the NAA. Otherwise it would need to be a more expensive x64 based solution If I understand correctly, the whole player / NAA concept is meant to separate the noisy decoding process away from feeding the DAC with a clean signal. The way I understand it, it would work because the connection runs over network, which would serve as block as no electrical signal gets transmitted unlike with USB. My thoughts therefore are that any tweaking (LPSU, minimize activity on the NAA, USB filters etc) should be concentrating around the NAA. The PC could be a plan standard box. Or am I wrong and things like AO optimizer, LPSU etc help as well when you apply them on the player? On the website, I can find the Player package, but where is the NAA package and what are the minimum requirements? That said, is there other software that has this NAA architecture? I believe JPLAY does allow for this too? But what else? Thanks for your time!
  10. Hello, I am fairly new here... well, I have mostly been "listening" only (thank you for all your knowledge). I am currently searching for a good solution to quickly play audio that sounds great. That's really what my main goal is. I am tired of always having to turn on the computer, login, open programs... you get the picture. A few month ago I bought a used DAT machine to listen to my old DAT tapes. It was a lot of fun and I eventually made some "mix tapes". This really drove me into this whole dilemma... I would love something that is just like the DAT machine, which is ready in 3 seconds, and plays music in 4. But I want it without the winding of tape... I have lots of music on a file server, mostly CD-quality FLAC, and also some high-res stuff. It would probably make more sense to look for a good network player than to choose an SD card player (e.g. Denon DN-500R) or hard disk player (e.g. Korg MR-2000S). I don't really have to have the recording capability, it would be a nice plus though (e.g. Tascam DA-3000). Support for DSD would be great, but "only" 24/192khz PCM would be fine too. So I discovered the Technics ST C700, which has most of everything I want. But I wanted to ask here to see if anybody has any experience with it, or any similar suggestions. Here a list of "must have": - Fast boot-up - Front panel display that displays good amount of info - Front panel buttons (e.g. operable without remote or smart-phone) - Fast user interface (I have seen Pioneer's, which seems very sluggish) - DLNA or SMB capable (e.g. access music on file server) - Good sounding DAC - At least 24bit/192khz PCM support, preferable also DSD An nice extra feature would be recording capability, but that's not really a "must have". What I particularly like about the Technics is, that I could also use it as a USB-DAC for my PC. Not many network players seem have this option. Or should I just become aguinea pig for all of us here and buy the Technics now? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, long long time lurker but this is my first post. So, hopefully this isn't something previously addressed...I couldn't find it. Question: Is there as way to search for artists alphabetically on the N-50 without scrolling through the whole list of artists? I use the remote and the android Control App. This is extremely frustrating to me and I can't find anyone else asking the same question, which makes me think I'm doing something wrong. Someone else would surely have addressed this by now. For further info on the question you can read on. I bought an N-50 for my secondary system just to be able to access files in my living room (not my main listening space). Anyway, one of the big reasons for this is to get my GF to use the music collection more through the decent system instead of sticking her ipod with a bunch of 128 files on it on a cheap clock/dock...you probably know the scenario. Anyway, one of my frustrations with computer audio has been getting it to a point that a non-enthusiast can (and will want to) use it. I had a squeeze box and I wanted to throw it out the window so you can imagine, the GF never went near it. So I read good things about the N-50 and it seems really easy to use so far (even to plug her poorly loaded ipod into) but when using it as a music server, I seem to only be able to search for artist by a painstaking and agonizingly slow SCROLL through all the artists in my collection (833). If I wanted to play The Shins it'd take me 8 minutes to get to them. I can use playlists from my DLNA server which happens to be JRiver MC18 and that is really helpful...but not for her. She is not going to go create playlists on my computer then go listen to them. So is there as way to search for artists alphabetically without scrolling through the whole list of artists? Thanks!