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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone I havent posted much here but I often use this site for information about computer audio. I dont think I know as much as you guys though, so maybe you can help me out with this one. I usually have all my msuic on a 2TB SATA hard drive, connected straight to the motherboard. Then I have the SSD with Windows and Jriver on. Recently i connected an old 500GB USB drive to my router. When I played music back from it using Jriver, it sounded better!! I was surprised. Everything is the same, just instead of being played locally, it is played from a router. Is this normal? What is happening here? Am I just imagining it?
  2. Folks, I just got my CAPSv2 server running over the weekend, but have been having some difficulty configuring JRiver to work properly with my NAS. Here's what I have set up: -Synology NAS device with a load of FLAC files in a subdirectory under the 'main' directory. Hard wired to a wireless router. -CAPSv2 with Win 7 64 bit with a new install of JRiver. This is a new program for me and is probably the source of the problems! -SONOS system in the house for most of the home audio other than the listening room (once the CAPS is running properly) -PS3 which I recently got working to see the NAS, and have stored a few movies on there. The SONOS has always worked flawlessly. It never seems to have too much problem finding the NAS (there is a wake-up period on the NAS where it sometimes takes a second attempt). It streams Pandora perfectly as well. The NAS is a viable hard-drive. I can copy to it and get files from it through the normal Explorer channels. On the CAPS, I cannot get JRiver to 'see' the NAS or the directory that the files are stored. I can get the computer to see the NAS through Explorer, and I have mapped the drive to the computer, but it won't let me set up a ligrary with that directory, and in the browser when looking for the library to set up, the NAS isn't visible. The NAS also happened to have /Photos, /Media, and /Music directories that I think were established as part of making it be a media server to connect to the PS3. JRiver can see that Music directory, and did in fact set up a library automatically for that (I had one album in there for testing with the PS3). So, am I forced to use the /Music directory (I think these are DNLA compatable?) to access the music on the harddrive with JRiver? Since the SONOS finds the music in the normal 'hard drive' (the non-media server) location easily, I'm confused as to why this has been so difficult with JRiver. I was able to get JRemote to sync perfectly with JRiver, so all I need to do is get the library going in JRiver, and I'll be up and running. Since this is the first time attempting to use JRiver, I simply don't know if I am asking it to do something that it simply can't do, but I find it suprising that the NAS is not visible and even when mapped, not available for the library setup. I feel I must be doing something wrong here? Thanks, ---Michael