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Found 29 results

  1. I have just read a positive review in July number of Italian magazine AudioReview about this new little DAC from Project http://www.box-designs.com/main.php?prod=preboxs2digital&cat=s2-line&lang=en A very reasonable entry level price for experimenting with MQA, but apparently not at all entry level performance. Main specs from Pro-Ject infosheet: • Dual mono construction • High end ESS Sabre ESS9038 dual DAC • Proprietary clock circuity design • Organic polymer capacitors and thin film miniMELF resistors • MQA hardware decoding • DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 & DSD512 (DSD over PCM) • Up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs • 7 selectable digital filter characteristics • 1 proprietary optimum transient digital filter • Headphone output on the front (6.3mm) • Synchronization of all internal oscillators • Jitter as low as 100 Femtoseconds! • Gold plated four layer PCB • Full alu/metal sandwich casing in silver or black SRP: € 349,00
  2. I was just searching over internet and I have discovered that PS Audio use (MQA Certified) conversdigital module in their Bridge II. If I'm not wrong, this is the way PS Audio use to decode MQA. Not in the DAC itself but in the renderer. Does this open new possibilities to decode MQA without changing the DAC? Could they be available in the future a sort of MQA-enabled Renderer that unfold and decode the MQA file and pass it to the DAC? Regards,
  3. If you are having trouble with Tidal MQA dropouts on the BlueSound Node 2, try unplugging your optical input cable. Like some other Bluesound Node 2 users on this forum, I experience occasional dropouts with my Node 2 when playing MQA on Tidal. After confirming your network is robust enough for hi-res streaming, BlueSound tech support suggests restarting the router and Node 2, and if that doesn’t work, changing your DNS to Google ( The problem got much worse for me after the last software update: MQA files would drop out every few seconds, the player was sluggish, and the apps were returning error messages - and in the case of the desktop app, always quitting. I was ready to return the Node 2 when I found a temporary solution. I use my Node 2 as the DAC for my entire system. My HD tuner, Apple TV, and Oppo Blu-Ray player are routed through an HDMI switcher, and from the switcher an optical cable goes into the Node 2. I unplugged this cable from the Node 2 and the sluggishness was instantly gone: a “Tune In” search for the string “Modern Classical” which previously took 17 seconds and caused the desktop application to crash was now instantly returning results. MQAs are playing without dropouts. Of course, plugging in the optical cable every time my family wants to use the other sources is not a lasting option, but it’s a hack I can live with until Bluesound hopefully solves this problem with a software update.
  4. Allo USB Bridge MQA

