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Found 9 results

  1. NativeDSD Music continues to release new albums in Multichannel DSD every month and in some cases every week. Today their web store reaches 900 albums in Multichannel DSD, the most among music download stores. This includes 93 albums that are not available on Surround Sound SACD disc - but are available as Multichannel DSD Downloads. https://www.nativedsd.com/new_browse/#channel=multi
  2. Oppo UDP-205

    It's here: http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-205/blu-ray-udp-205-Overview.aspx I was sincerely hoping for multichannel pcm/dsd input via asynchronous usb (giving us an affordable alternative to exaSound), but alas. Is the asynchronous HDMI Audio Jitter Reduction feature just a gimmick, or is there something really new here that could improve the audio from SACDs or USB stick over HDMI to my Denon 4310?
  3. I've seen several mentions of "HDMI output [from computer]" What HDMI output? Some sound card? An HDMI output on a video card being co-opted for audio? And do some of these [mysterious to me] HDMI outputs support multichannel? I also posted a "need an introduction" message but only one person responded about one aspect of the post, which I appreciated, but I still "dont' get" the whole computer to sound system "thing". Right now, my computer is on the opposite side of the room from my secondary A/V system and in a different room from my main A/V system. I might be willing to put computers in the area of the audio systems if they offered some practical advantages, but playing music from a computer seems to be more of a computerphile's choice than an audiophile's choice, if you get my drift.
  4. I'm in need of an end-to-end introduction to what I understand are the very few options for playing multi-channel files on disk (somewhere) on my audio-visual systems, which are at present networked but which are NOT co-located with computers. I'm beginning to know of a few pieces (such as getting the files from primephonic.com), but I can't see how to make the process work end-to-end. I have tried for years to get about six separate Sony devices just to see my computers' DLNA on Windows - none of them even see my main computer running Windows 7. There seem to be no DLNA troubleshooting tools for either the server or player ends of the network. I installed Serviio and again, no devices (or other computers) see the Serviio DLNA (Serviio can plac FLAC and DSD files, but not sure about multichannel). I just discovered primephonic.com, and their website seems to be talking only about playing surround sound on computers directly, not playing files stored on my Windows computer (I guess I run some kind of non-network cable(s) 50 feet between two rooms to play on my A/V system?) I see the exaSound e28 DAC, but $3,800 for just one piece of the puzzle? Seriously? From the bullet above, you may infer that I am a music lover, not an equipment lover. Yes, I've spent five figures over decades on media (about 1500 CDs and 100-200 SACDs and miscellaneous) and equipment, and my main system includes items from 1970s Janzsen electrostatic speakers to a 2014 55" Sony Bravia television. But it's not about the gear, it's about the music (video, schmideo, I'm not a videophile, either) I'm a software/database developer with almost 40 years experience (H-P mini-computer, then Microsoft stack), and for me computers are work tools, not toys. I don't love 'em any more than my father (an auto mechanic) loved his wrenches. So, "thank you" first of all to anybody who has read, not just skimmed, this post. I'm stubborn enough to still want to troubleshoot DLNA, just to prove I can get it working, or at least understand why it doesn't, but my ultimate goal is to play surround sound on my A/V systems. P.S. For the last 10-15 years I've been grumpy about the conflation of "hi-res" with multichannel sound. Strange bedfellows - I'm perfectly happy with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate, but view stereo recording as a historical artifact of the 1950s (wait a minute, I was born in the 1950s).
  5. One can only hope. I've seen that Oppo plans to release new Ultra HD Blu Ray player(s) in time for the holidays (Sony and Oppo confirm plans to release UHD Blu-ray players - FlatpanelsHD). Even if the price increased somewhat significantly, it would be half the price of an exaSound E28. I'd purchase such an Oppo in a heartbeat, even though I have little interest in the 4k source upgrade.
  6. I know about Aix/iTrax, but very limited catalog. Desperately seeking more options, please.
  7. I'm very confused. I have ripped a 5.1 DVD-A disc to m4a using DVA Audio extractor. I set it to rip 6 channels, and it seems to have worked. The m4a files' information says 6 channels when viewed in OS X Finder. But when I connect the USB hard drive with the files to my Oppo 105 and play, my AVR only shows 2 channel input and I only get 2 channel playback. Put the DVD-A disc in the Oppo 105 and it plays in 5.1 Any thoughts on what happened?
  8. Is it possible to use JRiver for Mac to send multichannel DSD over HDMI to an Oppo 103? I keep getting the error that DoP 2.8MHz 5ch could not be started on the output "Core Audio".
  9. Hi, I'm new around here. My audio set up uses Squeezebox:es as transports. I enjoy the flexibility and ability to have instantaneous access to the music, although the SB set up is two channel only. I'm putting together a new PC and I'm looking into the Lynx AES16e for it's ability to serve up multichannel audio. Since I've seen there are a few of the forum members who use the AES16e, I'd like to ask what it's like in daily usage for listening, both in terms of audio quality, and in terms of convenience. I use digital amps and they have AES/EBU inputs. I won't be using 5.1, but rather a 4.1 set up (no center channel). What are your experiences with the AES16e? What made you go for it, and what's it like on a daily basis? Is it hard to set up the software? What about the interface - does it take long to suss out? Is it fiddly, or is it dependable, will it just play, once it's been set up? Sound quality compared to other options today (in case you've made comparisons)? I'm curious as to whether it's possible to mix say, multichannel audio converted to FLAC, or just LPCM, into a 4.1 mix through the AES16e software? I appreciate your input.