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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been reading a lot of your posts. I'm considering redoing my hifi setup and would love a bit of advice. The general project is this: - I mainly listen to music on Spotify, some mp3's, a few LPs - I'd like to have a very simple setup that the whole family can use - I'd like to be able to control it wirelessly - I'd like to have a hifi setup in the living-room, and have some music in the bathroom What I own: a pair of Jamo Cornet 40 speakers (that I enjoy), an old Technics SU-300 2x30W amp (that I would not regret too much), a Spotify premium account, a macbook air and iPad. I also have a turntable and vinyls but use them rarely. What I'm considering: - Full Sonos setup with Connect:Amp and existing speakers in the living room + Play:3 in the bathroom. It sounds simple, the main drawback I see is lack of versatility for other sources, and also I really like the desktop Spotify app (apps, radio etc) and the Sonos Spotify doesn't seem as good - Airplay solution based around an Airport Express in the Living, and possibly an Airplay speaker in the bathroom. My main concern here is that I'm afraid of dropouts in sound. I've been testing a bit the system and have experienced dropouts, which are a deal beaker to me - More traditionnal solution with ceiling speakers in the bathroom, but it might be too much of a hassle. What are your recommandations for a full setup? What should I use, Sonos or Airplay? Thanks a lot. Vincentim.
  2. I currently use a dedicated pc with multiple sound cards. These sound cards connect into a multi channel amp which feeds my speakers in four different zones. I'm about to replace the PC with a NAS and so will lose my soundcards. What I'm looking for is a device that can stream audio files stored on my NAS over the network and output to 4 stereo channels in my existing amp. I don't want an integrated amp as I'm trying to keep costs down and I've got a perfectly good amp already! I would want to be abel to stream different music on each channel or link zones and would like to control via iOS. I don't need video, purely audio. I've trawled the internet but, to my surpirse, I can't find anything that fits the description. Any suggestions?
  3. Dear all, I'm lurking around for quite some time and been trying to read tons of literature but I still find all of this quite confusing. Therefore, I became a member of this forum to ask for your help. The setup I was thinking of is as follows: In the living room I would like to install a HiFi stereo system. At the moment I really like the Cambridge Audio CX system (CXN and CXA80) to drive a set of Nubert speakers. Aural Aries sounds fine as well. In the dining room and in the kitchen, possibly also in the bathroom or on the terrace I'm looking for a multiform system. In the home office I use a Macbook Pro with JRiver Mediacenter 20. All my music (FLAC, ripped with dbPoweramp) is stored on a Synology NAS. What I don't understand: Is there a chance that I can combine all of this? Specifically: 1. Can I control all of this via one app? 2. Can all parts of the setup access the same data (do I have to copy the music data to different locations for HiFi and multiroom?). 3. How can I connect the hifi system (e.g. Cambridge CNX) with the multiroom system? 4. Would be hifi system and multi-room system be synchronous (living room and dining room are connected)? 5. Are the CXN or Aries capable of this setup? And what multi-room system would you prefer? (Blue sound? Heco?) 6. I like the JRiver software. So do I need an ID box or CAPS to run a JRiver server (since it doesn't run on the Synology NAS)? Sorry - a lot of questions but since I am willing to spend a couple of bucks I just would like to make it right and I'm afraid nearby there is no store that could answer all of this sufficiently Thank you very much in advance. Best, Martin
  4. Hello, This is a question for advice from a noob to the experienced people out there. I have a Marantz PM6005 amplifier, B&W DM305 speakers, and listen to music from files on a computer (soon to be replaced by a network drive) or from music servers such as Spotify. So far, I have been using a computer (MacBook Pro) connected through a jack-RCA cable, but found the sound quality not satisfactory. I suspect that the bottleneck is the computer DAC and the audio jack cable. To test this, I am about to get toslink cable to connect the computer to the amp. First question: will this help? Next, I would like to have a multi-room system, so I was thinking of Sonos Connect or Bluesound Node 2, or something similar, in a similar price range, to connect to the amplifier. My second question is whether this will further improve the sound quality, and which one would deliver better sound quality (I do not believe in hi-res), and how big are the differences in the quality. The third question is whether I'm missing something important? Like a dedicated DAC, a preamp, or anything? I would like to avoid buying any unnecessary things. Excuse any possible confusion in the above questions. Thanks in advance for your opinions.