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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Friends, I am new here and sorry if I post anything wrong or if I am not clear. I am from India and my brother is coming from USA on November 15th. I know he is coming before the best sale Few days back I was in showroom and I heard yamaha yht 196 sound and I was really impressed. I can hear small details in a movie and I was about to buy it but I thought it is costly and is entry level HTIB. It was around $390 and I think I can get a very good HTIB from USA. Can someone recommend a good HTIB and AV Receiver? Mainly for Music / Movies / Games. If the shipping weight is too much then I will get only AVR and purchase a good speaker set from India locally. Also I need 2-3 budget level set. Right now I am not clear how much should I spend on this. But overall I would like it under $500 and maybe if you can help me with Level 1: <$300 Level 2: <$400 Level 3: <$500 Would be really helpful Another thing I need it as international specified power input. In India it is 220V-240V and should be compatible with this. And also if you can tell me what will be the best time to purchase this? I think there would be sale on labour day. And any other good sale after this? Thank You
  2. Capture movies from Netflix

    Hey guys, I was wondering if s.o knows a way to capture movies from Netfliy on my laptop? Do they provide such a service? Well i guess not, but is there another way to do this? I'm travelling a lot and i would love to watch series or movies on my way but i really don't want to buy everything. I'm happy for every advice!