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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I have researched two options for Hi-Res Audio for my computer, it is used for Hi-Res Music, Spotify streaming, Podcasts, watching films and sound for my TV (PC is used in living room and connected to TV). These two options fit my budget and ease of purchase. I am interested in hearing other options, but I am limited on what I can order due time and which companies I can order from online. Options 1) Sony SRS- X99 2) Audio Pro Addon C5 with Audioquest Dragonfly Red My main concerns are sound quality of the speaker and ability to play hi-res music to the optimum. Do you have this setup or similar? Can you recommend it, or another option. Option 2 is also interesting as I can use the Dragonfly red with my laptop and Bose QC35 while mobile, but the audio is possibly not as good as the Sony. As I said I am short on time to order these products as I am moving abroad and want to take advantage of reclaiming tax. So I would really appreciate quick responses, even if they are short and to the point. Thanks very much in advance for any advice.
  2. AirSmart Player is a brand new DLNA/UPnP control point app, it plays music from smart phone, tablet, local music server, Internet music services and Internet radios. AirSmart Player plays music to DLNA/UPnP speakers through Wi-Fi or LAN, speakers can be located in other rooms, 24bit/192kHz High-res files are supported. AirSmart Player is a multiroom aware music player, it plays different music to different room speakers at the same time, switching to other room is two taps away. You can see all your speakers on the same interface and control them easily. AirSmart Player instantly upgrades existing DLNA/UPNP speaker setup to a new multiroom environment. Working with compatible speakers, AirSmart Player provides advanced multiroom capabilities, such as multiroom synchronized play, speaker zone configuration and stereo pair. AirSmart Player beta is now available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gk.airsmart.main , Internet Radio and Music services will be added later on, local music streaming and local DLNA music server access are functional. Welcome to have a test drive. Cheers Jack
  3. The home I just moved into is already wired for stereo sound in 6 different rooms, and I have the corresponding speaker wire coming out to one centralized location (each of the 6 zones having separate stereo wire). I want to: 1) Locate the source of my music at that centralized location. 2) Control audio playback in the 6 zones via a mobile app. 3) Have independent playback in each zone, and play multiple zones at once (either same audio or different) 4) Do the above with the minimal amount of new equipment/cost Current Setup/Equipment: I currently have just a 2-channel hifi stereo setup for playing lossless music files, described below: External HDD hosting music files> Windows 7 PC running JRiver> MusicHall DAC> Rega Mira Amp> 2 Rega Speakers I use JRiver Media center as my front-end and would prefer to do all of the above in JRiver, but would be fine with using different software/app to control/host playback of the music to the 6 zones. Can anyone here provide me with some insight/suggestions? I have called a few home stereo consultants and retailers such as crutchfield/best buy but all they do is push the sonos stuff, which is really not a great fit for me. Thanks in advance for any help!