    I have got ROON up and going, playing MQA to the Mytek Manhattan II with no issues. Roon even recognizes the Manhattan when it is connected via the USB Bridge.
  5. Not sure if this was already shared here but the mastering engineer Brian Lucey seems to have interesting comments and views on MQA. http://fairhedon.com/2017/11/05/an-interview-with-mastering-engineer-brian-lucey/ Best. Mev
  6. So Tidal has 24/96 MQA tracks now, but I'm having trouble finding much that I like from their limited catalog. Can anybody suggest some punchy happy pop/techno/electronic type tracks that they know are on there in MQA that I could listen to? Tidal's search function always has, and continues to, suck terribly. Cheers
  7. Yesterday I noticed that the Neil Young albums in MQA all had vanished. Below is how XXHighEnd has registered them earlier on (say 6 weeks ago). So these were there (for Holland at least) and the only one still listed is the Hitchhiker album (bottom left). But even that reports normal CD quality now by the decoder (notice this one was MQA 44.1 already, but today it is reported as normal 44.1). In the Tidal Desktop Player this thus still shows as MQA, but it can't be producing MQA any more (no blue light, if all is right). What I regard very fishy is that the exact same Album ID's still lead to the find of the very same albums, but that Tidal does not report them as MQA any more. This is NOT how I thought it worked. So yes, we can receive a normal "HiFi" version instead when not authorized, but I just am (other Artists are still fine). So what seems to have happened here is that Neil Young withdrew his albums in MQA version and that this for the Hitchhiker album failed halfly. Or something like that. The one next to the mouse arrow is the Harvest which has been there in MQA. The one next to the mouse arrow is the only one denoted with the "M", bit it is not that for real. Does anyone have information about this ? Do we all see the same ? Thanks, Peter
  8. I am struggling with the exclusivity option for the audio device in the Tidal app. I like it when a music app can claim exclusivity of the audio device on my MAC. I use Tidal app on MAC with MacOS High Sierra and OPPO USB DAC. In the case of JRiver, the JRiver app claims exclusivity when playing something and if one stops the music, the exclusivity is given up and other apps can use the audio device / DAC (Youtube, Chrome, Spotify, etc.). In the case of the TIDAL App on MAC, the app gives up the exclusivity automatically when another app/browser uses the audio device when launching the app and the settings in Tidal is set back to not exclusive. I have to check this setting all the time, as this happens often. Moreover, if Tidal has exclusivity it only gives the exclusivity up with closing the app and not when stopping playing the music. That is annoying. Any help to have a "JRiver" like experience with Tidal in the field of exclusivity?
  9. Hey all,Glad to be done the MQA Core vs. Hi-Res blind test series and basically end off with a summary of sorts:Part I: ProcedurePart II: Core ResultsPart III: Subgroup AnalysisPart IV: Subjective ImpressionsMQA: "Final" Thoughts... On Politics and Paradigms.Many thanks to all the folks here who participated in the testing and submission of survey results! It has been fun "work" getting this together with your help and I think over the years we can recognize that the only way to change the nature of this "hobby" is to try it ourselves. Sometimes there is a need to create a narrative that can be coherent and based on scientific and engineering principles rather than claims and vague impressions of the industry that might or might not be on the same path as consumers. I know that these thoughts may be uncomfortable for some as it intrudes into the "politics" aspect of the hobby... But I trust that if we can be gracious, communicate what we're doing and be transparent in intents, the ensuing discussions, controversies, and debates lead us to progress as we all explore the concept of value together. Whether it's in the "formats" we might prefer or the gear we buy...Cheers!
  10. Just read this article on Digital Audio Review shared by Srajen Ebaen of 6moons. Very interesting to say the least. http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2017/07/kih-46-mqas-missing-link/ Best. Mev
  11. I went onto Tidal this evening and recordings listed as Master recordings were not loading that way. The Master indicator on the lower right of the file screen stayed on HiFi and the MQA blue light didn't come on upon my Mytek Brooklyn. I checked all my settings in the setup area of the program (which was working correctly 2 days ago) and they were correct. I also checked my other computer which has the app and MQA wasn't loading there either. I sent a note to Tidal about the problem. If you are having the same problem please do the same. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, just wanted to drop by to let folks know that I'm running a blind test of MQA Core Decode vs. original hi-res... It's a way to compare what MQA decoding sounds like with your own DAC especially for those of you who don't have TIDAL and may be wondering about the difference between a stream that's MQA Core decoded compared to say a non-MQA 24/96 stream. After you listen, I would of course love to know your perception of differences. The tracks are randomized and "blinded". Tell me which you prefer and how much difference you perceive! Test instructions and files can be found here: INTERNET BLIND TEST: MQA Core Decoding vs. Standard Hi-Res Audio Thanks all, have fun... Arch
  13. Mastering engineer Brian Lucey recently solicited info on the pro's & con's for an upcoming panel on MQA at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Besides six times Grammy winner Lucey MQA representative Mike Jbara and an engineer from Mytek was supposed to be on stage. Today the panel was cancelled. More info here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/12847173-post86.html Good job MQA, reputation one up!
  14. The recording industry panel on MQA at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) in Denver has been canceled. Apparently, the MQA folks decided against participating. Quite an interesting discussion on all of this among the recording and mastering engineers over at the Gear Slutz Forum. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/mastering-forum/1171365-mqa-discussion-denver-rmaf-4.html
  15. With my new AQ Dragonfly Red I finally have an MQA compatible DAC; so I signed up to the three month free trial for Tidal you get via Audirvana to get some actual MQA content. Are there any really well done MQA albums out there you´d recommend checking out? I don´t want to go into any discussions about vaporware or not here (note I´m personally skeptical about the user benefits of this technology), but rather have some examples I can use to make up my own mind.
  16. Meridian Explorer2 DAC. Included, if you want it, is an Audioquest Evergreen miniplug to RCA stereo cable. $179 with cable $159 without cable Buyer pays shipping
  17. Hello fellows on Computer Audiophile, I hope that you can help me, to chose the right hardware for me! Today I have a old pc laptop that runs Roon, Signalyst HQPlayer, TIDAL HiFi, (mostly MQA because I have felt in love with it's sound), a NAS with ripped CDs and DSD. But I need new hardware for this, because my laptop singing on it's last chorus! So I wrote to you on this forum, because I believe that here's a lot of experience and knowledge that I shall buy! That full files my needs and can be upgraded when it needs! I can handle a old pc laptop and little more, but I'm not a computer genius . I now how it shall sound! Because I'm a professional musician and studio producer, studio/live engineer so when it comes to sound well we're I'm not lost . But unfortunately for me today, so changed I my "tape boy" against a "computer boy" when the computer, started to be used in the studio . So please come with suggestions on hardware for me! I wish all fellow, well in my case (Computer) Audiophile's a great Sunday. Greetings from String in a sunny ☀️ Sweden.
  18. another vendor speaks up on MQA

    Short but damming read on MQA by an anonymous audio-vendor: http://6moons.com/industryfeatures/mqa/1.html Confirms most of the points Shiit and Linn have raised. Their argument about the benefits of MQA for cheap DACs are interesting.
  19. MQA: Yes or No?

