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Found 4 results

  1. Hi fellow nerds:) We talk alot about linear power supplies, batteries, clocks etc. but what of the actual motherboard? I am currently using one of these as my main music / movie machine, with a Dexa neutron star clock, USB card with its own PSU and a Dexa D-Clock (took my PPA USB out as the one with the Dexa is better) and a battery based linear PSU of 12v/15A and a Pico PSU of 160W. MSI USA - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more Now, the quality of the PICO PSU and especially the quality of the on board regulators must also be of great importance as i see it. So would on of these with the same modifications (clock psu usb) be a better choice and furthermore make a noticeable difference? https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_IMPACT I am thinking of the complexity of the build in requlators and filtering. What other motherboards will you recommend?
  2. Hi A theoretical question: does motherboard size matter? On the one hand, smaller board means shorter connections, means less chance for distortion. On the other hand, on a bigger board, parts are further appart so there is less chance of parts influencing each other. Does size matter? Or are other things much more important and this is way down the list of concerns for building an audio PC? Thank you for your insights.
  3. I hope someone on here could help be but don't worry if not! If not, If someone knows somewhere else that could provide better help, I'd be happy to hear! I am having an issue with the sound on my PC using an on-board Realtek sound. I am currently using the jack ports on my ASUS P8Z77-V LX Motherboard to listen to music via Logitech surround speakers (back port) and my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 via front port with a FiiO mini amp (I assume that the front ports are connected to the motherboard?). My PC seems to be running Realtek sound drivers or on board sound card in the Motherboard ? But I am not sure. The sound that comes from this board just doesn't seem good, I mean it sounds fine etc but when you crank up the volume, it just can't seem to cope and sounds like certain sound levels are overpowering the others. I have tried to change all the settings, EQ presets in iTunes and also the Realtek manager but it doesn't improve it, if anything, it makes it sound even more distorted. I also seem to get feedback from the motherboard when I am moving my mouse and when the PC is just whirling away but I understand that this is a limitation of having an on-board sound card. I have compared, using my AT ATH-M50's, the sound from my PC to the sound coming from my iPhone or iPad and the sound is so much better on the Apple devices, even when you crank up the volume. I have looked at purchasing a separate sound card such as the Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card etc but will this really make any difference or would it be best to just change settings for my on-board sound card?
  4. Hey guys, So I've got a bunch of questions, all relating to one point, and that is to improve my audio experience. There will be a lot of cringe-worthy things, so beware! First up, I'll explain my current setup. I have the majority of my audio (games/movies/music) being directed out the back of my PC via a 3.5mm jack from the onboard motherboard. I also have some programs (Teamspeak/Ventrilo) directing their audio to the front 3.5mm audio jacks. The reason for this is so when I record my gameplay, I can record the gameplays audio and avoid the audio from other programs being recorded. Now, to hear both, I use a splitter/merger for the 3.5mm jacks to a female-female adaptor and then again to another splitter/merger to split the audio to my headphones and to my speakers. This can all be seen in its ugly glory right here. *ouch* So, right off the bat, you guys should know that this produces a lot of excess noise from sitting amongst the cables at the back of my PC and has reduced audio quality due to the amount of cabling. Now, I've been doing a little research as to how I can significantly improve this. What I'm looking at is getting a DAC with duel digital input with duel analogue output - this should (?) provide the exact same results while providing a far better experience. My motherboard is a Rampage III gene, which has two SPDIF outputs. So, with all that covered, question time! 1. Will a duel input/output DAC merge the audio or will it remain separate? 2. How common is SPDIF used in quality motherboards (such as when I upgrade, how hard will it be to find this kind of setup again on a motherboard, or would it be better to just get a soundcard?)? 3. Suggestions as to what a good DAC would be that has the duel input/output (~$200 would be of decent quality?) if it even exists?. 4. I've seen USB is also an option, but unless it's superior, I'd like to keep the USB slot usage to a minimum if possible. 5. Is there much variation between cable quality? Anywho, thanks for reading all this, hopefully you can help me with my quest! Capt. Mytre