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Found 4 results

  1. I have two Naim albums by Antonio Forcione ("Tears of Joy", *Heartplay") in both 24-bit downloads and CD. The master used for the CD is noticeably inferior to the one used for the HD Downloads. The difference has nothing to do with the difference in bit depth and sample rate - I can downsample the HD files to CD resolution myself and they still sound much better than the rips from Naim's original CDs. In fact, even mp3s made from the 24-bit files sound much better than the CDs. Are they doing this in order to convince people that HiRes is so much better sounding than CD? I am not questioning this myself but maybe they do if they need to doctor the proof :-)
  2. Hey folks, long story short for the last 6 months I tried to find a nice DAC since the upgraditis bug bit me again. First I tried it with the Chord QuteHD ( pre-owned) and I found the sound a bit digital and not that dynamic, then I bought the Naim DAC V1 to also match my naim nait 5Si, and again big disappointment... the soundstage shrank a lot, bass disappeared together with the fun, kind of disappointing since I always believed that Naim makes very enjoyable and fun to listen products. Then I connected my cheap but competent HRT microstreamer and I got all the fun again, this little sucker its really good and makes me think that I dont need to upgrade at all, but still miss some things I loved the sparkly highs of the Naim DAC V1 and the big soundstage and airiness of the Chord. So the search continues...maybe some of you could help me to find the perfect DAC that suits my tastes: Needs to be Very dynamic and fast, with taut and deep bass, sparkly and well defined highs, I like to feel space between instruments and I dont care about microdetails retrieval but about fun factor. I listen to metal, jazz, world music, and a bit of classical. So hope you wise people from this forum can give me some ideas. I wont tell you my budget to avoid biased suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone! I use a Logitech Squeezebox Touch streamer in my HiFi setup. But does the quality of a streamer make a difference to sound quality and would I see an improvement if I invested in a better streamer such as: Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC Cyrus Streamline2 Streamer Linn Sneaky DSM Naim XXXX I'm talking about things like jitter and errors. I'd be interested to hear your views, especially from users with budget / mid price / high end streamers. Note that I'm not referring to DACs as I have a separate one. This question is purely about the streaming device. You can see the setup I've got below in my sign off [Note that I'm slowly updating my setup with my next purchase likely to be an amplifier (Creek Destiny 2, Roksan Caspian M2, Naim NAIT XS 2 or Rega Elicit-R) followed by speakers (Spendor A5, PMC GB1i, Neat, Dynaudio, DALI, Focal etc)]. Thanks in advance for your replies!
  4. Good evening folks! I just got back into audio after a couple of years as a poor student. I am now building myself a system from scratch and have started out by buy a pair of 2nd hand Harbeth 30.1 speakers and a Lavardin AS power amp. All good there i think! However, It seems as the DAC market has changed a lot over the last years and I am now looking to buy a black DAC that will also work well as a remote controlled preamp. My PC laptop is my only source so I don't need analogue inputs, actually only USB. Budget is around 2000 euro. I found that the beautiful Naim DAC-V1 seems to fit my needs well on paper. It black, its beautiful and it has a USB input, and it works as a remote controlled preamp with an analogue volume control. Will this be a good match or are there better competitors out there for the same price? I do not really care that much about DSD, but i guess it would be nice addition.. but not a deal breaker. Thank you!