    'Stereophile's AXPONA 2017 poll. Don't want to comment on it, just check it out, guys. http://www.stereophile.com/content/mqa-yes-or-no-axpona-2017-poll#yDyYCb4EuSK2Ok52.97
  20. I subscribe to Tidal Hifi and have access to Masters encoded with MQA. My computer is connected to my McIntosh MHA100 through USB and I am using eihter Amarra Symphony or Audirvana Plus (with Tidal) + Itunes. My understanding is that Tidal by itself connected through my McIntosh will not deliver the full MQA experience and need an MQA compatible DAC. So I was told Buesound Node 2 would happen to do just that. My issue with this set-up is that the Burr Brown Chip on this 599$ (CDN) is not at the level of the DAC built in my McIntosh. Would I, at the end of the day ended up with worse quality music than feeding it with the USB cable and using my McIntosh DAC while not having the full MQA experience. Second part of this: The Audirvana Plus has MQA capability, does this solve my issues and would I get the full MQA experience? I want to integrate Blusesound in order to remove Airplay from my system because it can't stream 24 bit while bluesound could. Hope I make sense here as this is my first post. Thanks Saby
  21. For financing another project selling this incredible Network Player. You can find only great review about this gear, play like Lumin A1 but more cheaper (case). Both A1 and T1 share the same Hardware and PSU unit. The voltage is set to 220/230V. Original boxes and accessories. Can ship everywhere. My request id 2950€ + SS Please contact me in case you need more information.
  22. Well, this pulls some of the MQA issues together well and Mr. Koch's position is crystal clear. Some highlights: He does get into some specifics, but I don't want to run on too long here. For some this may just be a rehash, but it is well written. I found it worth a read.
  23. ROON and MQA news updates for Lumin Universal Audiophile Network Players and Systems. ROON is now part of the upgrade to Lumin <8.0> for all products D1, A1, T1, S1, U1. (The only thing left to do will be the L1 media library as a upnp device!). Roon is working well on our end with LUMIN products natively (not going through airplay). To use: 1. Have a computer running Roon core 2. Computer and LUMIN are on the same network 3. Roon app installed on the iPad 4. LUMIN/Roon running firmware 8.00+ It should work fine if all these are "yes". MQA: MQA ON LUMIN AS OF FEB. 23, 2017 1x = 16/44.1 Via Airplay bit perfect. Also: MQA at 24bit 48kHz is active In development for firmware updates. (Dates TBD but should be done by Q2/Q3 2017). 2x = 24/88.2 or 24/96 4x = 24/176 or 24/192 8x = 24/352 or 24/384 2x (or maximum 4x) is all that is really required from a technical point of view. Universal Music Group has now signed on with MQA, and their labels include: *** ECM, Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Capitol, Island, Def Jam, Decca, Verve, Blue Note, Virgin, and EMI *** Re: MQA now on Tidal For those using Lumin app, there should now be a Masters category under Tidal. If you don't see it, please kill the app and retry. You can also ‘tag’ MQA but does not yet give you the full MQA resolution (it down samples it to 24bit/48kHz for now), which is still an improvement over 16bit/44.1kHz . Lumin has full MQA support in the works, so we should see that in the near future. Additionally, MQA also plays bit perfect via airplay at 16bit/44.1. Lumin app for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets available at: http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin‐app.html Click here to visit the full lineup of Lumin Music Players To start your free Roon trial click here Click here for the latest information on MQA
  24. Music from Outer Space.

    NASA telescope has revealed largest batch of seven Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around single star! https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/02/170222130941.htm I'm asking myself just one question - what music and audio gear do they have there.? Well, maybe just one more - what would they think about MQA.?
  25. I have just contacted Bryston asking them whether they plan to implement MQA in their products (DACs) and this is what they replied: "We have no plans to implement a signal changing type feature in Bryston products. We will leave that to other audio companies. [...] Brian." Too bad. I really like their products and I was contemplating buying their BDA-3.