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Found 2 results

  1. Mp3 player for running?

    Hey guys, I like to occasionally run with music. However, I sweat a great deal. In fact, I have recently destroyed my old ipod touch by getting it too wet I was thinking of going to a Shuffle or Nano. But, the reviews seem to indicate that the Shuffles really aren't that well-suited to running. And, the Nano is really a lot fancier (and more expensive, and bigger) than I need for running. What brands/ models have you guys used for running and what works well?
  2. Hi folks, I ordered my first high end headphones. The V Moda Crossfade m100. I rip my CDs as mp3s at 320kbps. Is this good enough quality to utilize the full potential of m100 or do you advise me to keep it FLAC? When it comes to the player. I own a Galaxy Note 2. Do you think it's powerful enough to run the m100 at full throttle or do you think I'll need a specialized player? Some are even using mobile amplifiers... Will I need an amplifiers even when I get, let's say, a recent Sony Walkman? Thanx in advance guys, as you see I'm completely lost Any suggestions are welcome, Umyd